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Beauty Edit - 2017 Beauty Favorites

Like every year I have a round up of few beauty products that shined in 2017 for me. While I still love most of my old favorites from previous years, I chose newer stuff to share for this post. Not every category is covered. So anything missing implies I am still stuck with holy grails. I didn't pick too many new products to begin with. When it comes to makeup, I am very picky and pretty much buy things after months of research, something that I know I will love and use often. I think years of blogging has made me this way now. Skincare on the other hand is a different story. 

This is a wonderful primer with luminosity. Blurs out imperfection and gives the skin a very healthy glow. I am someone who is not into full coverage foundation and a primer like this works beautifully. Love it!

This was one was my most used Powder foundation. It had decent coverage, was not dry or chalky and did not oxidize on me. Win win!

It is as good as my Charlotte Tilbury Finishing powder. I just love the way it ties the whole look together without drying or looking powdery. While the Charlotte Tilbury one blurs out everything, this one gives a lovely luminosity but not like a highlighter shine. I still don't use it on the whole face though. Just where needed.

Name one person who owns this and have not featured in their favorites. The formula, longevity and color selection for this one was just phenomenal. It is a finely milled product that imparts a wonderful rich glow without emphasizing the pores and is not too metallic. The compact is stunning as well. I have the shade in Nude Glow. 

Marc Jacobs Tantastic Bronzer (the link is for their permanent Bronzer)
This was a limited edition summer release from Marc Jacobs. The color is beautiful. A perfect balance of cool and warm tones. It is not a Cheetos bronzer. It blends seamlessly and the packaging is cute with a huge mirror. The best thing - it worked for my skintone.

I regret not picking this earlier. The blush has a very beautiful, light texture and is decently pigmented. The color I have is Kinks and Kisses and it is just a wonderful peachy pink blush. It is not flat matte but is not crazy shimmery either. Feels very light and airy and blends very beautifully giving a very natural flush of color. Sleek packaging too.

I love a good cream product, especially cream blush and highlighters, simply because they look more natural on the skin and are for touch ups on the go when pulling out makeup brushes is not an option. The NUDESTIX Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Mini Set was a good one and I liked the color pay off and the way it blended. easy to travel with too.

Hourglass had two different type of Lipstick releases last year. I picked the Girl Lip Stylo in the shade Activist and have enjoyed it to the fullest. Everything from the packaging to the style of the bullet, this one rocked. Very comfortable on the lips and long lasting as well.

Another one of those products that I regret not picking earlier. I do admit that paying crazy amount of money for a tinted, moisturizing lip balm is bound to raise eye brows. But in my defense this one lasts long and I use it every single day. Better than buying products that just sit there collecting dust. It is not a unique product, but it is a lovely one for sure. Stunning packaging!

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick in shade 9. It is too difficult to figure out the name. This super moisturizing lipstick is so comforting on the lips and can be topped over any lip color, depending on which color you choose. The darker ones are good on their own. The lighter ones are not too pigmented. Love the mango scent it has. 

Sephora's own collection has the largest counter at any Sephora store but yet it is often over looked. I personally use their Brushes and Brush cleansers but as far as makeup and skincare stuff goes I have not tried much. Their Contour Eye Pencils are very good. I have used three and none of them have sparkles. The ones that I own have rich pigmentation, do not budge and most important do not sting or burn my eyes. They are pretty affordable too. I found using these a lot last year. I think I have mentioned them in my earlier favorites too. They are good.

Armani Eye Tint Eyeshadow was my most used one. I have it in shade no 9 Copper Gold. Stunning and so easy to use. It does not budge once set. I intend to buy a few more colors this year.

I hardly get chance to buy full size mascara. The deluxe samples, makeup kits from the brands always keep my stash over flowing. These have a shelf life and they dry too. So I don't bother opening multiple tubes at a time. From the ones that I tried last year, the  Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Volumizing Mascara was a clear winner for me. I have it in black and it really performs well in every department.

I love this product for setting the under eye concealer. My all time favorite Laura Mercier Secreting brightening powder is finer than this and is still close to my heart but this one is equally good especially because of the Peach color. It helps in masking the under eye darkness thus eliminating heavy use of concealer in general. The container is a messy affair though. Loose powders always are. 

ELF Small Tapered Brush
I really loved this brush. It is soft, has a fantastic shape and is just perfect. I used it practically every time I did my makeup. I didn't realize it had become a holy grail thing for me, until I lost it and had to re-purchase. Very affordable.

There are three products that are my all time favorites and I couldn't help but mention them.

Also I forgot to mention the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer. While there are many other blurring primers out there, I find this pore and lines blurring primer very hydrating for my dry skin. I have no idea what those gold specks are supposed to do though. 

These are a few of my very favorite makeup products from year 2017. I will have a separate post for Skincare and Hair products. 

What were your absolute standout makeup products for 2017?

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