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Peter Thomas Roth - Skin To Die For Darkness-Reducing Under-Eye Treatment Primer

Instantly helps reduce the look of darkness, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet while priming skin for flawless makeup application. Subtle universal tint blends into all skin tones.

There are tons of things I appreciate and am grateful for that I have inherited from my ancestors, but under eye darkness is something that I wished they didn't pass on to me.

Under eye dark circles or pigmentation under the eyes is a hereditary condition and has genetic basis, but over production of melanin and hyperpigmentation cannot be ruled out. Environmental and lifestyle factors contribute to it and aggravate the situation. Lack of sleep, prolonged illness, extreme fatigue, Stress, excessive alcohol or Smoking etc are equally responsible for the same.

These conditions cannot be completely cured if they are hereditary and have genetics involved, but they can definitely be controlled to some extent if  aggravating factors causing them are avoided. Also, masking the appearance of these dark circles using easy options such as eye restorative creams, correctors, concealers and brightening products often do the trick.

Skin To Die For Darkness-Reducing Under-Eye Treatment Primer is a new offering from the brand Peter Thomas Roth and as the name suggests it is a primer for TEMPORARY reducing the under eye dark shadows.

Key Ingredients
  • 2% Haloxyl™ & Vitamin K1 Help visibly diminish the look of under-eye darkness.
  • Caffeine & Green Coffee Extract Help tighten skin’s appearance, reducing the look of puffiness and under-eye bags.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen helps improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.
  • Perfect Priming Complex A blend of light-scattering Diamond Powder and mattifying Elastomers helps diffuse the look of imperfections and creates a smooth, soft-focus finish.

Color, Texture, Consistency, Application
The product is a thick, silky, peach colored cream. I use it on well moisturized under eyes. Just few dots and gently pat and press it in using my ring finger.

Usage Experience
It goes on smoothly and as it contains Silicones, it fills in the fine lines making the under eye area look velvety smooth. The product has a light peach tint to it, which is pretty universal. It helps cancel the blue, thus temporary reducing the appearance of dark shadow and making the under eye area appear bright and awake. 
It did not sting or burn my eyes or areas around it. There was no redness and no heaviness. This thing is not greasy either. I did notice that it works better when layered over a well moisturized under eyes. I always apply a good eye cream in my morning routine and that helps keep the area hydrated and nourished. The product does not pills on layering. Concealer or correctors apply easily on top of it. They don't sink into the fine lines nor slip and slide.

Comes in small soft squeeze with fine tip opening. There is no pump dispenser or applicator. It is good because using fingers is the best way to apply this product and as very small amount is needed, pump would had not been easy to control. I will update the post with the tip pic. Forgot to click one. 

Final Thoughts 
It is a decently good product, especially for delicate, thin under eyes with fine lines and dark shadows. Applying the primer below concealer makes the concealers go on with easy and increases its longevity. My thin under eyes don't feel heavy at all. It is not a cure of under eye dark circles. The arrangement is temporary. Something to be aware of before buying the product. This is probably my best bet to camouflage the darkness till science comes up with a perfect cure!


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