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Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash

A daily foaming cleanser that contains AHA’s and natural fruit enzymes to purify without over-drying. 

Reveal softer, smoother skin while gently cleansing away oil, makeup, and surface impurities with this creamy cleanser. This formula contains a duo of AHA’s—glycolic and lactic acids—and pineapple, pumpkin, and papaya enzymes to purify without over-drying, leaving skin fresh, soft, and conditioned. For all skin types. 

Formulated without:
- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

I have always been a drug store cleanser person. I mean why buy something expensive that is going to be there on your skin for less than a minute. Better spend it on some good skincare or serums etc. I always advocated this philosophy of mine until recently. In the past few months I have used some good cleansers that actually show their miracle with every use under one minute!!! To get good, visible results from a cleanser, I am willing to pay the extra bucks!

With ingredients like Pineapple, Pumpkin, and Papaya Enzymes, I knew this would perform. Also Glycolic acid in small quantities have been working wonders for my skin. The Pixi Glow Tonic (review) is one such product that never fails.

Color: Pale Seafoam Green

Texture and Consistency: Soft, smooth, light weight mousse like and creamy. It looks like it has some fine grainy stuff in it from outside the tube. In reality there are no grains or beads whatsoever.

Scent: It has a fresh, citrus scent. More like pineapple fresh. I love it.

Application: I use a little more than pea size amount and apply it on damp face. I massage it to create a foam and keep doing that for about 45 seconds. Then I rinse it of with water and pat dry. Usually I use it in the morning as first cleanse, but in the evening as second cleanse after using cleansing oils like the boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil or the shu uemura cleansing oil.

Feel and Effect on Skin: It lathers to a nice foam, but the foam is not too soapy neither too creamy. There is no tingling. The skin feels super clean, soft and not at all stretchy or dry.The face looks really bright and glowy. It does not completely suck the natural oils from the skin. Obviously, I have to moisturize my face after cleansing. The cleanser does not leaves any residue or film.

Packaging: Soft squeeze clear tube, with flip top cap. Pretty basic. The clear tube helps to see the amount of product left inside. The cap has a winking smiley face, an information that is totally lame!

Verdict: I love the cleanser. It works great for my dry skin and does not over dries them leading to dry patches. It does not leaves any film and makes the face super clean. Over consistent use, I have noticed my skin looking more radiant, bright and smooth. There is a great improvement in the texture and tone of the skin. I don't have too prominent large pores to begin with, so I cannot comment much on reduction of the pore size. Also, as there are no beads or granulated particles in the cleanser, it can be easily used with Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System.

This product along with the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment (review) is a great combination and gives the face much needed mini facial at home. It is a quick way for decent pick me up for skin before any event.

This is how it looks. It has a sea foam green tinge to it.

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