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Charlotte Tilbury 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Treat & Transform Moisturizer (review)

Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream and Multi Miracle Glow
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is a moisturizer. A Magic Moisturizer. A magical product that is a blend of 'secret unique' ingredients. It claims to re-plump the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and magically treats and transforms tired skin in an instant. These are just few of the claims made by this product. Doesn't this sounds intriguing and amazing?

The products contains hyaluronic acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, BioNymph Peptide Complex, Rose hip oil, Vitamin E along with Damask rose water and Extracts of Frangipani, and many other good stuff. (read full description here)

Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream
I being skincare obsessed, really wanted to try this product as well as the Multi- Miracle glow. So when I got a chance to try this generous deluxe sample of the cream that came as Gift with Purchase I grabbed the opportunity. (Nope, not as a PR sample by the company, i wish they sent though) but by buying it myself.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream
Color: White

Texture and Consistency: Thick, heavy, dense, soft and creamy

Scent: It smells like Ponds cold cream mixed with a sunscreen. A floral scented sunscreen. There is no where mention of the sunscreen on the jar, but it sure is there. Again both of the jars that I have are Deluxe size samples. So the original jar might have some mention of it. I am not sure. 

Application: I apply this on a clean, dry face. I dot my face with many dots and spread it with my finger tips. I have a dry skin, so even if I am a bit generous with dots, it works for me.

Feel on Skin: The product is a moisturizer, so it obviously moisturizes. My skin feels super soft and hydrated. This creamy product spreads easily and is absorbed almost instantly. There is no stickiness or tackiness. The face does not appears greasy, though if I am generous with the quantity, it makes me look shiny for sometime, but then that doesn't lasts too long because my dry face absorbs any amount of grease. It does not feel heavy nor clogs the pores.

Effect on Skin: The effect of this is what is actually magical. The face looks super glowy, not oily or greasy glowy but really glowy. It is as if there is a halo, a blurring effect, that we usually create in photographs using filter. It is difficult to explain, but there is something in it that is different than million other moisturizers and creams that I slather. I also apply it an hour or so before my makeup and it makes the skin pretty good for applying anything on top of it. I have not noticed any extra oiliness or fading of makeup with this underneath. The key though is to apply at least 30 minutes before makeup application and let it sink in and do its job

Packaging: This comes is a heavy acrylic jar. Again the jars I have are samples. One is just a plastic container and the other one is a neat replica of the original jar. I could guess it would be heavy because I have the CT Multi miracle glow (review) and that container is really nice and heavy. Also, it is said that skincare products should not come in jars. They lose their potency everytime the whole product is exposed to air when the jar is opened. It is also not acceptable due to hygiene reasons. Personally, I do agree to all these things, but a cream this heavy is better and convenient to use when it is in a jar.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream and Multi Miracle Glow

Verdict: I love this product. Initially for first few days I was like, it is OK. Only when I stopped using it, I realized what I was missing. Agreed it is just a moisturizer, but there is something really awesome about it that I have yet to see in any other moisturizer. Also, I have dry skin and I am used to beauty oils. They are a major part of my skincare ritual. So this product does work for me. I do think that someone with oily and combination skin might find this too heavy and see it settling around the nose area. Again skincare products are very personal and I really wish I could show before and after pictures of myself. This is one of the two moisturizers I am enjoying currently. Another one is the Kiehl's Super Multi Corrective Cream (review). Anyways, a lovely product and worth giving a try. The product is also available in gift sets here and here

Disclaimer: The product is purchased by me. The post contains Affiliate Links.