Hello!! Welcome to DAZZLE 'n' SPARKLE. Myself Resham. I am the author of this blog. I work from home (blogging IS work),  live in the windy city, Chicago with my husband and my son sid. This website was started back in 2007 just as a hobby. You can read more about the blog in FAQ section.

My profession

I am a doctor by profession. Medicine profession though is a noble one, it’s a bit non-glamorous. I was always interested in Skincare, Holistic stuff and all kinds of Natural and Herbal sciences. I did a Diploma in Aromatherapy, as healing by scents fascinated me. It is a lovely science. I did my Bachelors in Ayurveda and Masters in Natural therapies. I love the way Herbal goodies smell (well most of them).

I am not a make-up artist. Makeup is just a hobby.

My Skin type

I have dry skin, that turns flakey in winters. Its prone to Hyper-pigmentation, which makes is pretty uneven. I don’t suffer from Acne, which is good. I sunburn very easily, even if I am without shade at a simple backyard Birthday party. I literally peel.

My Skintone

I am warm toned person with golden olive, yellow undertones. If you are familiar with makeup (which obviously you are, or else you would not be reading this) I am NC40/42 in MAC foundation shade.

My Hair and Eyecare

Eyes: I have dark Brown eyes, with prescription glasses. I don’t wear colored lenses.

Hair: Dark Brown Hair, which is fine and fluffy. Every single strand is very thin and they go limp easily if I try to tame them with hair products. I do color them occasionally, sticking to colors that are close to my natural hair color.

My Hobbies

I love to Read, listen to Music, Shop and collect Jewelry pieces, even more than Make-up.


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