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You are so lazy!! You need a battery operated machine to brush your teeth!!!

These were the exact words my mom had used in 2016 when she saw me using my electric toothbrush. I have been using this high tech tool for quite some time now. I do switch to manual toothbrush once in a while but honestly it is not the same.

The controlled pressure and vibration that the electric toothbrushes use are just amazing! That is what I had all these years. A basic electric toothbrush. To get the pressure and vibration customized for every single task and part of teeth is just mind blowing. This exactly what this cariPRO™ ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH is. A well customized electric tooth brush.

Brush Design
The Body of the brush has an ergonomic slim design, with  Soft-touch silicone rubber grip handle. It has an aesthetically pleasing Graphite matte gray color. There are two buttons. One power button and one to change the brushing modes. There are two indicators as well. One battery indicator, that indicates charge and illuminated display that indicates the operating mode.

The Brush Head is decently sized with soft, angled and tufted DuPont™ bristles and a silicone Tongue Scraper at the back. The head replacement is super convenient. Just quick one click attachment.

Brush Features and Performance
This is the exciting part. In the past, every single electric or battery operated tooth brush I have used just had one setting. The cariPRO™ ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH has a total of five pre-designed modes for different areas of the mouth and their specific needs.

CLEAN: Optimal cleaning results
WHITE: High speed polishing
MASSAGE: Gentle stimulation
GUM CARE: Timed pulse gum & gumline health
SENSITIVE: Ideal for sensitive teeth

You can shift from one mode to another, just by clicking a single button.

The brushing action is pretty powerful, with 40,000 vibrations / minute (VPM) and the soft bristles make sure to leave every nook and cranny of the mouth squeaky clean. The Auto-Timer that is set to two minutes, help maintain a good timed brush routine. Also, the Interval Timer that is set within these two minutes is very helpful. The 30 second pause signals that it is time to move on to the next area of the mouth.

My experience
I have a small mouth and my dentist realized that I was not getting any wiser, so he just decided to remove all four wisdom teeth. Without getting into too much details about the aftermath of that painful dental surgery, I can only tell that it makes certain areas of the mouth and gums sensitive and prone to food lodging in every little groove that once held my tooth. A good brushing routine with proper gum care is of utmost importance. Unable to do so can lead to bleeding gums and bad breadth and no one wants that!

The clean and sensitive settings are well designed to cater everyday dental needs. The small brush heads reaches every corner of the mouth and the pre-set vibrations don't disturb the gums to make them raw or bleed.

The White and Massage modes are something that I don't use everyday. The high speed polishing action of the White Mode removes the plaque build up. The claims are that an electric tooth brush removes 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. I don't know about the 7x claim but it makes the teeth squeaky clean and over a period of time, I have noticed coffee stains disappear. I didn't realize I had these stains until I saw comparatively brighter teeth. The massage mode is a fun mode for me. I just enjoy that action and feel on my front teeth. It is actually very relaxing! I use these features probably four times a week during my PM routine. Did I mention, I brush twice a day,  Religiously!

The brush has a timer feature, as mentioned above and let me tell you, it is one of the most handy features. I cannot tell you how long two minutes are! I used to brush so quickly, way less than recommended brushing time. Since using this one though, I can confidently tell you it DOES make a noticeable difference if brushed correctly.

While my mom associated me using electric brush as a sign of laziness, she too agrees that for healthier, whiter and brighter teeth electric tooth brush is the way to go. Once she started using these (not this brand), it was hard for her to go back to manual brushing.

Power & Charging
The Technical mumbo jumbo is important to understand too. The brush comes with a soft-touch grip, wireless Induction Charger Dock with No exposed metal. The brush is charged by setting it on dock and if you remember the whole high school current voltage and stuff, at 100-240v ~ 50/60Hz this can be used both in the US and Internationally. So all you frequent travelers need not carry anything additional. The Battery type is 800 mAh rechargeable Lithium ION and the Battery Life is Up to 4 weeks on full charge.

Warranty & Durability
Comes with a 2 year limited warranty and is Waterproof PVx7 Rated which is our language means this will survive under 3ft water for 30 mins. Makes it safe for use in shower or bath.

Availability & Affordability
The brush comes in mutiple sets. As Deluxe, Individual and, Couples Package. These sets are the best way to go. I find cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush is pretty affordable in comparison to others available in the market. With so many features offered, it is the best out there. The replacement brush heads can be purchased separately too. So, once you have the brush, all you need is to replace the head as and when needed. As per their website, they ship world wide. So you can enjoy beautiful smile from anywhere in the world.

These make great gifts too. Especially during the holidays for the whole family. My thirteen year old son has been eyeing this brush since the day I got it to try and now I know what i am going to gift the boy. I think it is a wonderful and thoughtful gift for family members. The tiny brush heads would make great stocking stuffer too. I know holidays are six months away but we are already in MAY. No harm in planning ahead and having options!

Final Thoughts
This is probably one of the best electric tooth brushes I have used and I let me assure you, I have used a lot! A wonderful, durable, aesthetically pleasing design with multiple features and an affordable price. Simple things like how the brush feels in the hand, switching from one brushing mode to another with ease to the way the bristles feel on the gums, everything about this particular brush is praise worthy. I think it is worth investing for dental hygiene and dental health and this particular brand made sure that they give the best, dentist grade brushing experience at home every single day!!

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Disclaimer: The brush has been gifted by the brand for trial and review purposes. There are affiliate links in this post. This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own. 

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