DAZZLE 'n' SPARKLE is my free journal on the internet. I love to note down anything and everything about cosmetics, skincare products, jewelry, bags and almost anything that no-body else I know, cares to bother or appreciate. Love to tryout new products, especially skincare. 

I review whatever I buy, I don't buy to review. 


It should be titled What ‘NOT’ to expect from Dazzle ‘n’ Sparkle.
Well, No Sneak Peaks, No new Beauty News, No swatches of the whole collection or make-up from every Brand available on earth.

Boring right?

I am just a ‘CONSUMER’ like many of you all and I like to buy products that I can afford, that I am curious to try and that I know would be loved and used by me. I buy most of the products, but if I am sent any PR samples, I make sure to mention that in the review. I simply like to share my experience about whatever I try/use and hope it may be helpful for someone who has similar skin tones, skin texture as mine.


I click majority of the pictures on the blog. My camera was NIKON COOLPIX, the simplest Point and Shoot Camera ever made. Recently I updated to a DSLR Canon 7D and I am still learning the operations of this new camera. I also use iphone 6 to click 'flatlays'.

The Photos in the ‘Travel Section’ are clicked by my husband. He is a hobby photographer and hence most of his pictures are watermarked. I choose to leave them as it is. 

I watermark pictures that are mine. I don't watermark pictures that are not owned by me hence none of my Face charts are watermarked. Due credit is given if pictures from the internet are used.


Some swatches are of the products that I own. Others are in-store swatches, which I do using their testers displayed and run out, before the store owners throw me out. The swatches are to be used just as reference as they are never accurate. The lighting, flash of camera, computer screens etc. affects and alters them a lot.
I don't show how the products look on myself, simply because I am too uncomfortable on camera and secondly I am very horrible in getting my own pictures right. 


I review products based on my personal experience. I don’t think one has to be expert in reviewing the things they use. It like telling how I feel about it. Its not Clinical Research. I like to try skincare products for at least six weeks, to come to a conclusion. The articles may not be well crafted with amazing words like professional, but I assure you I have been to school. 

The blog has Affiliate Links. More can be read in detail at the Disclaimer and Disclosure Policy section.


Blogger is a free service and has its own limitations. I know very little of HTML coding and things like that. The blog does not has the best navigation system. I have to work with whatever I have.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, would like me to review a product or are interested in advertising or collaboration.

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Hope you enjoy whatever you read. Thank you for stopping by!


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