December 12, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide - Skincare Sets

If you are already packing your gifts in fancy packaging, I admire you and would love a tip or two on making a pretty bow. But if you are someone like me and are still shopping, this post might interest you. I love taking care of my skin. I find the whole multi-step skincare ritual very relaxing. Brands release amazing skincare sets during the Holidays and I look forward to buy these every year. They come well packed in sturdy, attractive boxes making them great gift items. 

Here are a few good ones that caught my attention this year. As I type this, most of these sets were available, except for one or two that were sold out. 

The Sulwhasoo set was sold out, but they do have other sets that are amazing, though pretty steep in price. Hence, I didn't pick any from them, but the brand is great!

Happy Shopping! Happy Gifting!

December 6, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers (Beauty/Skincare/Fragrance)

Anything that is tiny and fits into a stocking qualifies as stocking stuffer. From expensive diamond jewelry to $1 candy, everything works. There are tons and tons of these tiny, well packed goodies at every store. I have rounded up a bunch of Beauty, Fragrance and Skincare related products that have been personally tried, tested and loved. The price of most of the products mentioned are around $30 or less (with the exception of Dior Addict Lip Glow) Few of these products were already sold out by the time I finished drafting the post. So I have linked something almost similar.

These are a bunch of products that I have used in the past and they perform excellent. Well worth the money.

These are just few of the many excellent kits and sets out there for gifting. 

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: The post contains Affiliate Links

November 21, 2017

NUDESTIX Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil

A soft, non-drying matte lipstick, lip liner, and cheek blush in an all-in-one pencil. This ultra-long-wearing matte formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, soft, and non-feathering for up to six hours. The intense pigment and color provides lips with maximum smooth coverage.

It is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates Phthalates. It is free of volatile cyclomethicones, gluten, preservatives, and animal-derived ingredients.

I love cream products. Cream Blush and Cream Highlighters are my absolute favorites. I find these give much natural looking finish than powder products. Add to it, an all in one product is a bonus. 

NARS The Multiple have been my long time favorites, but I just wanted to change things and went hunting for a tiny, more compact product. I picked the Bite Beauty Multistick, but on my way to pay at Sephora, I saw this travel size set staring at me in that Aisle of Doom, where tons of tiny, travel size products suck you in! I chose to go with the set. 

I have used one NUDESTIX Lip + Cheek Pencil  in Whisper (part of Sephora Favorites Lip set) in the past and I really liked the consistency. This set contains three colors of the NUDESTIX Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil, a great way to try new finish and three colors!!

Color, Texture and Consistency: 

The product is super soft, creamy and light weight. It is opaque, non shimmery and not at all sticky. The product is easy to layer and blends beautifully, giving a seamless finish. 

Scent: None

Application, Pigmentation, Finish and Longevity: 

On cheeks: I apply few dots on my cheeks and use my fingers to lightly tap and disperse the product. The product is easy to blend. It has good pigmentation and the color is buildable. It goes on smooth and the result is not patchy. It did not move my base makeup, but the key is using light tapping motion and applying product in thin layers. It leaves a beautiful color on the cheeks, that look natural and the finish is matte. It does not give a dewy, glowy finish and it is what I was expecting from these matte pencils. The color on its own, lasts for good four hours on me,, but if I set it with a powder blush, it lasts till the end of the day. 

On Lips: I have dry lips, prone to peeling. As a result, I stay away from full coverage, matte lipsticks. These pencils are very creamy and they go on smooth, without patchiness, but I don't enjoy them on my lips as a full coverage lipsticks, because they emphasize my fine lines and it is not flattering. I do like to dab the product and then use my fingers to sheer it out, leaving behind a hint of color, like a stain on lips. I love to top it with gloss too. The colors that are in this set give my lips a very 'my lips but better' look. 

Packaging: The packaging is super cute and convenient. It comes in a sturdy tin container, that has a mirror attached inside the lid. Also, there is a good, compact sharpener. The pencils are mini, because the set is a mini travel kind of set. Pretty neat! 

Nudestix swatches 1. Whisper 2. Pixi 3. Belle 4. Purity

Verdict: I like this all in one product. It is compact, easy to travel with and equally easy for touch ups on the go. I don't even need a brush. Perfect for summer and those 'no makeup makeup' days. I love everything about these, except that I am not a huge fan of products that need sharpening, especially lip or cheek products. These are soft in texture and so much product is wasted. I would have preferred these in twist up jumbo crayon form. Other than that, everything is just amazing!! Good Stuff.


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