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Beauty Edit - Best in Skincare and Body Care - 2018

As a blogger and skincare fanatic, I love trying out products all the time. Even though I have found my holy grail products in majority of the categories, I keep trying new ones. In this post, I share my favorite skin and body care products that I enjoyed using a lot in 2018. These are all mini reviews. I skipped mentioning amazing products that I started using in the later part of the year as I got them pretty late in the season.
Also, I tried to avoid repeats from past years, though I still use them all the time. They are already in the Hall of Fame.

Best in Skincare and Body care - 2018 

A cleanser that cleans, removes makeup, brightens and hydrates the skin by not ripping the skin of its natural oils. The Indie Lee gel cleanser does this all. It has strawberry seed oil that brightens and hydrates while the tomato extract mildly exfoliates. This gentle cleanser works for all skin type, has a lovely gel texture and smells lovely too. I knew since the very beginning of the year that it will be difficult to match the awesome qualities of this cleanser by any other.

INDIE LEE CoQ-10 Toner
A mild toner that is alcohol free, devoid of any acids or actives, full of anti-oxidant rich ingredients like Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe vera long with bunch of other soothing ones like sage and Cucumber. It helps to hydrate and balance the skin. Basically, it is a lovely toner that I enjoy using after cleansing.

CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Glycolic Brightening Essence
The Vinoperfect line from Caudalie is my favorite and I have been using their Brightening serum since ages. The Caudalie Essence is no different. I learnt the art of layering toners and serums and I realized my skin responds better to thin layers. This essence has watery consistency like a toner, with the hydrating quality of an essence. It also has a some percentage of Glycolic Acid in it that gives the skin a lovely brightening effect. It is a good one but I would not use it as a substitute for Glycolic acid toner like the Pixi Glow Tonic.

May Coop Raw Sauce
I learnt a lot about Korean skincare this year and the art of layering skincare products. I have used this essence before but I truly enjoyed it after understanding how it works and when layered. Pretty light weight, not very sticky ad easy to layer on. It absorbs beautifully and leaves the skin plump and hydrated.

This is a fixer cream. It fixes everything. Be it dryness from the weather or dryness and dullness from the use of acids and actives. It is a thick, light weight cream that deeply moisturizes the skin without the greasiness and makes it look smooth and plump. It fixes dry patches, dullness and dehydrated skin. The ingredient list is super impressive too. One of the most calming and gentle moisturizer I have used this year. A full review to come soon.

This is a very rich cream and my go to moisturizer for super dry skin. The texture is lovely. It is a light weight, not too dense, smooth cream but very emollient and absorbs pretty quickly leaving the skin velvety soft, moisturized and nourished. The uniqueness lies in the texture. I am amazed as to how something this light in texture can be this rich in hydration. The light rose scent is a breezy bonus.

This is my Day Oil. The USP of this particular oil for me is the texture and consistency. It is a very light weight oil, pretty much like a dry oil that sinks into the skin completely and yet is very moisturizing. It a perfect product to use during the day time as it does not leave that typical oily greasy look on the face. Loaded with ingredients like Maqui, Acai, Prickly Pear and Goji extract, the oil helps with dull, dry and hyper pigmented skin. I also enjoy using it mixed with my foundation and it makes the foundation easy to spread and gives the skin that needed glow. I personally don't prefer this for the night time as for my super dry skin, I need something a little more rich like the Herbivore Phoneix Cell Regenerating Facial Oil.

This is my night oil. The blend of good rice oils like Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Jojoba seed oil works perfectly for my dry skin. It is not a very thick oil but not super light either. the consistency is perfect for night use. It absorbs pretty quickly and does not leave a thick, greasy film. It smooths the appearance of fine line, dry patches and makes the skin look healthier and well nourished. The CoQ10 supports skin’s natural collagen and the Chia Seeds help with redness and makes the skin look plump and supple. It smells wonderful too. I use it as my night oil because I love how it feels on the skin and protects it from the artificial heating and cooling systems in the house.

When it comes to products containing acids and actives, the best guide is ones own skin. In my experience, two products having the same concentration of same active can work totally different on skin. The Kiehl's one worked and didn't break me out. It performed all the claimed task s beautifully. I also had a bunch of new products with vitamin C and other actives to try, but as these have an expiration date, I didn't open all the jars at once. 

This is an old favorite. It works and I have no intention of replacing it anytime soon. I had some weird breakout in 2018 and let me tell ya friends it was a nightmare to get my skin back to normal. So yes, I have to be really careful when it comes to incorporate new actives and acids in my routine. 

This was a good find of 2018. I don't remember if it came as Sephora 100 point perk sample or was a part of some mini skincare sets, but I am glad I tried it. The Banana Bright cream has a light yellow undertones to it, making it a perfect eye care product for the daytime. It performed the dual task of masking the under eye circles by giving it a brightening effect, very much like a color corrector and also hydrating it like a good eye cream at the same time. It did not make my eyes watery nor there is that stinging uncomfortable feeling when the eye cream gets in. Such a perfect one for daytime use.

I won this in a giveaway and I am glad I did because it gave me a chance to try a totally new brand that I cannot find easily at Sephora or Ulta. The eye cream has a wonderful list of anti-aging ingredients. From the humble shea butter, Vit. E, Peptides to Retinol and Vit C. the eye cream boasts of majority of good ingredient available in market for eye care. The creamy texture blends in easily and is completely absorbed by the skin without leaving any film or residue. I didn't get any milia (those pesky white head kind of bumpy thing, that just sit there) and that is a huge concern for me around the delicate eye area. It helped me with fine lines but not so much with dark circles. I must admit though, dark circles for me are hereditary. A very good find in 2018

I have countless lip balms. Really! Ok! maybe not countless! but I have tried many lip care products and the Laneige Lip Sleeping mask is the Best!! The Bestttt!!! For dry, chapped, peeling, dry lips this is your answer. It comes in a pot with a tiny spatula. As the name suggests it is a sleeping mask, so I believe it is to be used at night. I enjoy using it all day, everyday. Probably, that is the reason I wish it came in a tube version as well. 

Face masks are luxurious necessity in my skincare routine. For a good A relaxing 'me time' I love using a good face mask and I like to have choices. Depending on my mood and what the skin demands, a face mask is chosen. Radiance mask, Hydrating mask, Brightening mask, Sleeping mask and so on. When it comes to face masks, it is not possible to just choose one. With so many different sub-categories in the face mask itself, I decided to share more than two or three of my favorites. Anyways, we are not following any number. 

Apart from the glow, hydration and the plumping that the mask provides without being greasy or oily, the USP for me is the way this mask feels on the skin. I love the warming sensation. I find it very soothing and relaxing. 

This was gifted to me. I have dry skin and I usually gravitate towards creamy, rich overnight masks over gel or water based masks. This Hydra Therapy mask is the only one that gives me that hydration overnight, without my skin feeling stretchy and dry. I don't layer a bunch of products the day I decide to use a sleeping mask because I find my skin does not absorbs the sleeping mask if it is over a lot layers of other products. The texture of this mask is like memory foam, where it retains its original smooth, silky form and the consistency is very very light weight. Literally like water. I even use it during the day when I don't feel like doing an elaborate skincare. It is on the pricey side but comes in a huge jar and lasts forever because you just need so less!

Facial in a jar. This mask is gentle enough to be used almost everyday. All it takes is 5-7 minutes and you get a fresh, soft, smooth glowing skin. Quick pampering before an evening out or whenever the skin feels tired in general. I like this mask for its ease to use and the convenience. 

PETER THOMAS ROTH makes some of my favorite face masks. Their Camu Camu Vit C Sleeping mask has been my Holy Grail from past 4 years or so. 

PETER THOMAS ROTH 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Mask is a lovely mask and I love this one solely for that golden glow that it imparts. Other than that I don't care for firming or lifting that the mask claims. The glow on the other hand it amazing!! Every time I wore makeup after using this quick pre-makeup pampering, I got lot of glowing compliments and who doesn't like compliments?

I have no idea why this mask never got featured in any my past yearly favorites post. I have been using this since ages and this is my second time repurchasing it. This is an exfoliating mask and it probably is one of the best wash off exfoliating masks I have ever used. It leaves the skin smooth, soft, even toned. Works both to fix the hyper pigmentation and rough textured skin. 

These masks need their own review post, because as I scroll up I see this post is becoming endless!

Pimple patch n sheet mask
I never knew anything like Pimple patches even existed before this year. As I have not battled with acne, other than a few reaction breakouts, my research towards good products and methods targeting acne is pretty poor. These Pimple patches and acne covers are really good products to avoid picking on the occasional breakouts and keep them from spreading the infection. Avarelle Acne Cover Spot Patch and Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch are two nice ones I have tried. 

Sheet Masks 
I was never a hardcore fan of sheet masks and this year I discovered a lot of new ones and actually enjoyed using them a lot. Dr. Jart+ sheet masks are lovely so are the Tony Moly ones that I mentioned in my December favorites. 

I have keratosis Pilaris and these two products helped me with that and made my skin smoother, softer and improved its texture. The scrub has a great consistency and it is not very dry unlike many others that I have tried before. It spreads easily on dry skin and there is less mess in the shower.

Usually I end up using any unused cream, lotion or serum that did not work for me as foot cream. But when it comes to using a real foot cream, I find the Exuviance Heel and Elbow cream extremely helpful for cracked and dry heel conditions. I have been using it since ages. The poor thing never got the needed accolades. 

You have to use it once to actually know what an amazing product this is. No funky sunscreen scent, no white cast, no stickiness, no stinging sensation in the eyes, nothing that closely resembles your average sunscreen that is usually avoided because of the way they feel on the skin. The Tatcha sunscreen is like a hydrating moisturizer, that is light weight, spreads easily and is quicky absorbed by the skin leaving it look smooth and even in texture. Makeup goes on well over this sunscreen and lasts long without breaking up on skin. An excellent product with a heavy price tag.

These are my favorites from 2018 in Skincare, Bath and Body care category. The next post would probably be my Beauty/Makeup favorites. 

Honorable mention: These few products need to be mentioned. They are part of 2016-2017 favorites and I still use them. They are my holy grail and I have repurchased them multiple times.

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