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EVE LOM Time Retreat Radiance Essence

What is it
An essence that helps reduce fine lines and promote radiance through the power of nine anti-aging ingredients (including Liposome Encapsulated Retinol) for visibly radiant, smooth and hydrated skin. This essence renews skin by helping it to reduce signs of stress from air pollution, relax expression lines, and smooth deep wrinkles. Skin’s natural moisture barrier is reinforced, creating skin that is visibly smoother, brighter, and hydrated

What it does
Smoothing– Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Radiance – Skin looks radiant, luminous and more refined.
Hydrating – Offers instant and long-lasting hydration.
Renewal – For healthier and brighter looking skin

Active Ingredients
*Liposome Encapsulated Retinol: A Vitamin A derivative, specially encapsulated to gently but deeply deliver anti-ageing benefits, efficiently into the epidermis. This ingredient helps to reduce existing lines and improve the overall appearance of the skin

*Cistus Incanus, the “PLANT OF BEAUTY” AND “WONDER HERB”: An ingredient combination drawing from old world origins to help remedy the regeneration of the skin. Together, this aids in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to strengthen the skin’s antioxidant defense

*Wild Indigo Extract: Acts to calm skin and reduce signs of stress from air pollution.

*Purified Algae Extract: Helps to increase skin radiance and luminosity; improves skin complexion

*3D Hydration Booster: Optimises water circulation and water reserves within all layers of the epidermis, limiting water loss through reinforcing the skin barrier

*Tri-Peptide Complex: Helps to relax expression lines and smooth deep wrinkles

*Amino Acid Derivative: Protects skin from environmental stress and dehydration by reinforcing the skin’s barrier

*Niacinamide: Improves skin moisturization and reduces trans-epidermal water loss

Ingredient Callouts
Free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban, and contains less than one percent of synthetic fragrances. This product is also gluten-free.

What is Liposome Encapsulated retinol and how is it different from regular retinol?

Liposome is a minute spherical sac of phospholipid molecules and is used as a vehicle to carry drugs or other substances into the tissues. Encapsulated retinol is housed in a carrier system to protect its integrity and improve its ability to penetrate into the skin effectively. Retinol is volatile to air and UV rays so it can easily lose its effectiveness if not protected by encapsulation. Encapsulated retinol is more stable, efficacious and  less irritating. Liposome Encapsulated retinol works similarly to regular retinol, but the delivery system is different. Retinoids work from the deeper layers of the skin upwards, so  having a carrier system to deliver the retinol effectively to the lower levels of the skin helps to target the needed areas and in turn achieve optimum results. (Source)

Color, Texture, Consistency and Scent
It is clear, thin, lightly oily but not greasy and has a watery consistency. The Essence is not sticky. There is a light herbal scent to it, that is pretty mild and does not lingers. 

I use it at night in my PM skincare routine after cleansing. I pour few drops of essence in palms of hands and gently pat onto face and neck. I never use any cotton pads to apply toner or essence because cotton just soaks up all the product and that is a total waste. 

Feel and Effect on the skin
The Essence is light weight and absorbs pretty quickly and nicely into my skin. It does stay tacky on the skin for initial minute or so. Then it sets in. There are essential oils in this essence so, the skin feels moisturized and nourished, but there is no greasy residue. Even though it is so light and thin in consistency, it hydrates beautifully and I believe essential oils are the reason. It is a Retinol based product, so complete effect of this can be seen after using it for quite sometime. I did notice over all improvement in the texture of the skin, but I was also using other good products as a part of my skincare routine. The essence never irritated my skin. There was no stinging, redness or itchiness.  It layers well under other products without pilling.

The packaging is gorgeous! It comes in a tall, white glass bottle with the signature Gold rim on the cap and gold font. It is so pretty! As beautiful as it looks on my vanity, I am always paranoid about knocking it down and wrecking it. 

This is a Retinol based product and even though the brand suggests to use it any time of the day, I prefer to use it at night only. Retinol is damaged by sunlight, which is why it is recommended as a night-time use product. It can also make the skin sensitive to sunlight and prone to hyper pigmentation, so I prefer applying it at night. Needless to say, sunscreen is a must during the day.

Final thoughts
The formulation and composition of the Essence is such that it won't show instant results. Apart from the initial hydration, moisturizing and some improvement in texture after 2 weeks of use, I am yet to see any major difference in my skin. Sometimes, true effects of a product is seen when they are withdrawn from the routine. This is something I personally notice with Essence and Toners. When I stop using them, I see how my skin looks and then figure out how good or bad the product was working for my skin. There are not many Retinol based Essences that I know of and it is comparatively easier to incorporate Retinols in this form for someone who is new to this ingredient.

I will edit the post after a month or so, if I have to add anything new in my usage experience. 

As far as cost is concerned it is pretty high. At $95 for 5 oz/ 150 mL of product, it is definitely not a must-have but a good, luxurious product to incorporate in your skincare routine if pocket permits.


Disclaimer: Eve Lom gifted me this product for review purposes. Not a paid post. Some links are Affiliate links. 

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