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I have many Blushes, my favorite being NARS, Chanel and MAC blushes. I do love Dior too, but don't own many. Adding another one in my collection is like waste of money. I have not even hit pan on any single blush yet and most of the colors end up looking same on the cheeks, simply because I end up choosing peachy pink or pinky peach colors. There are few brands that I have never tried, and wish to try soon.

1. Dior Vibrant Color Powder Blush : The only Dior Blush I have is Coral Riviera, which is discontinued.

2. Laura Mercier 'Second Skin' Cheek Color: I have used Laura Mercier products, but never a cheek color.

3. Burberry 'Light Glow' Natural Blush: Another brand that I have always wanted to try. Just the price tag holded me back. Also, it is not available at Sephora, so a 20% VIB discount is not possible.

4. Benefit Cosmetic Lollitint: I love the brand, I love the tints and I love the name. Enough reasons to justify buying.

5. Tarte Cheek Stains: I have tried NARS Multiples (review), Clinique Cream Blush Stick (review), Josie Maran Argan Color Stick (review) and this looks pretty similar to that. Tarte Powder Blushes are beauty. I am sure this too won't disappoint.

6. Josie Maran Coconut water Cheek Gelee:  I use my MAC Just a Pinch Gel blush and I LOVE IT! The natural tint is just amazing. Josie Maran Argan Oil is my favorite and I am super excited about this product as well.

What are your current Beauty Cravings?

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  1. Oh, yes! Everything here looks so pink and pretty! If I could I'd try it all. The only product I'm familiar with though is Benetint. I've used the 'Cha Cha tint' and the 'Posie tint'. I loved them both but there's one thing that makes me a bit worried about these products. They seem to have a rather strange chemical odor. You can't smell it on the skin, but it makes me feel like I'm putting on something that's too artificial and potentially harmful. Once I was applying it on my lips at a friend's house and he said jokingly "This will give you cancer." We laughed but that product really does smell a bit toxic. I have several Benefit kits on my Sephora wishlist but I'm a little hesitant to go ahead and purchase them because of their ingredients.