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Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto Beautifying Balm

A three-in-one plumping, moisturizing, and color-boosting balm encased in pink genuine leather.

Le Rouge Perfecto is the ideal three-in-one balm to create lovely, glowy lips. Lips appear suppler, softer, and fuller upon application, and their natural color is subtly heightened, to the perfect nude. This balm naturally reacts with the Ph of your lips and provides an easy-to-wear tint. The balm comes encased in a gorgeous light pink genuine leather sheath, making it the perfect beauty accessory.

-Shea Butter: Slips into the fine lines of the lips to moisturize and nourish. 
-Pepperslim and Coolact: Create a slight puffiness and fresh sensation. 
-Eosin: Reacts with skin’s pH to bring a fresh and customized rosy shade.

Ingredient callouts
Formulated without Parabens

This product is complimentary from Givenchy

Color, Texture, Consistency
The one I have is 03 Sparkling Pink which is a vivid pink with silvery shimmers all over. The shimmers or glitters are fine, visible and not gritty on the lips. The lip balm is not super mushy and has some firmness to it. It is not very soft in texture and so holds its shape without smooshing in the tube itself. The balm is not very slippy in texture

There is a subtle floral, perfume'y' fragrance to it. It is not very intense and dissipates quickly. It does not bother the olfactory nerves.

Apply on bare lips as and when needed, directly from the bullet. It is a lip balm in a tube! How many ways can one apply it! 

Feel and Effect
The balm is fairly firm and glides on easily. The balm is not very slippy in texture. The one that I have has shimmers in it and these shimmers are not gritty at all. Not the most moisturizing and hydrating lip balm but because it is not super emollient, the color or the stain it leaves on the lips stays for quite some time. It does not sinks into the fine lines nor does it peel my lips after multiple applications. As far as the shimmers go, they are super fine and not gritty. They do migrate everywhere, simply because the lip balm loses its slip fairly quickly and there is nothing left that would hold the shimmers in place. This is not an issue because there are non shimmery versions too. I didn’t notice any cooling sensation or minty feeling. 

The stain lasts for quite a long time, but the moisturizing effect and hydration does not. 
Re-application multiple times is needed. 

The packaging is the star of the show. It is super luxe and well made. The tube is skinny and so is the product inside it. The outer case has a genuine pink leather sheath and the silver metal part has Givenchy engraved on it. There is a tiny button on the inside of the tube, that snugs well in the notch on the outer case.  It is really a very gorgeous looking tube.

Final Thoughts
This is a super luxury product that is way overpriced for what it is. The ingredients are not the most amazing ones. They are basic and that is one reason the price is not justified. The main job of a tinted lip balm is to provide the tint and moisture. It does a great job of providing the color that is long lasting and sophisticated, but that is not the same in hydration and moisture department. Also, I find the shimmers totally unnecessary. There are non shimmery versions too and if I have the extra cash lying down, I would opt for the non shimmery version.
It is just a luxe lip balm.


Disclaimer: Givenchy gifted me this product. All opinions are my own. Not a paid review. Some links are affiliate links.

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