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Fresh - Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

Fresh - Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

The newest release from Fresh Beauty is their Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping mask and #freshbeautygiftedme to try and review it #complimentaryfromfreshbeauty

A two-step mask that delivers continuous hydration overnight, drenching skin with moisture and then locking it in for a supple, dewy look.

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Damask rose extract: Hydrates, smooths and supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
- Advanced Time-Release Technology: Creates a tight-knit web on skin’s surface to gradually deliver moisturizing ingredients throughout the night.
- Hyaluronic Acid: Enhances suppleness with a plumping effect.

The Damask Rose extract in water form is the first ingredient in the gel while the oil features somewhere in the middle. Also, there is Dimethicone as sixth ingredient in the cream, if anyone is interested to know.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, and phthalates.

I have used Fresh Rose Face Mask before and their Fresh Rose Hydration cream is my absolute favorite cream to use. My experience with this brand has been amazing with exception of few products here and there.

Color, Texture and Consistency
Step one is an amber colored, gel essence. It is light weight, non sticky and thick. Step two is a creamy white water based cream, that is light weight, thick but not dense. It is not sticky either.

They both smell pleasing with the scent signature scent of Fresh products, especially from the Rose line. It is a unique blend of Rose and cucumber. Very mild fragrance and does not lingers on for long. Not at all bothering.

Application on the skin
There are two steps in this sleeping mask. I used it two ways for testing purposes. First the gel essence is applied and once it dries, step two aka the water based cream follows. I have used it as a last step, after my skincare routine on cleansed, toned and moisturized face and also on its own as a mask only on cleansed face. There were some differences and I will explain them in a minute.

Feel and Effects on the skin
The gel feels cool on application. Not minty, tingly cool but just cool. It feels tacky and takes a while to dry. When I used it on cleansed face, the drying time was less but when layered over other products, it took good 15 minutes to settle. The cream, that is the second step was equally tacky to touch and the whole thing took a while to settle and dry down. Just like the gel, when layered over other products, the drying time was more. The product is not fully absorbed by the skin. It sits on top like a film, making sure all the moisture is locked and sealed in.

The mask does not pills or rolls on layering, which is good. Nothing is more irritating than a product that rolls into balls and ruins the skincare experience. Did not clog my pores nor broke me out. Did not stain my pillow either.

The skin feels soft, plumped, hydrated and nourished the next day. I can actually see the plumpness. Well, not due to the weight, but something close to resembling a sponge soaked in water.

Comes in a heavy, frosted glass tub, with a screw top lid. The products itself resides in two separate compartments in the same container. There is a lid or cover that prevents both products from mixing together. I think it would be wise to not misplace the lid, to avoid hot mess in the jar.

Final thoughts
I like the results I get from using this mask, but I just don't enjoy the tackiness. Personally, I prefer using it on its own, replacing it with any other moisturizers, especially the occlusive kinds. This cuts down the drying time and thus reduces the tackiness. Layering this over multiple products may appear effective, but in reality this hydrates and nourishes beautifully on its own. That is the whole purpose of this sleeping mask. Using it as all in one product, without actually layering yet getting maximum benefits. Also, it smells wonderful! which is a plus in my book any given day.


Disclosure : The product was sent complimentary via Octoly. #freshbeautygiftedme @freshbeauty #freshbeauty #freshrose #OctolyFamily All opinions like always are my own. Not a paid post.

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