February 21, 2017

Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil (review)

Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil

A quick-absorbing, lightweight hydrating treatment that helps to balance all skin types, leaving skin feeling smooth, silky, and luminous. It deeply moisturizes, helps to improve skin’s suppleness and elasticity, and addresses signs of uneven texture.

It is formulated for all skin types, without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and is 99 percent natural and free from silicones, PEGs, colorants, and preservatives.

Color: Light yellow 

Texture and Consistency: Light weight, not too thick or viscous. It is not a very thin oil. I would say somewhere in between Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil (review) and Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face oil

Scent: The oil is aromatic. It has a floral, perfume smell. Strong initially, but later mellows down and is pleasant. 

Application: I take a few drops on my palms and apply it all over the face and neck, by slightly massaging it in with finger tips. It is advisable to pat the oil in by pressing gently on the face, but I find a little massage therapeutic. I use it on alternate nights and avoid using it during the day time. 

Feel and effect on skin: The oil sinks in pretty quickly. It does not disappears completely like lighter oils, but does not sits on top either. The key is to use only a few drops (3-4) Any excess oil will just stay on the skin, looking greasy without getting absorbed. The oil is part of my night time skincare routine. The skin feels moisturized and super soft the next day. Also, consistent use has improved the texture of my skin. It is even, without any dry patches. The skin looks plump, healthy and nourished. 

Packaging: It comes in an amber colored glass bottle with a dropper. The tip of the dropper controls the amount of oil dispensed. The amber color or cobalt blue color bottles are generally used to store aromatic oil blends because they help to keep out deteriorating sunlight and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of oils. 
Verdict: This is a rich, aromatic oil. The blend has Rose Hip seed oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil along with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. This is such a classic blend for dry skin as well as mature skin. I have seen considerable difference with my skin texture. No dry patches and no clogged pores or dull skin. This would not be my first choice of oil if I had oilier skin. Also, I find that if I use it liberally, it gives me those white bumps. The key is moderation. The oil is prefect for skin that is very dry, dehydrated and under nourished. Consistent use results in soft, smooth and supple skin.

Few other oils that I rotate in my skincare regime

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February 19, 2017

Caudalie Lip Conditioner (review)

Caudalie Lip Conditioner

An antioxidant-rich, moisturizing lip conditioner that provides soft lips and lasting comfort.
Concentrated with moisturizing active ingredients plus antioxidant grape polyphenols and repairing apricot oil, this balm leaves lips soft, repaired, and protected.

This product is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and does not contain animal ingredients nor is not tested on animals.

Color: Creamy white 

Texture and Consistency: Light weight, non sticky, non waxy balm in a stick

Scent: I don't like the scent. It smells rancid. I am not sure, if this is the case with my tube or the product itself smells strange.

Application: I like to use a thin layer of this on my lips directly from the tube. Not the most sanitary way in my opinion. I prefer lip balms in tube. The product itself is light weight and hence a swipe or two is enough to coat the full lips.

Feel and Effect on Lips: This does not feel heavy on the lips. The light weight texture makes it easy to spread the product and the natural oils are well absorbed. The lips feel well hydrated and nourished. It smooths out fine lines and makes the lips soft. It is difficult to apply lipstick on top of it, due to the slip, but it does prepare lips for smoother application of lipstick if applied an hour before.

Packaging: I am not a huge fan of the packaging. The tube is made of very cheap plastic. It is like lipstick where the product comes out on twisting. The design is not the most sanitary one. Also the product is prone to melting in warm weather, making a huge goopy mess!

Caudalie Lip Conditioner (review)

Verdict: I have noticed that many lip balms tend to peel my lips, especially the ones that contain SPF. Also, if the over apply or layer the lip balm multiple times during day, my lips dry. This does not peel my lips nor make them dry in longer run. It keeps them soft and nourished. This is probably the major reason I am OK with design flaw and crappy scent. One last note, this won't work on sore, blistered lips caused by severe weather.

A few other Lip balms that I have tried in the past
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February 17, 2017

Sol de Janeiro Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care (review)

Sol de Janeiro Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care

A two-step dry foot care system with a Foot Smoothing Board and a fast-absorbing, non-slip Foot Fetish Cream to keep feet looking and feeling incredibly soft. The Foot Fetish Cream contains Cupuaçu butter—the Brazilian super fruit favorite and moisturizes with soluble super nutrients.

Color: White

Texture and Consistency: Soft, smooth, non sticky, non-greasy cream

Scent: It smells clean, fresh and mildly citrus'y' 

Application: It is a foot cream and there are not many ways to apply it. I use it after scrubbing the heels and toes of my feet well with the foot file provided. The foot file is sturdy and grainy enough to exfoliate well. The  The cream spreads easily and sinks in almost instantly.

Feel and Effect on Foot: The cream is completely absorbed by the skin. The heels feel super soft and well moisturized. There is absolute no greasiness or stickiness. The feet feels smooth but not slippery at all, making it easy to wear sandals immediately after applying the cream.

Packaging: It comes in a soft squeeze tube, with flip top cap. The hole dispenses adequate amount of product. There is a foot file that comes in the package too. It is sturdy and exfoliates well. There is a drawstring pouch to securely hold the foot file. 

Verdict: I love this product. My foot is dry, but my heels are not terribly cracked and I don't have calluses, but they do tend to get messy, if I ignore my daily foot care regime. I find this particular product working fantastic as a day foot cream because of its not slippery and fast absorbing nature. I can just slip on my sandals, without having to wait for the product to actually dry. If you suffer from really dry, cracked feet, a more heavy duty foot cream like the Gehwol 'Lipidro' Foot Cream or Exuviance Heel & Elbow Dry skin repair would work better for initial over night treatment. 
I love my Amope Pedi Perfect Electric foot file, but the foot file that comes in this kit is a good one for quick exfoliation. I find that the file works better on dry heels than on wet ones. 

Over all Sol de Janeiro Samba Foot Fetish Care is a wonderful product to have, especially if the feet are in not worst shape and do not need heavy treatments. Also, it smells wonderful!!!

Few other foot creams and foot files that I love

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