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Beauty Edit - 2015 Skincare Favorites

The skincare category is my absolute favorite to write and talk about.

I get excited about these the most and try so many new products all the time! I did not do any Monthly Skincare favorite post last year, so this annual favorites will have a little more products than normally I would have posted. I tried my best to make this post look like skincare favorites and not Skincare round up. (I have dry skin)

Face Cleansers/ Makeup Remover

This water like product gets rid of my makeup perfectly every time. It does not smells funky and does not makes my skin super dry. Pure awesomeness!

This has been my go to eye makeup remover while I travel, simply because it is convenient to travel with, has a pump dispenser and is easy on the eyes. It is great to fix any eyeliner mistakes, that I make everyday. Love this one.

This is the all in one oil based cleanser, that melts the makeup and clears the skin. I love it for its cooling effect, the scent, the texture and consistency as well as the genius packaging. It comes with a pump, that has a stopper! Excellent!

This is a gel cleanser to cleanse, and unclog pores. I always love to double cleanse. With the amount of oils and heavy creams that I apply on my skin, it gets necessary to make sure that the pores don;t get clogged and this did its job effectively to remove excess greasiness. Very contradictory choice of cleanser for my dry skin. I found it particularly helpful to get rid of whatever oil residue the oil based cleansers leave and make my skin super clean. 

Exfoliators/ Toners

This product is a traditional scrub that cleanses and exfoliates, removes dead skin cells and leave skin smooth and even-toned. It has micro beads. I have heard that micro beads are going to be banned. I don't know. I read it somewhere. This is something I don't use everyday. It is a bi-weekly thing. 

A botanical-based brightening exfoliator made without harsh ingredients. This helps to brighten and even skintone without chemical abrasives. This was one of the most amazing products of 2015 for me. More about this in a review soon.

This toner was another star product for my skin in 2015. I had never used anything so effective before. It worked beautifully and did wonders for my skin. Review here. 

Creams/ Face Oils

My absolute favorite and most used cream for colder months (Fall/Winter) Review here.

Saved my skin during the summers. Along with Clinique 'Even Better' Clinical Dark Spot Corrector this cream helped a lot with my pigmentation issues. Absolute gem! 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' is really Magical. Love it! The hype is real! At least for dry skin like mine. It has some SPF as well. (review here)

I love my facial oils. When everything else fails, this does the job! It hydrates, nourishes and gives life to the skin. (Review here)

Eyes and Lip care

Eye creams don't finish quickly and this stuff works good. This is more like taking care of the delicate areas around the skin. Probably after 10 years I will be able to tell if all these eye creams were worth or not.

I buy all these new lip balms because I blog and I need to try new stuff. Honestly, this balm is THE BALM. It works like magic and you cannot beat the price. It has a SPF of 25 and yet it does not peel my lips. I still cannot solve this mystery.

This thick mask was still my lip mask of choice. Thumbs up!!

OK I remember, I was not a huge fan of this product when I had reviewed it. Even though the DIY lip scrubs work, the ease and portability of this product made me like it more and it grew on me. 

Face Masks and Mist

I tried more than 15 different face masks. No kidding! Every mask had its own role and I enjoyed these mini spa rituals at home. 

Hydrating mask:
Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask for instant softness, hydration and firming. (review here)

Soothing mask/daily mask
Fresh Rose Face Mask was a bliss in summer for soothing, toning and hydration of skin. (review here)

Brightening mask
If you are looking for brightening effect without any irritation on skin,this sleeping mask should be your mask. It gave results within hours! (review here)

Exfoliating mask
Most effective exfoliating mask, that gives life to  dull, aging, and congested complexion. The results are almost instant.

Clarifying mask
Even dry skin needs pore cleaning. I love the Origins one. It is effective, affordable and does its job well. 

This was my choice of facial mist. It smells good and sets my powder foundation beautifully. It gives the dewy glow and is very hydrating. 

These were some amazing products I enjoyed in 2015. Hope you had fun reading this, if at all you read it till the end. 

p.s: Excuse the hazy pics. I messed with the photographs and then it was too much work to lay out all those products again!

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