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Charlotte Tilbury 'Multi-Miracle Glow' Cleanser, Mask & Balm (Review)

Multi-Miracle Glow is a cream-to-oil cleanser, mask and remedy balm enriched with vitamins and floral extracts for glowing, baby-soft skin.

The transforming 3-in-1 skin remedy deeply cleanses and regenerates skin to combat signs of aging, dullness and dryness. Antioxidant sea buckthorn seed oil and cranberry seed oil moisturize skin and stimulate circulation. Frangipani flower soothes and helps purify skin of dirt and makeup. Rose hip and camellia oils regenerate skin to delay aging and vitamins A, C and E smooth wrinkles.

A product packaging and product name can be two major enablers while buying a product. Of course, tall claims and brand name are important as well. 

Now with THAT name and claim, I can buy any crap! Charlotte Tilbury products have these amazing names. 'Filmstar Bronze & Glow' Face Sculpt & Highlight (love it!!), 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Treat & Transform Moisturizer, 'Wonderglow' Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash and so on. 

So tempting and lucrative! Right?

These are pretty expensive skincare stuff and Nordstrom or Beautylish (I forgot) was having a GWP promotion and the gift was a generous deluxe size sample of their Magic cream and a mini KISSING lipstick. With no samples to try, I took this opportunity and hauled a few products.

I must admit, the Magic cream is awesomely magical. It is a boon for dry skin like mine. But that is a review for some other day. Today we talk about this miracle mask and cleanser.

Color: Pale Pink

Texture and Consistency: Thick, Sticky, gel like consistency but heavy. 

Scent: It smells floral and I love it. It is very pleasant and not perfume like. If you are sensitive to scents, this might be an issue. The scent is obviously detectable.

Application: This is a multi use product. 

As a cleanser, I massage a dime size product all over my face. It spreads easily, but quickly dries out and becomes tacky and sticky, making it difficult to spread anymore. I leave it for few minutes and then using water I wash it of.

As a mask, I use it for just an hour or so. 30 minutes is enough too. The product is not absorbed into the skin. It just sits on top and never dries. It feels tacky, greasy and sticky. I wash it off with regular water, using the wet fingers to massage the skin. The water provides enough slip needed for massaging motions.

As a Balm, I just use it on my elbows and knees just an hour before I go to shower. This is something I do rarely though. I prefer body oils.

Feel and Effect on Skin: As a cleanser, it is not very effective in removing heavy makeup. I find it very difficult to use around the eyes to remove eye make up. This is best used as a  second cleanse after removing makeup with Bioderma or any Micellar water. This being cream to oil formulation, it does not strips the skin of its natural oils and the skin does not feels dry and stretchy after washing. The skin feels super soft, smooth, hydrated and nourished.

As a mask I like to use it during the day. I find it to be too heavy and uncomfortable in general for over night use. The tacky and sticky feeling is not a pleasant one and as it never absorbed completely, it leaves stains on the pillow case. The after effect and end result of this mask is lovely though. The skin feels soft, smooth, plump, hydrated and nourished. It is a good one for dry skin. 

I think it can be used for oily skin too, if the duration of usage is reduced.

Packaging: Hefty packaging, but absolutely beautiful to look at. It is an acrylic tub, that is heavy, with screw top lid. The lid is rose gold, mirror like. It attracts finger prints like crazy. The tub is a little unhygienic, but looks pretty on the vanity.

Verdict: This is a nice, luxurious product. A product that can take basic cleansing task to a whole new level like a pamper ritual at the spa. The scent is absolutely divine. It is not very effective in removing makeup. It makes a wonderful hydrating mask, though there are much better and comfortable over night masks out there. It is a massive tub and little goes a long way. 

If I have to choose between this Multi-Miracle Glow Cleanser and the Magic cream, I would choose Magic cream. These two are totally different products, but if I have to spend insane amount on a single fancy Charlotte Tilbury skin care product, I would choose the Magic cream, because I find it more magical than this miracle.

Disclaimer: This product is purchased by me. The post contains Affiliate links.