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Lipgloss Edit - Six Luxury Lip Gloss

The very first high end lip gloss I ever owned was the MAC lip glass. The brand has lip glass in a huge range of finishes and colors and they are not super expensive, especially if you have Cosmetic Company outlet (CCO) near you. Later, as I started to branch out and try other brands, I realized how sticky MAC Lip glass original formulas were. Thankfully, they have 'cremesheen' formula and I find it to be the best among all the lip gloss formulas they have to offer.

There are many drugstore brands that carry amazing lip gloss and in recent years their formulas have improved considerably and some of them are at par with the high end ones, sometimes even better! (Hello, NYX Butter Gloss)

This post features my picks for lip glosses from High end brands that I have tried and what I like about them and what I don't. I usually pick a good color from any brand and I am not a collector. So we have a mix of everything here.

These come in two finishes. Shimmers and high Shine one. The high shine formula did not perform well for me. It was too goopy and thick for my liking. The ones with shimmer though were better in terms of longevity and retaining the shine. These didn't dry or peel my lips either. Not all shades or formula perform the same. They have light minty scent too.

I have this in shimmer finish. The color was a limited edition, but you can easily find something similar. The formula is fantastic. It has a brush applicator and the color is phenomenal. It is moderately pigmented, has a decent coverage and good shine. The gloss is not very wet looking and the shimmers are very fine, giving a very sophisticated look. These are not too thick or goopy and stay put for quite some time.

I have this in shade Lucky and it is one of those colors that can be topped over any lipstick. The shimmer are ultra fine. It gives a glossy, crystal like shine. The formula is not sticky and yet the gloss lasts for a good amount of time. It does not peels and dry out my lips. The scent is lovely too. The applicator is a tiny brush. It is one of my absolute favorites.

This one is my least favorite of the bunch. It is a good formula and not at all sticky. In fact it is one of the least sticky lip gloss of the lot. Light weight, smells good and does not settles in my fine lines. The only issue I have with this is the longevity. It disappears very quickly. I have to keep re-applying this constantly. The packaging is good and so it kinda looks cool when I do touch up in the powder room.

This Lip Polish is phenomenal. If you are looking for a product that gives wet, juicy, plump sexy lips, this is the one you need. Buxom Lip Polish comes in High Shine, Metallic and Shimmer finishes, with a great color selection. It has a doe foot applicator and unique shaped tube. This non sticky, non-goopy gloss gives a cool minty feel which is not crazy and very comfortable on lips. It makes the lips look plump.Also, smells good. The longevity is great. I really don't have anything bad to say about it. An all time favorite.

This the most affordable one among all the glosses mentioned. It is light weight, non sticky or goopy. The texture is creamy, yet glossy. It is buttery soft and very comfortable on the lips. It has no fuss, doe-foot applicator. It is moderately pigmented and depending on the color can be used on its own or as topper for lipstick that has corresponding color. Love this one!

 I would love to add the YSL lip oil as honorable mention, because even though it is a lip oil, the tube resembles like a lip gloss and I have used this in place of lip gloss a lot in winters. As the name suggests, it is a tinted lip oil. Moisturizes and stains the lip. Pretty self explanatory. The applicator is unique and perfect for a product like oil.

Two other high end lip glosses that I have tried but as tiny deluxe size are from Laura Mercier and Givency. I love both of these and they genuinely are fantastic. I might end up buying these in full size in the near future.

GIVENCHY Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect is very pigmented, high on shine and can be worn alone by itself. The longevity is great and the shimmers are so fine!! It gives a very luxe effect. The applicator is a brush, making it easy to layer the product.

Laura Mercier LIP GLACÉ is a high shine, moderately pigmented lip gloss, that comes in multiple finishes and coverage. It is non sticky, applies evenly without any patchiness giving the appearance of full, plump and glossy lips. It does not feathers or bleeds. Very comfortable on lips too.

So these were a few Luxury Lip glosses that I own, tried and are worth looking into. There are many more to try and I am looking for recommendations. If you have any favorites, share below in the comment section and I would love to check them out.

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  1. I'm not a fan of lipglosses, they all look nice and the shades seems to be perfect but I think that if I'll ever plan to buy a lipgloss then I'll go for Dior :)

    1. Dior glosses are beautiful. I used to enjoy glosses a lot before but these days I have toned it down.

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