May 22, 2017

Marc Jacobs O!mega Bronze Perfect TanTastic 104

Sun-kissed and seamless, this bronzer instantly and universally beautifies with the touch of a brush. Micro-fine, jet-milled powder blends effortlessly for a flawless, radiant, matte finish.

Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates

I was at Sephora and there was this huge white, sleek compact staring at me! I could not resist but pick this beauty. Marc Jacobs O!mega Bronze Perfect TanTastic 104 is a limited edition Bronzer and it is part of his Coconut Collection for summer 2017.

I am not someone with light skintone, so a I don't  need bronzer to give me color. It usually acts as an enhancer for my already colored skin. It evens out the skintone during the warm summers, when my face tends to get patchy due to the intense heat. 

Color, Texture and Consistency:
This is a neutral toned medium brown bronzer, with slightly red undertones. It is matte which is great! The product is finely milled and it is very soft and smooth to touch, but not too powdery. The color itself is pigmented and opaque. I have medium skintone and it shows up on me. 

Application, Feel and Effect on the Skin:
The bronzer layers on beautifully. I apply it with any fluffy, tapered powder brush. MAC 138 is a good brush. It is blendable and can be diffused very easily. Even though it is matte, it does not looks very flat matte. It gives the needed dimension and warms the over all complexion. The pigmentation is sheer and can build to get an opaque coverage. It did not irritate my skin nor clogged the pores. Also, it did not oxidize on me, but I have yet to wear it more in actual sun and see what happens. For now, I tried it at home.

Scent: It has a coconut scent to it. My over sensitive nose picks a lot of scent. Not overwhelming at all. It is actually very subtle. 

Packaging: I blame the purchase 100% to the white, lacquered finish, sleek packaging. The compact and the mirror both are huge. It is just wonderful to look at and does not attracts too much finger prints.

1. Marc Jacobs Tan Tastic 104 2. Benefit Hoola 3. Smashbox Sunkissed Bronze 4. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Verdict: It is a good bronzer. Like always, with bronzers, it is all about the right color match. This one has neutral undertone and is little similar to the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. The Smashbox bronzer in Sun Kissed matte (discontinued) is very pink, while the Benefit Hoola Bronzer is more cool. Other bronzers like Tom Ford Gold Dust is more warm and has shimmers. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Light is the most shimmery one of the lot. This would work best for lighter to medium skintones. The quantity is huge and it is good value for money. If the color works for you, it is worth buying. 

Few other bronzers that I have tried
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May 18, 2017

Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo - Activist

A lip color with the intensity of a lipstick that’s infused with a blend of hydration for the appearance of softer, fuller lips. The silky, weightless formula blends modern color with luxurious hydration for a lustrous finish. It features a hydrating blend of shea butter, jojoba, mimosa, and sunflower seed to nourish dry lips and give a silky, soft finish. The precision tip allows for easy and precise application throughout the day without the need for sharpening.

It is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates

This is one of the newer releases from Hourglass. Well, it has been released a couple of months ago, but it is fairly new to me. I picked the shade in Activist and it is a lovely neutral rose color with warm undertones.

Texture and Consistency:
Creamy, light weight, soft and smooth. It is very moisturizing and is not drying at all. It has a slight sheen and is not frosty. Pigmentation wise it is semi- opaque and can be build to a full coverage, opaque lipstick.

Application, Feel and Effect on the Lips:
It goes on smooth and is not patchy at all. It is creamy, yet it does not feathers or bleeds out. Does not sinks in the fine lines. The lips feel very comfortable, moisturized and hydrated. There is absolute no dryness. It does not peels my lips too. The lips look plump, full and the color is not flat matte, so there is a light sheen as well.

Scent: Not perfume'y', though it has a natural lipstick scent, which is not offensive.

Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo - Activist

Packaging: Chic, heavy metallic tube, with twist up mechanism. The tip is pointed like a crayon, so it can double up as a lip liner for outlining and for precise application. The packaging is luxurious. The packaging is really cool.

Verdict: The formula is wonderful. It is very comfortable on the lips and is not drying. It can be used heavily for opaque finish or can be used as a tinted lip product by just dabbing the color. It is long wearing and stays put for a good amount of time. There are tons of wonderful swatches on the internet as Hourglass had sent tons of bloggers the whole collection. The shade in Achiever is next color on my list. The names of these GIRL lip stylo are very cool and well thought. 

Another lovely product from Hourglass. This brand never disappoints.

Some amazing products from Hourglass

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May 15, 2017


Eve Lom Cleanser

A five-benefit formula that decongests, exfoliates, tones, soothes, and deep cleanses to remove impurities and waterproof makeup without stripping or drying the skin for a soft, supple, and renewed complexion.

It has unique, multi-action gentle formula and is loaded with aromatic essential oils

Clove oil to target blemishes and encourage clear skin
Eucalyptus oil to combat toxins
Hops oil to tone the skin
Egyptian chamomile oil to soften and sooth
Cocoa butter to condition and nourish.

It is Formulated without Sulfates and Phthalates

This is my second tub and before you think, what on earth she does with so much cleanser, let me tell you, this stuff is awesomeness!

Color: Pale Yellow

Texture and Consistency: Dense, thick, non sticky, greasy slightly gritty and grainy balm that turns into oil when in contact with dry skin. There are some tiny beads in it and these bits eventually dissolve after massaging the product in. It reminds me of solidified Indian Butter.

Scent: It has a very potent herbal scent. More on the spicy side. Looking at the ingredients, it is clear that the scent is due to the presence of essential oils. I can clearly smell cloves.

Application: Using this product is bit of a task. It is not one of those two minutes cleansing products and unlike other oil based cleansers and balms, this one cannot be just removed by splashing water. As per the suggestions, I massage a small amount of the cleanser on dry face and neck, with finger tips. The cleanser  melts due to the warmth of the skin and provides enough slip for massaging without stretching. There are some granules left on skin. It comes with a muslin cloth, which I soak in hot water and wring out. Then I cover my face with this warm cloth and let it sit for 15 seconds. This allows the cleanser to warm up and penetrate the skin. Then I wipe of the cleanser using the same cloth in circular motion, repeating this process a couple of time till the cleanser is completely removed. Then I rinse it off and pat dry.

Isn't this an actual task??

Feel and Effect on the Skin: The skin feels super soft, clean and exfoliated. The whole procedure takes a good 8-10 minutes. Using the muslin cloth to remove the cleanser is must, because it facilitates the exfoliation process. Also, using hot or warm water is preferred because the thick, dense and greasy balm tends to 'stick and sit' on the skin. It is a multi-purpose product.
As a cleanser, it removes the makeup very effectively, as a toner I don't know exactly what it does and as an exfoliator, it does make the skin look clean and smooth, but with help of the muslin cloth. Also, as it is an oil based product, the skin does not feel dry after the whole 10 minutes of massaging and cleaning and scrubbing. It makes the eyes cloudy, if it accidently it gets into the eyes.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic tub, with a screw top cap. There is no spatula included. It does come with a big muslin cloth, that can be re-used.

Verdict: I personally like this Eve Lom product. I don't use it everyday because it is time consuming and it makes my hair line greasy if I am not careful. I enjoy this as a weekend ritual or when I have enough time to enjoy the whole spa like experience. The balm itself is very potent in cleansing and it is thick and greasy enough to facilitate a good massage. The hot muslin cloth helps in opening the facial pores and exfoliate. The essential oils are nourishing. It leaves behind a clean, glowing healthy looking skin. Love it! Not your average cleanser.

Few other similar (not exactly the same) multi-purpose products that I have used

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