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VITA LIBERATA 'Passionflower & Argan' Dry Oil SPF 50 (review)

A soothing, non greasy broad spectrum SPF 50 dry oil for your face and body contains antioxidants that fight free radical damage and photo-aging. It's a lightweight, silky smooth formula that is easily absorbed by your skin.

The balance of argan and passionflower delivers skin treatment benefits with SPF for sun protection in a non-greasy formula. It gives skin a stunning dewy radiance. Antioxidants fight photo aging, leaving skin soft, smooth, and most importantly, protected. Free radical-fighting organic Argan oil delivers essential fatty acids while passionflower oil conditions dry, damaged skin.

It is water resistant for up to eight hours and gives skin a stunning dewy radiance.

Formulated without:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

I had never tried a dry oil that has SPF in it, till I used this one. I love this product and it has worked beautifully for my dry skin. I use it more on my body than on my face, though it can be used anywhere including scalp and hair.

Color: Clear transparent.

Texture and Consistency: Light weight, slightly thicker than water, non sticky, non slippery, non greasy oil.

Scent: It smells like oil, like Almond oil or maybe Argan Oil. Very mild. The smell does not lingers on forever. It eventually dies down.

Application: I use a few pumps of the oil all over my body. Just massage it with my hand. I use it on my face too as a moisturizer. For face though just a little amount is needed. Not even a pump. I just let is set for few minutes before applying makeup. It is important to shake the bottle first before application.

Feel and Effect on Skin: The oil literally sinks into the skin. It spreads very easily and within a minute or two is completely absorbed by the skin. The skin feels very soft and smooth and not all greasy or oily. It is a very light weight formula. There is no transfer of oil anywhere on clothes. It is practically undetectable. Even though it is an oil, it did not break me out nor did it clog any pores. This leaves no white cast like most of the sunscreens that I have used leave behind. It is very moisturizing and hydrating on its own, thus eliminating the need of a moisturizer.
It does not interferes with my makeup application. The foundation or tinted moisturizer, whatever I choose to apply goes on seamlessly. 

Only thing that I didn't try is this product with flash photography. I don't know if this creates a flashback, making the skin look like ghost in photos.

Packaging: This comes in an opaque, plastic bottle with a pump. The pump is not a spray pump. It is more like a dispensing pump.

Verdict: There are two major things that I love about this product. Firstly, the way it spreads and absorbs without leaving any white or ashy cast!! So effortless and non detectable!! Secondly, the way it nourishes and moisturizes. There is absolutely no drying of the skin and no itching that some sunscreens leave behind. It has a SPF of 50 which is a great sun protection and also lasts for 8 solid hours. I just cannot get over the fact that this is an oil, that is non greasy and it has an SPF!! This VITA LIBERATA 'Passionflower & Argan' Dry Oil SPF 50 is such a boon for my dry skin!!

I also like the VITA LIBERATA Neroli & Argan Milk for Face & Body SPF 50. It is a lovely one too and more apt for someone who is not into oils or has Oily skin. Will review that one soon. 

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