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Fresh - Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash

A gentle exfoliating face cleanser that removes impurities and excess oil without drying while refining the look of pores for smooth, soft skin.

Key Ingredients
White sugar crystals derived from beet roots provide micro-polish effect to help smooth the skin and prevent moisture loss.
Strawberry fruit and blackcurrant fruit extracts from wild berries help to maintain a healthy-looking complexion.
Soapberry peel extract, from the berries of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree helps to gently cleanse.
Grapeseed oil helps to maintain hydration.

Physical exfoliation means exfoliating manually using products that are abrasive or tools that physically slough away the debris on the outer most layer of skin without using any chemicals. Facial brushes, Wash clothes, Sponges or the usual face scrubs with gritty particles are all Physical Exfoliants.

Physical exfoliation has a very bad reputation. It is like committing a sin in the world of skincare industry. Using wrong products or rather using harsh and abrasive exfoliators like walnut or apricot shell scrub is partly a reason for that reputation. 

I personally enjoy good, fine quality, not too abrasive physical exfoliators once a week. It works for my skin. No microscopic tear or anything (not that I have tested my face under the microscope) but has never caused any trouble or issues.

Color, Texture, Consistency
Amber colored, viscous liquid that has the consistency of honey. It is not sticky, not greasy and has fine sugar granules dispersed in it that is neither too gritty or abrasive.

It smells like sweet strawberry on baked goods. It is very reminiscent of Fresh Sugar Face Polish. This one is a bit sweeter though.

I use it in the morning as my first cleanse, when I have no makeup on. Just take a nickel sized amount on lightly moist skin (not dripping wet). Massage the cleanser in circular motion gently using light pressure.  Sometimes, I leave it on for few minutes for extra hydration then rinse it off with warm water.

Feel and Effect on the skin
The granules of sugar are neither too big nor too gritty. They are fine, grainy but not abrasive. They pretty much dissolve within 10-12 seconds on coming in contact with water. So the exfoliation is very mild. This is technically not a face scrub to begin with. It is a face wash that has exfoliating granules. The formula is gentle enough to use everyday. It does not lathers into a foam or anything like that. Does not leaves any residue. The oils in the cleanser does not leaves the skin dry or stretched. The skin feels soft, supple and smooth and hydrated.

Comes in a pretty, soft squeeze tube with a flip top cap. The consistency of the product is thick fluid, so the product comes rushing down quickly if not snapped shut to close. 

Final Thoughts
First of all this is NOT as scrub. It is an exfoliating face wash, which means it is a face wash with some exfoliating granules in it. I don't see much of an exfoliating action with this one. As an exfoliating face wash it performs well. It is non stripping and my skin felt hydrated, smooth and supple. It does not strips the skin off its natural oils. This is a second cleanse for me, especially when I am not wearing any makeup or first cleanse in the morning. I personally find this one as a 'quick pre-prep before getting ready' kinda thing. It is gentle to use almost everyday. The daily formula allows to customize the cleanse. Use more water for less exfoliation or less water for more scrubby effect. I prefer the later, as the granules are too mild. The beautiful scent is a bonus. It is a good product, just not a must have. 


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