November 30, 2012

CHANEL Nail Polish - Paradoxal, Malice, Particuliere

Chanel Nail Color: Particuliere, Paradoxal, Malice


Thes are my very first Chanel Nail Colors. I knew that had amazing texture and colors, but somehow I just couldn't justify paying $25-$26 for a single color, not to mention the additional high Chicago taxes.

Finally I bit the bullet and went ahead to pick a few. Colors I chose were obviously the very famous and most talked ones.

Chanel Nail Color Paradoxal

This is one color that I really loved when it came first last fall. I have no idea if it is a limited edition color or a permanent one. Usually all Chanel counters in department store has this.

This is one color, I must admit is very unique and looks absolutely stunning on my nails and compliments my skintone. I posted an instagram picture (link) and it just was so beautiful!

I have heard that there are dupes out there, especially from Revlon, but I have no idea where to find that one. This is one purchase I am happy about and would definately re-purchase again.

Sephora by O.P.I Call your Mother, Chanel Paradoxal, O.P.I Parlez-vous OPI ?

Beautiful purples, but none of them similar at all!

Chanel Nail Color: Particuliere

Another very famous color and everybody and anybody I knew who loved high end makeup had this. I personally like the color, but I am not very crazy about it.

The texture and consistency is amazing and usually two coats are more to get a good coverage.

I find the other colors that I have though are not exact dupes, are good dirty taupes. There are many others in market that would do the same job. I would suggest saving money for more unique Chanel colors.

Essie Merino Cool, Essie Mink Muffs, Chanel Particuliere, Sephora by O.P.I Metro Chic, O.P.I You Don't Know Jacques!!

Chanel Nail Color Malice

This is by far the best Burgundy Red color I own and I am glad I have this. This applies like a dream and in just two coats it gives a lovely color payoff.

I have seen a fantastic color comparisons of Chanel Colors along with others on many blogs, but 'The Beauty Look Book' probably has an amazing selection. She has a color wheel, where she has applied similar colors and it is an absolute pleasure to watch those swatches. (link)

Malice is not Flat Matte nor it is too shimmery. It is just a beautiful blend of both if it makes any sense.

OPI I'm Really Not A Waitress, Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers, O.P.I Lincoln
Park after Dark

I personally am not a nail polish collector, so I don't have very many dupes to share. I post swatches on Instagram, because I find that convinient. I do urge you to check out the link above for Malice dupes and swatches.

Currently I am enjoying these lovely dark, Fall/ winter colors and I will try to restrict buying anymore Chanel Polishes anytime soon. Would definately pick unique colors in near future. I do love their quality and Packaging (who doesn't), but Price is a major issue.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

November 27, 2012

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - Review

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

This is just flavored sugar in fancy packaging and yummy taste! It is soo good, that I practically lick this stuff before I start scrubbing. I consiously try to avoid licking this stuff while actually scrubbing simply because the idea of licking your own dead skin sounds sooo grossssss!! eeewww.....

Anyways, this is what the Lush website has to say about their product.

Scrub your lips smooth with our sweetest confection. Bubblegum is our ode to all things pink, girly and sugary. A blend of exfoliating Fair Trade sugar and moisturizing Castor oil, this lip scrub is sure to leave your lips enticingly soft and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! For a flawless pout, scrub Bubblegum over your lips (be sure to lick off the excess) and then apply your favorite lip color.

Even though the description says Castor Oil, the SA in my store said it was Organic Jojoba oil and that is what is mentioned in the ingredient list too. I have no idea what exactly is in it though. Jojoba oil or castor oil.

Color: Bright Pink

Fragrance: Sweet, like Bubblegum

Texture: Gritty and coarse. Not chunky.

Consistency: Dry but not goopy

Application: I just use it directly on my dry lips or sometimes slightly moist lips. Scrub them in circular motion and few minutes later all the sugar melts. I wash it off with plain water and apply a lip balm.

Feel on lips: After few minutes of scrubbing and not licking the product, the sugar melts and disappears leaving a sticky feel on lips.

Effects: After the whole scrubbing part and applying a lip balm, the lip feels super soft and actually plump. I guess it is due to the scrubbing effect and increase of blood flow on lips.

What I feel about the product:

Personally, I would prefer the consistency to be little more goopy, so that its easy to pick and stick on lips. With current consistency, its difficult to do that and some product actually ends up in the sink.

The product itself is something very basic and made fancy. The effects and after results can be achieved by using a homemade sugar and olive oil scrub, or old methods like using a wash cloth or tooth brush to scrub.

It just makes the whole scrubbing a fun experience and because its all fancy and I paid for, it motivates me to use it more religiously.

It is not a must have product, but definately a cute one.

I really want to try the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. Have you tried that product? Is it really Awesome or just another expensive product in fancy packaging?

November 24, 2012

Deborah Lippman Nail Polish

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Candy Shop and Good Girl Gone Bad

Its true... Its Addiction...!!! Deborah Lippmann Glitter polishes are just the most beautiful, colorful, rich glittery stuff I have ever come across (in nail Polishes). Not that these are the only ones available in the market, but for some strange reason these don't look cheap. They appear rich, bold, beautiful!

Candy Shop

This does looks like a Candy Shop! Look at the stunning multi-color glitters! The texture of this polish is beautiful. It is not goopy and on application the glitters lay flat.

Like always, I like to layer them over some polish of the same color family. This way there is not glitter overload and the polish lasts longer and does not peels.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Good Girl Gone Bad

This is a shimmery polish and such a stunning color for fall and winter. It looks very flattering on my skintone and I had posted a swatch of this on my Instagram (link)

A good quality top coat is needed. A high shine one. I used the Essie Top coat ...., which unfortunately ruined the look of this. This would look awesome if super shiny or else it will appear like any other dull, gritty shimmer polish.

Deborah Lippmann Polish in Good Girl Gone Bad and Ruby Red Slippers

I personally like Good Girl Gone Bad better on my nails. It is just too Awesome! Usually if you layer it over some base polish, two coats are enough to get this rich effect.

Deborah Lippmann in Lets Go Crazy, Good Girl Gone Bad and Ruby Red Slippers

The polish does stain the nails a bit if used directly without a base coat. This may not be a problem with everyone, but my mails are prone to staining.

These are beautiful polishes and I just love the way they look on nails. I got many compliments when I wore them. The best thing about these are they don't look kiddish or something from Claire's for Kids. They actually look chic and sophisticated.

These retail at ULTA too and are always a part of their daily sales and Coupons. Just a little saving of $3.50 or so.

Any Colors you would suggest from this Brand? Any favorite Colors?

November 22, 2012

Shiseido White Lucent Cleansing Foam

Shiseido White Lucent Cleansing Foam

I just would never spend $35 on a cleanser, Never!! Always been happy using my trusted Neutrogena or Cetaphil. I had Philosophy Purity Made Simple, but was not so very impressed. This was a part of set from Nordstroms and I picked the whole $100 set just for a fancy bag that came with it. Yeah! Lame...

A gentle purifying cleansing foam that whisks away impurities with a fresh, creamy lather while protecting skin's vital moisture.
This reformulated skincare essential purifies the complexion and promotes a look of inner radiance. A dose of micro white powder helps remove dead surface cells to boost clarity and luminosity.

What else you need to know:Shiseido White Lucent, reformulated with an exclusive Multi-Action Brightening System, is a complete line of skincare products that targets spots and promotes a luminous, glowing complexion.

If you are looking for a cleanser, that will Birghten or whiten the face, I am sorry to say, this one is not that cleanser. Infact, I doubt any cleanser would give that 'Brightening' effect. This is an excellent cleanser, that cleans the skin well. Squeaky Clean as you say.

Fragrance: The Fragrance is pleasant

Color: White

Texture: Light, Smooth and Creamy

How I use it: Just a pea size if more than enough to create a rich foam and cleans the entire face. After rinsing with water, no residue is left and the face feels sqeaky clean. This rinses quickly with very less water. This was the best thing I liked.

Effect: I have normal to dry skin  and in winter it actually gets dry, but not flaky, if moisturized well. With this cleanser, the skin did feel tight and I needed a moisturizer. It did not rip the face of its natural oils and hence no scratchy or itchy effect and that uncomfortable stretchy feel.

It does not removes the Kohl or eyeliner completely. I prefer using it after removing my makeup with a makeup remover. My face was pretty clean and appeared 'bright' in those yellow lights of my bathroom. This 'brightening effect' though lasted for few minutes and then back to normal.

I like the little luxury that this cleanser provides in my daily cleansing routine. Would love to buy again if I get it as a part of some kit (with a pretty bag) or during the Friends and Family Sale. It is not a must have in my daily cleansing routine.

Is there any Specific Facial Cleanser that is a part of your cleansing routine? A cleanser that has a Holy Grail Status in your daily cleansing routine.

November 17, 2012

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover   

This is by far the best Nail Polish Remover I have ever used. This is the most expensive one too!
Other than the cost factor, I didn't see any CONS in this product.

Zoya Remove Plus is a gentle, yet highly effective 3-in-1 nail polish remover, nail prep and nail conditioner. 
This wonder 3-in-1 formula cleans and prep nails while moisturizing, nourishing and fortifying the nail plate for guaranteed extended polish wear. Nails are left without a trace of nail lacquer, without streaking or staining, hydrated and ready for a base coat.

How to Use it: (as per website)

Thoroughly saturate a cotton ball or pad with Zoya Remove , firmly press pad to nail for a few seconds and wipe until existing polish is completely removed and nail bed is clean. Remove surface oils from clean nails and prepare nails for new color by wiping each nail with Zoya Remove

What I like about the product

Fragrance/Smell: This smells good. Yes, for a nail polish remover it smells really pleasing. Something like light Lavender based powder. Unlike the traditional Acetone based removers, that stink like chemicals and are annoying to the core, this is a pleasant surprise. This feature is a boon to the user as well as to the others present in the room. I used to get bad irritation in my throat with regular removers, so this is a big thing for me.

Moisturizes: Unlike the traditional acetone based removers, that leave the skin dry and with a weird feeling (I don't have an exact word to describe that weird sensation), this product actually moisturizes the nails and cuticles.

Dispenser/Container: Super Awesome container and dispenser. It is like the one they use in salon. The flip top cap opens and the lid has to be twisted to open the lock. Pump is down, by pressing with a cotton pad and it gets saturated with the product. Easy!! This is spill proof and leak proof too.
Don't forget to lock the lid back before closing the flip top!

Remover: This removes every trace of nail polish. Worked super well on notorious glitter nail polishes and I used it to remove my Deborah Lippmann polishes that has big, chunky glitters!

I personally didn't see any difference in the longevity of the nail polish wear as claimed by the product.

They come in multiple sizes and the dispenser can be reused by refilling it with the same product that comes in large size as well.

I paid $10 at Ulta for 8 oz. Bottle with Dispenser. I had a $5 off coupon, so technically I paid $5 plus some tax. Not bad at all for a product that works well and takes good care of my nails and hands.

This product worked wonderfully for me and I am very pleased with it. No way I am going to buy regular bottle of Polish remover for my nails hence forth.

This is HG aka Holygrail material.

Have you tried this before?? Were you impressed with it, like I am??

November 15, 2012

OPI Skyfall 007, Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polishes in I'M Not Really A Waitress, Lincoln Park After Dark, BubbleBath

Very recently I picked a few Nail Polishes from ULTA. My two very favorite staples had dried out and I wanted to try a few more shades in red this year. Lincoln Park After Dark is an old favorite and I'm Really Not A Waitress is very popular but totally new to me.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes in Ruby Red Slippers, Lets Go Crazy

I am not very much into Glitters, but occassionally love to paint my nails with some sparkly stuff. Always wanted to try Deborah lippmann polishes. Heard a lot of good things about them. Picked two colors from ULTA and I must say I am totally in LOVE with the whole concept of chunky glitters.

This was totally an impulse buy. I saw these tiny mini cute bottles for $12.50 at Ulta and thought it was a nice way to try four new shades from the OPI Skyfall Collection.

OPI Skyfall 007 Collection

OPI Skyfall 007 Nail Polish in the colors The Spy Who Loved Me, GoldenEye,
The World Is Not Enough, Live and Let Die

The World Is Not Enough looked stunning in bottle, but unfortunately did not show up that beautifully on my nails. It just didn't flatter my skintone.
Live and Let Die is this beautiful deep
greenish, bluish shade with microfine gold shimmers. It is Beautiful, but after 3 coats the shimmers just got lost.
The other two colors were usual Red and Gold.

Overall good colors in a set, but I would not buy any of the colors individually.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish: Ruby Red Slippers

Very beautiful rich red color with micro and macro glitter of same color in various sizes and shapes. Absolutely beautiful on nails and I cannot get over the beauty of that bottle!

Applying glitter nail polish is bit of a trick. If the formula is not good, the glitters just don't lay flat. They are unevenly distributed on nails, they goop up and over all make a hot mess!!
These nail polishes though were awesome in consistency. The glitters stuck well and they dried well too.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish : Let's Go Crazy!

This one is my absolute Favorite! It is such a stunning color!!

This deep Purple color is loaded with rainbow colored multi shaped, multi sized glitters. I just love it so much, that i went crazy clicking pictures. Hence the over load!!

Personally I like to layer these colors over some other nail polish of similar color family. I find the glitters look much prettier when layered over something, rather than 3 coats of same glitter nail polish.

OPI Nail Polish: I'm Really Not A Waitress

I always wanted a good red. I don't know if this is the best red, but it definately is a good one. Flatters my skintone and with multiple layering options of Gold nail polish and glitters available, this would form a perfect base and would make a great Holiday color.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

An old favorite and a classic color for Fall/Winter that needs no introduction. I already had a bottle, but for some reason I am unable to open it. It is Stuck!
I thought I would go for a change and opt for another color Lincoln Park after Midnight. But my Ulta didn't had that color on rack, so I just ended up picking this one.

Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers and OPI I'm Really Not A Waitress

Deborah lippmann Let's Go Crazy and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

These are a few colors I picked and the pictures above are very true to the color. I tried to click pics of the swatches on my nails, but some how I could not capture the real color on my nails. There is some technique to click nail color swatches on nails, which I have yet to learn.
The pics in bottle above are just very close to the actual colors. So it prompted me to post them.
Also I must admit, I was just too smitten by the Deborah Lippmann colors and glitters. I HAD to post these beauties.

I keep posting nail color swatches on Instagram. It is just more easy and not time consuming. It is not perfect either, but still better. Also with so many amazing nail polish websites, why even bother with my lousy swatches.

Did you try any of these glitter nail polishes? What are your picks? Do share them in the comment section below.

November 14, 2012

Essie - To Dry For Top Coat - Review

Essie - To Dry For

I have been a long time fan of Seche Vite and even though that product does its job perfectly well, it does has its own flaws.

The main problem with Seche Vite (that I didn't notice earlier) is half way through the bottle, the consistency gets super thick like honey and it becomes very difficult and annoying to apply that without actually ruining the nail polish. Also due to its thick nature it is more prone to 'shrinking' after drying. It gets all goopy!

I decided to go for a change and picked Essie 'to dry for' Top Coat

A top coat and polish dryer all in one. Leaves nails with a hard protective finish and super shine. Increases polish wearability and prevents nail polish from discoloring

Things I like about this Product - PROS

Consistency: It is thinner than any other Top Coat I have used in the past. This makes it very easy to apply a thin coat without 'dragging' the actual color of the nail polish and gooping, The application is quicker, smoother and slicker.

Drying time: It dries the upper layer quickly and without any bubbles. No shrinkage of the polish.

Applicator: I like the brush and the fact that it actually reaches very near to the bottom of the bottle, unlike Seche Vite brush that is just half way.

Lasting Power: It didn't chip my polish for 4 days. After that I did notice some minor wear and tear. This is usually the case with any top coats I use. By mid week, the polish starts to chip. I blame it partly on myself. I am a bit too hard on my nails.

Things I don't like - CONS

Drying time: I mentioned above that it dries quickly, but it dries the surface only. The polish beneath the superficial layer takes good time to dry completely. Slight mess and dents are easily visible.

Shine: This fails miserably in shine department. The nails were shiny for a few hours and then they dulled!! It appeared as if I had not applied any top coat. I tried this over OP, Essie, Chanel Polishes, but the results were same. Dull colors!! I tried this over Deborah lippmann Nail Polishes that are famous for their glitters and sparkles and this totally ruined the shiny, sparkly, glittery effect of my polish. Very disappointing.

I like it for its Consistency, but not at all for getting that shiny and glossy effect. Would not re-purchase again, but would definately want to try 'Good to Go' top coat from the same brand.

Any other TOP COATS that dries fast and leaves a high shine?? Please suggest them in the comment section and I would love to try that on.

November 6, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil - Demolition

A dynamic eyeliner pencil in a rainbow of shades.

Glide on color that stays put for the duration of your non-stop, on-the-go day! These cushiony, creamy eye pencils deliver powerful, vibrant color that slides on smooth and stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries to a long-lasting finish that won't budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect. Truly inspired, these pencils go all day and all night.

Created with 50 percent moisturizing ingredients suspended in a sophisticated waterproof formula, this brilliant collection of eye essentials offers long-lasting color and a dreamy, creamy feel when applied

Do these even need introduction??

I have been waiting my whole life for THIS. (over exaggerated, but true!!)

This Urban Decay Brown Eyeliner pencil has been out in market for quite some time now. I did get a chance to pick this one recently and I must say, it is Fantastic!!
Super creamy, rich and dark in color and absolutely smudge proof and long lasting! It glides on beautiful and takes about 10-15 seconds or less to set. Once set, it does not budge!!

The best part, IT IS SHIMMER FREE!! Yes, Bourbon (another shade of liner from Urban Decay) is a beauiful color, but has loads of gold shimmer, which troubles my eyes. This one is Shimmer and sparkle free.

Brown Liner in Smashbox Midnight Brown, Urban Decay Demolition, Urban Decay Bourbon

I have tried multiple Brown liners in the past. These are good, especially when Black liner appears bit harsh for the looks. Most of the Brown liners were either less pigmented, were not rich in color, didn't last long or just smudged. I remember using MAC Stubborn Brown liner and reviewed in the past. It was a disaster for me. (review and swatches - here)

This one has all the perfect qualities and by far my favorite of all times! I would say in terms of consistency and longevity MILANI LIQUIF'EYE LINER would come close second. I have not tried the brown color, but the black one I tried was awesome! (review -here)

November 4, 2012

Beauty Buys: Tarina Tarantino, Gucci Guilty

Had been to Sephora recently, just to browse and I saw they had this Gucci Guilty Fragrance Mini Bottle as 100 point perk for VIB insider. I HAD to get it! With my fascination of displaying Fragrance mini bottles as a part of my vanity decor (here), this was something I knew I wanted.

Gucci Guilty Mini Fragrance Bottle

How cute is that bottle!!!!

Obviously if you go in the store, you don't come empty handed. I have been pretty good with buying makeup this whole year. No impulse purchases or no buying products just due to the hype. I saw these Tarina Tarantino products on sale. Apparently Tarina Tarantino and Sephora are done with their contract and so the stores won't be carrying this brand anymore.

I picked 2 blushes and a Lipstick.

Blush in Charm (reviewed here). I read that the new ones had better texture, than the pink ones. Mine was taken away by a friends's daughter. She adored the packaging and I gave it to her.

Lipstick in Queen Alice (reviewd here). This will be a gift.

Blush in Neopolitan. It looked pretty in the container, but I think this would not show up on me as similar colors like NARS Douceur and Madly have never showed up on me. I picked this one just to gift to someone or make it a part of Giveaway on this website. Temptalia compared this beautifully as always on her website and mentioned it to be similar to Tarte 'Exposed' which is a very popular color.

Tarina Tarantino Neopolitan Lane Dollskin Cheek Blush

I am not sure yet what to do with it. This was just a quick haul, Instahaul as they hashtag on Instagram.. :)

On another note, I have been really obsessed with Pinterest and Instagram. Love posting pictures often. It is just too addicting and very inspiring.
My instagram name is dazzlensparkle... join me there...

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