March 6, 2013

Josie Maran Argan Color Stick - Rosey - Review

A mini, Argan-oil-infused, sheer color stick that grants a lasting, natural flush to cheeks and lips.

This dual-purpose lip and cheek color provides flattering, subtle color while treating the skin with Josie Maran's signature Argan oil. To be used as a blush or lip color, the color stick leaves a natural and long-lasting dewy finish that complements any skintone while repairing and replenishing the skin.

This was a part of Josie Maran Kit that came with some amazing products including my Holy Grail Argan Oil. In the past, I have not had great experience with organic Makeup products, especially the ones that contain some kind of organic oils. They some how tend to smell funky after few months.

Also I stick to Makeup Brands for Makeup and Skincare Brands for Skincare stuff. I mean not very keen on trying NARS, Chanel Skincare products nor very attracted to try makeup by Origins. There is no particular reason or rule. It has always been like that.

Color: Dusty Rose leaning towards coral

Texture: Smooth and sticky

Consistency: Solid, Cream

Fragrance: Herbal, have no idea what herbs, but didn't bother me.

Longevity: Barely 2 hours

Application: I use my fingers to apply it on my cheeks. I dab it directly to my cheeks and then use my fingers to spread and buff it in. None of the Brush I have worked for this. I applied it on clean skin, with just moisturizer on. I did try on lips. It was OK, nothing special or great. Had a little cooling feel.

Feel on Skin: It felt slightly sticky. It did give a dewy look.

My thoughts: Firstly the product is pretty solid and thick, so fingers or sponge (maybe) can be used. My choice of tool were my fingers. It was not easy to blend as its sticky consistency just 'sat' there on the skin superficially. The color looks very deep in tube, but on my NC42 skintone, which is very pale right now it did take multiple layers to show up, increasing the stickiness.
It did not give this cream to powder finish and ended up looking dewy. This is pretty much how it is supposed to work as per description on website.

I must admit it was very natural looking flush.

The lasting power of this blush is very less. Barely 2 hours and everything was gone.

It is one of those everyday products that will give the look of my skin but better. This would be a good choice when you are not piling on layers of foundation and powders and concealers. Just a simple tinted moisturizer, with some of this on cheeks will give a dewy, but natural look, especially during summers when heavy makeup turns into hot mess.

Packaging: Lipstick like Twist up packing. A chubby lipstick I must say. These are cute and handy for touch ups. No need to carry a brush.

I like the concept of 'natural product, natural ingredient' for cheeks to get that dewy look. I just wished it lasted a bit longer and was not so sticky.

The product reminded me of many Stick Cream Blush that I have tried before. Will compare the colors of the few I own in next post to follow.

Did you try this Product? Any thoughts?


  1. I have this one too and noticed some tiny sparkles that gladly do not show up when applied. I'm looking forward to your comparing swatches. The important thing to me is that it might look like other cheeksticks, but Maran has some better ingredients in the formula

  2. I tried it at store. The color was good, but the scent was weird. The tester seemed old.



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