July 28, 2010



When I bought my First NARS Lipstick in March, I though this was the most expensive lipstick I was buying. Who knew very soon TOM FORD lipsticks would become one of my dream luxuries...Oh well, I still feel $24 for a lipstick is 'PRICEY'.

A pure, creamy lipstick formula for bold color. Nars Lipsticks are enriched with
vitamin E to increase wearability and keep true color intact. Sheer finish
creates the most natural, stained-looking lips. Semi-matte produces velvety,
full-bodied lips. Finally, satin fashions creamy, moist-looking lips.

Swatch of NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita -Single Swipe

So these come in three finishes and the one I have is Dolce Vita, which is a sheer finish. Needless to say, its not the most pigmented lipstick. The sheer formula is comparable to MAC Lustre formulas.

The Texture and Pigmentation (of Dolce Vita):

It is soft, creamy, with a glossy finish to it. The pigmentation is obviously sheer, more like a stain or Pigmented LipBalm.

The Color (of Dolce Vita):

It is a lovely, dusty rose color, which has less of mauve and more of coral?? (thats one hell of a description). There is no sparkle or chunky glitter. It gives a glossy shine and finish on the the lips.

MAC Cosmo and NARS Dolce Vita

The color is close to MAC Cosmo in tube, but the finish of Cosmo is a satin, which makes it more pigmented.

The application is smooth. It glides easily and is moisturizing. No drying of lips at all. It lasts for just 2 hours and then I have to re-apply.

It even reminded me of Kat Von D lipstick in Lolita, but again the formula is different and Lolita has more milky pink touch to it.

All these comparisons and Descriptions of colors are horrible. I have attached the best pictures I could click.

Overall, I like NARS as a Brand for their Blushes and Multiples. I have not tried many lipsticks, but the one that I have tried, I think its pretty pricey and similar effect can be achieved from less expensive brands.

(You can see some of NARS in-store Lipstick swatches here and here)

July 26, 2010

Kat Von D - Autograph Eyeliner - Romantico

My deliberate attempt to stay away from Black liner is making me dig my own stash for liners with any other colors that are not black.

Autograph Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner from tattoo-artist Kat Von D.

Designed by reality television star Kat Von D especially for Sephora,
this eyeliner lets you paint a perfect 'Kat'-eye in a range of sparkling shades.
For a dreamy eye makeup look, dip the applicator wand into the see-through tube
and use the slim brush to precisely define your eyes—and make your makeup as
fanciful as your body art. The eyeliner tube is stenciled with silver roses and
a gothic lettering logo inspired by Kat's favorite tattoo.

This one is a liquid liner, which goes by the name ROMANTICO. It is a lovely Antique Gold color with a hint of Olive in it. This a Gorgeous color, which is discontinued for reasons that I don’t know.

I am not a fan of liquid liners, not because they are bad or anything. Its because I am lousy with them and getting a uniform application on both eye is one hell of a task.
This liner has a thin brush applicator, which does not picks a good amount of color for a decently thin application at one go. I mean the brush is good for detailing, but I have to dip the brush in the product multiple times. The handle though is a good one. It has a rubbery, matte finish and has a nice grip. I can hold the brush very well.

The pigmentation is good and the consistency is neither too watery nor too thick. It stays put, but is not a water proof liner, which makes it not so practical for summer application, especially if you have oily lids or eyes that water easily in sunlight. This will smudge and run in Ultra hot and humid climate.

I like to layer it over a black liner/base, that is slightly smudged. In short I like the color pay off over a black base. My coloring is NC40/42 and so my lids are pretty dark brown. A brown liner is not so flattering, as they blend in with the Tan and I find Antique Gold color, or Olive Colors works well for me.

This did not hurt or itch my eyes. There were no Allergic reactions whatsoever.

This is my personal experience with one color. I don’t know if all the have same consistency and finish. This color is discontinued, but the product is still available.


Hi my Friends,

It seems Monday Morning Ramblings are more in number on the Journal than anything else! But I can't help.....Look at speed, this year is passing by...

The weekend was a very very Lazy one. From Friday Evening till Sunday Night, all we did was watched movies at home. 14 Movies, Back to Back. I didn't cook, I didn't blog, I didn't shop....Nothing!! All we did was our necessary chores and sleeping...lol!!!
We hired some movies from Netflix, some from friends and just enjoyed all of them with food. I literally ate from all the food joints around my home. Thanks to all the Delivary guys...

Oh, remember the OPI Drip Dry? A product that I was highly impressed with? Man, I hate it now...It just disappeared in the bottle itself!!! I was using Seche Vite more often and this just took a back seat. Yesterday, it was almost gone in the bottle....That SUCKS BIG TIME....
Obviously, I have to pay the price for buying soo much stuff.....This Shopping should STOP!!!!

Enough Rambling for one morning....

Have a great Week Ahead...


July 24, 2010

Makeup Forever - HD Microfinish Powder

HD Microfinish Powder

A universal translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or worn
alone. Sets the foundation and slightly mattifies skin without changing its natural contours. This 100% mineral silica powder softens the appearance of imperfections. Completely evens out the complexion for a glowing, radiant look. One universal shade for all skin tones.

It's completely translucent and goes on any skintone. Its talc-free formula does not dry the skin and is formulated with 100% silica.
Dermatologically tested.

If you have dry skin or uneven flakey skin STAY AWAY from this. No, seriously! It literally sucked out every bit of moisture from my face. The line may sound exaggerated, but I am so disappointed with this one, as I wanted something this finely milled to work for me.

I purchased it in March and tried it on myself in almost every climatic condition. It just didn't work!

The texture:
Ultra fine. The product is very finely milled. I had never seen a product so feather light. Its so fine, that when I open the container, it goes everywhere like smoke/dust/mist.

The color:
Pristine white in container. Turns colorless on light application. Looks white/ashy with heavy application on my skin (NC42, with Yellow/Olive Undertones).

The effect on skin:
This one does not provides any coverage. It creates a fine film, which is translucent if applied correctly. It just evens the skin by reducing the fine lines and reducing the oily appearance. If the skin has flakiness or an acne in its healing stage, the powder settles in those craters. I am sorry for the lack of words, but you guys got it…right?

The application:

1. Dust lightly over skin with the fluffiest brush available to get a light application.
2. Apply on Oily T-zone area only.

I tried both and none of it worked.

The ingredient:
Silica. It didn’t break me out, but I felt itchy because of excessive dryness.

The issues:

1. Being finely milled a lot of product is wasted, as it flies everywhere.

2. It dries out the skin badly. It obviously gives a matte, dry look. The skin feels so stretched, itchy and parched!

3. It will settle in if you have flakey skin. I think its meant for a skin which is in pretty good shape to begin with.

4. It will turn Ashy on Darker skintone, if applied incorrectly or if the application is Heavy.

5. It will make you cough and sneeze if you inhale it.

It may work for:

1. People with Oily Skin
2. People with even skin texture.
3. People who like ultra mattified look.

I didn’t like this product, but I have a skin on drier side, so may be this product was not meant for me. If you have tried this and have any suggestions please let me know. Do let me know, if I am using it in a wrong way.

Its so bad that it didn't work for me. I was pretty hopeful when I bought this...

July 23, 2010


PIGMENT PASSION is a series that will feature MAC Pigments, their texture,the
ways I use them and all the fun stuff. One pigment will be posted every Friday
and I will try to share whatever pigment colors I own.

This name is so misleading!!! A self Confessed Gold lover, I just picked this color at my CCO without even swatching. If I would have re-searched earlier, I might have passed this one, as its pretty close to Chocolate Brown Pigment in appearance. There are some difference. Chocolate brown has no Plum in it, which makes it way more wearable for me.

This is a Brown Plum shade. It has some Gold tones, which might be one reason for its name. It definately has more brown and plummy undertones. The texture is very nice. It applies smoothly, has minimal to no fall outs.

Personally I don't like this color on my eyes. It makes me look Tired and at times punched.
This would look better on person with cool undertones. Also I have some dark circles, which makes it more difficult for me to wear this color.

The ways I have tried this.

1. As crease color. (It didn't work)

2. As lid color. It did work, but I have better options.

Gold Stroke will be re-released this fall. Maybe I might get some ideas how to work with this color, after seeing others doing look with this.

July 21, 2010


TARTE Park Avenue Princess (Original)

Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer is an oil-, talc- and fragrance-free bronzer that
fuses earthly minerals with naturally derived ingredients for a finish that's
pure perfection.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates

The Notes:

This bronzer contains Skinvigorating™ ingredients like vitamins A and E, which act as antioxidants to fight free radical damage and mineral pigments that are known for their soothing and softening properties. Dermatologist-tested.

This is a Mineral bronzer and I have it in Travel size, because I wanted to try it out first.
The color is a lovely Golden Bronze kinds. It has Obvious Yellow Undertones, without being too Orange or Brown.
This one does not makes me look Muddy at all. It didn't break me out, didn't clog my pores or made me itchy.

The texture is Buttery smooth and the product is so very finely milled. It has some sheen to it, which is not sparkly or glittery. The formula blends in Beautifully, without leaving too much shimmer on face. I find it smoother than the Matte Formula (Review).

This can look a bit Metallic, if not blended properly OR if applied using a dense brush. Right Brush and Right Application is the key to get a beautiful color from this product. This can be a Drawback and I personally would think twice before dusting this all over my face during the Day time.

It works perfectly for my skintone and I like to use it at evenings or nights. It just gives a more polished look.

My Travel size Bronzer came with a tiny, retractable brush too. Its a dense brush and I don't see myself applying Bronzer with it. I would like to use the brush to precisely contour the cheek bones, with the Original Park Avenue Princess. Its not the Crapiest brush ever made, but it still is pretty useless. I have yet to try it with some cream product. (Why am I wasting all my time talking about a crapy Brush??)

This works for me. It has needed Yellow undertones and Golden Bronzy touch. As always, Bronzers are subjective. There is nothing like, "loving a Bronzer shade". Its more like "working best for a skintone".
Some people may find their Holy Grail Bronzer from E.L.F and NYX and others may love their Guerlain or Chanel. Its just finding the RIGHT SHADE!!

July 19, 2010


This is a permanent shade of DIOR Skin shimmer powder, a product I have been obsessed with since I got my first one in Amber Diamond.
This is not “have to have” color for me, simply because it is a cool Highlighter and I enjoy warm highlighters more than cool ones, obviously with few exceptions.

To me Rose Diamond is more like “need to complete the collection” Product.

It is a cool, pink Highlighter and works beautifully over matte, pink blushes like Desire, Cheek and similar ones. Its not too frosty or filled with Chunky Glitters. The texture is soft and finely milled like the other two colors that I have. You can read my review on the Amber Diamond shade here, if interested.

I personally avoid running my brush on the last white strip, to get a more subtle, luminous glow. The pink on this reminded me of MAC Pleasantry Blush and they are pretty close. Pleasantry is Obviously more pigmented.
The color of Dior Pink in this particular picture appears more warm, but in real life its very close to Pleasantry. I would say, the first Picture is pretty true to the product.

I also compared it with Cargo Sunset Beach, a Blush cum Highlighter that works wonderfully on my skin tone. It has decent color payoff and subtle sheen. I use sunset Beach as Highlighter too over pink blushes, before I purchased this one.

Lighter Skintones can enjoy using this as Blush and I think it might leave a whitish cast on very dark skintones.
The staying power is Fantastic and I Love the texture a Lot. Now only I am missing the POP DIAMOND 004 from my collection. It was limited Edition.
I am glad I bought it.


'BEAUTY BUYS' is another term coined for the infamous 'HAUL'. Its just the
list of things I buy and the ones you will hear me 'yak', 'blab', 'review'
about in next few posts!!! Call this a 'Preview'...

Nothing of this was a part of Nordstroms Exclusive. The kits or special stuff from these brands were not so impressive. I did had some Regular stuff on my mind to try and the Anniversary sale mood was a good time to splurge.

Goodies I picked:

CHANEL SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL in SUNKISSED - A product I am most excited and was lemming badly since long time.

LAURA MERCIER: Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

DIOR Skinshimmer Star in Rose Diamond 001 - This just made me happy, as my collection felt complete.

ELEMIS: Ginseng Toner. I am curious to try this as its my first time buying a skincare product from this line.

I am pretty excited to try all this stuff and I will update the journal with my thoughts on the products when I use them for sometime, especially the Illuminating bronzer, Skincare stuff and Tinted Moisturizer. The Dior One I know is working good!!


Fountain Festival at Longwoods Garden

Hiya all...

How is everyone doing in this Warm Weather? I am Baking...Baking like a Potato!

Saturday evening was the only time when it was a bit cool here. I had been to this Fountain festival, where they have Light, Fountain and Music display all in Sync. I luckily have this Garden an hour from my home and its pretty well maintained. My Family goes there ofetn.

I also got my watches from the Nordstroms Anniversary sale and I did pick a product that I had been wanting sooo long. Its my second CHANEL...So so excited about that.

I didn't see BURBERRY Beauty in my Nordstroms, because I think they have released the line in selected Nordstroms. I don't have any idea which Nordstroms though.
The collection looks good. The packaging is Chic and Classy,but looking at the Promos and Color selections (esp foundation), it seems Burberry has filtered many skintones.
As a Consumer, I don't see many stuff working for my skintone. I would choose to believe that they will increase their range after seeing the initial response.

Ok, so now the rant is over, I can talk about something else. Oh, I have funny problems with Twitter. There are some 68 lovely people who have chose to hit the "Follow me" button and now I feel its my duty to at least tweet something...I am not getting the hang of this micro blogging site. I really don't undertsand the point of tweeting my itenary for the day, my menu selection or weather reports. Seriously, I don't know what to Tweet!!!!

With a hearty laugh, I say bbye to all of you and wish you have a great and fantastic week ahead.


July 17, 2010


This is my first DIOR Lipgloss. I knew I wanted to buy this color in Tailored Mauve the day I saw it on The Beauty Look Book. I purchased it last week, when I went to pre-order my Watches from the Nordies Anniversary sale.

The packaging:
Its bulky and heavy. It sure does give this classy feel of owning an expensive lipgloss though….It comes with a dense Brush Applicator and the brush head is small enough to give a precise application.

The texture:
The gloss is not very sticky or goopy. It is not very thin in consistency, but its not thick either. Its smooth and glides beautifully. It has no obvious scent and it tastes sweet.

The color:
Tailored Mauve is a purple-pink gloss, a purple which is wearble, unlike Lavender Whip. Its Mauve, yeah, its Mauve…with lovely glossy finish. Its not totally milky or opaque. It is semi- sheer.
The pigmentation is good, but it didn’t last very long. Maybe, because I was licking it in between. I had to re-apply after 3 hours or so.

Swatches of Smashbox Pout, MAC Eclectic Edge, Dior Tailored Mauve
Buxom Dani, Illamasqua Move and MAC Love Child

A few color comparisons that I was reminded of when I swatched this. Its very close to MAC Eclectic Edge, which was LE. I love these kind of colors. Its so wearable!
Its no where close to MAC Lovechild Lipglass, but I always have this habit of comparing any damn color with Love Child. Its my one of my all time Favorite Lipgloss by MAC.

This is my first experience with DIOR gloss and if I had not known the name, it would had been difficult to find something there at the counter. The glosses have only number on tube and the actual name on the box. Thanks to Sabrilina of The Beauty Look Book, I read this piece of Information on her website.

I am pleased with this gloss and color. I am liking the brand and its not a good thing, because its expensive and there is no outlet carrying DIOR make-up at Discounted price. I would be very selective in choosing lipgloss and lipstick from this brand. Just don’t want to buy “sheer” shades by paying so much!

July 16, 2010


PIGMENT PASSION is a series that will feature MAC Pigments, their texture,
the ways I use them and all the fun stuff. One pigment will be posted every
Friday and I will try to share whatever pigment colors I own.

Last Year I was going through a "Phase" of collecting MAC Limited Edition, Hard to find eyeshadows that I had missed from past collection. I was in desperate search of an eyeshadow named 'Firespot' which is supposed to be ' One of the best Orange shadow' released by MAC till date. I just wanted it so bad!!
Zerin from Xinarox suggested that I should try this pigment in Mega Rich, which is a LE Overrich pigment. She said Mega Rich is more wearable than any other orange.

She was right. This is a burnt Orange color, with more of brown tones than Orange. It is not 'very bright, Vibrant Orange like Orange (fruit). Its more like a Pumpkin...
Pumpkin color is not the most flattering color for eye, but this has good amount of bronzy, brown in it.

The Texture is smooth and finely milled, but it is not as good as my other Overrich Pigments. I get some fallouts. This does not sticks well to the eyelids. The application is patchy. I have to be Ultra careful.
Applying wet works, but it makes the color very intense and vibrant, which I don't like.

I would be lying, if I say I use it often. I used it a lot when it was purchased, then I just passed that phase of Orange...

The ways I used it:

1. On lid, with chocolate brown and cranberry kind of colors in crease.

2. On the outer half of the lid, with Blonde's Gold in the inner half lid.

This can be a good Summer as well as Fall color, if used by an expert hand. I would not say, its a must have pigment or the most unique color, but it definately is worth owning a little sample jar.
I got mine at CCO, so it didn't hurt to get a full size, even if I don't use it often.

btw, I did manage to get Firespot eyeshadow and never wore it!! It sits beautifully in my palette..

July 14, 2010



I didn’t went to buy this. I didn’t wanted any MSF in my life. Past experiences with this product were not so good. Refined MSF was powdery, Redhead MSF broke, New Vegas was full of chunky glitter and some accentuated my pores.

I wanted to pick Happy Together Blush and the MAC MA convinced me to buy By Candlelight. She said all the good things about the product, she made me believe that I would look absolutely beautiful and Gorgeous, if I wore this. She even dusted a bit on my cheeks.

Now, in MAC and Sephora Lighting anybody can look like J.LO and Joliee…Stupid me, I paid full price and purchased this pretty goody.
The worst part…This was at my CCO last week from past collection at discounted rate….Such a loser!

Anyways, I am glad that she convinced me to pick this. Its finely milled and soft. It looks so good when blended and the sheen imparted it absolutely stunning, It is not glittery or shimmery. This one did not accentuate any pores and its fantastic. I have nothing much to express. There are tons of lovely reviews and cheek swatches on the internet.

I asked my MA to give me the MSF, that has the veinings at the side. This would not turn ashy on anybody. My MU told me. I did see two different MUA, with different skintones wearing the same product.

It’s a fragile product and I am scared that I may wreck this one like Redhead.
I would still prefer to believe that MSFs are shimmery and don't work for me, except two. Warmed and By Candlelight!

July 12, 2010

Beauty Buys - MAC, BOBBI BROWN

'BEAUTY BUYS' is another term coined for the infamous 'HAUL'. Its just thelist
of things I buy and the ones you will hear me 'yak', 'blab', 'review'about
in next few posts!!! Call this a 'Preview'...

I love my Local CCO and I love the fact that I can get Discontinued shades for less. Unfortunately, I found a CCO VERY VERY close to my outlet.

Goodies I picked

1. MAC Nail Polish in Dry Martini: This was a LE color and was pretty much hyped when it was released last year.

2. MAC Melba Blush: A Beautiful Color, that I always wanted to have in my collection.

3. MAC Tan Pigment: A goegeous color and worth buying a full size, especially if you get an old sized jar with discounted price.

4. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick: These are over priced and very shimmery. For some strange reason the shade in Copper Diamond looked less shimmery. I was attracted to it, the minute I saw it. At discounted rate, I couldn't pass. This being a LE shade might be available at many CCOs.

I have talked about Tan Pigment in my PIGMENT PASSION series. Melba is a permanent color and I will share swatches sometime soon. Rest everything is LE. If anybody is interested to see the swatches, let me know in the comments please.

A Little Bag/Purse Haul

Company Outlets are the only place where I can afford Good quality 'Brand name' Bags and Purses. Buying from Outlets means I am going to get Old Fashioned, out dated stuff...but I am fine with that. I have rarely seen 'Latest' stuff at Outlets.

As long as it is Good Quality and BRANDED (lol) I am fine. I picked these bags last week on my trip to a local outlet mall.

This is a Beige bag and very soft, good quality leather. I liked that it can be carried on Shoulders too. The MK metal logo is cool too.

This White GUESS purse is very Teenage'ish'. Its Patent Leather kind of material, with Black prints on one side and plain the other. I can carry it both ways. My hubby thinks its Tacky, but I liked it. It reminds me of those Summery White Totes.

This is a Coach Purse, which has the Lovely 'Carriage' kind of design on it. Its Fabric kind of material. I don't know how to clean these kind of Fabric material bags.
(I am so lousy with their description)

This is a Coach Leather purse. Just needed a non fussy, basic Black purse that I can carry on shoulders. I like the Coach Metal Logo/charm.

Owning a Balenciage and LV is my major purse dream. As of now, I can't justify spending soo much on a purse. Maybe in future.

My mom thinks any purse with no pockets is useless, more pockets means more value and she feels LV guys cheat us, by giving us a Speedy, with no pockets....lol!

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