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Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask (review)

A nourishing treatment to reawaken skin's natural glow as you rest.

Replenish your skin as you rest with this penetrating overnight mask by Sulwhasoo, formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this overnight mask awakens a radiant looking skin with nourishing moisture and herbal extracts.

Walnut extract creates an essential moisture layer on the skin, promoting optimal absorption of nourishing ingredients
White mulberry extract minimizes redness and irritation
Pomegranate help brighten skin tone
Hyaluronic Acid promotes long-term hydration, restoring and revitalizing skin overnight
Creating an essential moisture layer on the skin, this mask assures optimum penetration of nourishing herbs while you rest.

(from the website)

Sulwhasoo is a brand that is totally new for me. It is a Korean Brand. Korean Skincare has been trending a lot recently and I am loving most of the things that I have tried so far. I was suggested this mask by NaturalNChicMakeup on Instagram. This is the only product from this brand that I have used and so far I am impressed. 

Color: White

Texture and Consistency: Thick, Smooth, light weight, non runny, non sticky and Creamy

Scent: It has a herbal smell. It is not over powering at all. The scent is not sweet or perfume like. The scent does not lingers long.

Application: The site suggests to use this at the final stage of skincare, by applying on the face, avoiding the eye and lip area, and wash off with lukewarm water the next morning. For the best results, they suggest not to use cleansing foam or soap when washing off in the morning. I pretty much apply as suggested. A little more than dime size product is needed. I apply a thin layer of this product. 

Usage: I used it three to four nights a week for 45 days while I was testing the product. 

Feel and Effect on Skin: The product spreads very easily and is absorbed within minutes. The face feels tacky for initial few minutes, but then it settles. It does not sits on top of the skin. The product does not leaves any mark or stain on the pillow. The skin feels soft, smooth, hydrated and clear. I found it made my skin appear radiant and evened out my skin tone after using for almost 15 days, (around 5-6 uses or so). Before that all it did was act as a moisturizing lotion.

Packaging: It comes in a lengthy, soft squeeze tube. with a heavy screw top cap. Pretty simple and clean. No pumps, no jars. 

Verdict: This is a nice product, not greasy, yet provides good moisture to the skin. It hydrates well, but to see any kind of radiant or glowing effect as the product claims, it has to be used for at least a week very religiously, without fail. Don't expect over night miracles with this one. It did not break me out, instead is very soothing on the skin and it does make skin appear velvet smooth and fresh.

I love the product, especially because it is soothing and the key ingredients in it is not any kind of acid, that increases the skin sensitivity to sun the next morning. Also over night masks are the easiest way to take care of skin with minimal effort. 

I purchased mine from Neiman Marcus and I would suggest buying it from their website or from reputable place like Neiman Marcus and so on. Avoid buying Asian Skin Care from Amazon or Ebay. There are tons of fakes all around.

I love using Over night masks 3 times a week. If I am not using a mask, then there is a good face oil for me. There is a list of Brightening mask that I want to try. I do have samples of few, but to write a review, I need to really try them good. Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial, belif First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask, boscia Bright White Mask are a few that I am eyeing.

Disclaimer: This product is purchased by me. The post contains Affiliate Link.