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Beauty Edit - 2016 Skincare Favorites

My blog has been hibernating for quite some time now. There has hardly been any product reviews or updates. The reasons are plenty. I had not been buying too many products, I had not felt inspired to write anything, I was going through some personal issues or let's just say I had been lazy!! In any case it is not justified to go missing in action without any explanation.

Better late than never! I am glad I could manage to upload this post by end of January (at least) and I hope to be consistent with quality content on the blog.

Now that the mini updating has been done, let us move on to discuss some lovely products that I enjoyed using in 2016.

My top priority has always been skincare products and I love trying new stuff and sharing my opinions and thoughts on the same.

Eve Lom Cleanser
This is a cleanser but it servers as a multi-purpose skin care product. I use it as a massage cream to soften the skin, get rid of uneven texture and tone and then deep clean the skin. There are many similar products, but for some reason I loved the texture of this one. It is heavy, greasy and rich but feels absolutely wonderful on my dry skin. It is a cleanser, so obviously it is washed off and does not sits on skin forever. Just perfect!

This was a product that was sent to me for trying and reviewing and I must say it was one of the most stand out skincare product for me last year. It is amazing, especially if you have dry or mature skin. The formula is stunning and it moisturizes and hydrates beautifully. (review here)

This thing is expensive, like really expensive! but the final result makes it worth every penny spent on it. It imparts a real glow to the skin and for me this more of an evening thing. It makes the skin look dewy and very glamorous. (review here)

This came as part of some Caudalie Set. It hydrated, nourished and did not peel my lips, that sometimes lip balms with SPF tend to do. It worked and worked good. Nothing fancy.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
I have been using this serum from many years and I keep going back to it. This works for my skin and shows results every single time. It does brightens the skin. I love to use it after summers as it helps me get rid of the hyper pigmentation build up.  (review)

Farmacy Invincible Root Cell Anti-Aging Serum
I love the way it feels on the skin. It is an Anti- Aging serum and so it very difficult to say whether the serum works or not at very early stages. I use it  as a preventive serum so that in future my skin ages decently (if that makes any sense). 

I love face oils or beauty oils. For winters I enjoy rich oils like the Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil (review), but for summers, I prefer a little lighter oil. The boscia Tsubaki oil has been a favorite. It is light weight, gets absorbed easily and smells lovely. It does not feels heavy and gives enough moisture for warmer months. Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is pretty similar to the boscia one, but it is expensive (review). Love the way boscia Tsubaki smells.

This is a hydrating essence and I apply it as an additional layer on my skin after washing face and before applying any serum or moisturizer. It just helps with makeup application later on. It improves the skin texture.

Amore Pacific TIME RESPONSE Eye Renewal Crème
This is a crazy expensive eye cream, but it is one of the best. Light weight and smooth. This one works fantastic and can be worn under makeup during the day. It smells great too. 

Vita Liberta Passionflower & Argan Dry Oil SPF 50 
I had never used a sunscreen Oil before trying on this one. It was not greasy and did not leave ashy white cast. The smell was good and with SPF 50, I had peace of mind that my skin was protected. Was definitely a winner. (review)
[not is pic because I cannot locate the bottle in my empties bin]

Facemasks: There are a couple of favorites in this category, simply because every single one has a different role to perform.

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing mask 
This is a great overnight mask. It is gentle on skin and actually delivers results after few uses. makes the skin appear hydrated, smooth and bright (review here)

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask 
This one as the name suggests is an excellent Detox Mask. It helps get rid of black and white heads, by drawing out impurities and accumulated oils. It clears out the clogged pores and helps the skin breathe. 

This is an overnight, hydrating mask. It is super light weight, not very heavy on skin and intensely hydrating and moisturizing. It does not clogs the pores nor gives me those tiny white bumps on the face, that sometimes heavy overnight masks tend to leave. Every single dry patch disappears and it works like magic!This mask is perfect for my level of dry skin and it can also be used daily during winters. 

This was the best Brightening/Exfoliating mask of all the ones I used last year. There is a mild exfoliation and the result is bright, glowing and fresh skin. Real Gem!

This particular cleanser has been my absolute favorite. It worked for my dry skin wonderfully and I just loved the way it imparted a clean, fresh feel on the skin. (review here)

I am so glad I found this gem! It is not the most moisturizing foot product, but it is the only non slippery, moisturizing and hydrating product that can be applied during the day. It softens the feet and disappears magically! The finish is matte and the shoes and sandals don't slip. Excellent!!

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
Lip Balms and Hand creams are the easiest to try and handle. No breakouts, no dryness or any side effects. Just a change in routine and something different and new to look forward to. This Hand and Nail cream smells lovely. It does not dries instantly like the Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream, but it moisturizes very nicely and smells divine.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
This body oil is hands down my favorite. There are tons in market and though I like many of them this one from Nuxe wins every single time. I love the scent and the lightness. It is an excellent moisturizer and the scent is divine! (review here)

DERMAdoctor KP Duty® Body Scrub
I have Keratosis pilaris or chicken skin as it is called in local language. This body scrub is a gentle exfoliator. It acts both as a chemical peel and as scrub. Leaves the skin soft and smooth. It is not a cure, but I have yet to get this level of smoothness with any other product. A big thumbs up!

This post is getting way too lengthy. So I will combine Beauty, Hair care favorites and Tools in next post to follow. Also, in desperate attempt to upload this post on time, I am clicking all photos using iphone 6

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