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April/May/June Favorites - Beauty, Skincare & Lifestyle

I skipped the April favorites, because I had posted the Spring makeup shift and I had curated a good list of my favorites to begin with. So I decided to pool together April and May favorites in this one post.
This was the intro to the original post but then a very busy June happened and everything changed! From season to the whole title. Spring became summer and June was added! So now it is a bunch of April, May and June favorites, though I must admit there wasn't much to talk about in June, except a few things here and there.

This is going to be a long, picture heavy post with absolute chaos and no sequence. I will try to review these products in short and not in depth. So let's dive in.

This product is like applying a delicious creamy dessert on your face. There is no foamy lather and it is very gentle on the skin. I use it has as my second cleanse on the days I wear makeup or sunscreen. Other times, I just use it as my basic cleanser. It does the job well, without stripping the face of the natural oils and without  leaving behind stretchy feeling skin. As a bonus it smells wonderful and refreshing, like key lime pie. Also, I love the cooling effect it leaves on the skin. So good during warm weather.

This was a new brand as well. The serum contains Pomegranate Seed, Lemon Myrtle, and Mandarin. This is more like a luxurious oil serum. It is thick in consistency but does not feels heavy on the skin nor clogs the pores. It is absorbed by the skin, just not instantly. Takes about 3-4 minutes. It plumps the skin and just improves the texture all over. Love to layer this serum over light toners. Also, I enjoy using this to massage my face like I would do with any oil. The scent is beautiful too. A very good product for dry skin.

It was my first time trying this brand and this product is a hybrid between essence and oil. I would say it is more like a hybrid between serum and essence. The texture is light weight and is absorbed easily. Very hydrating and moisturizing, it leaves the skin super soft and silky smooth. Smells good too. Even though it is one of my favorites from past months, I don't think I would be buying it again simply because I think it is pretty expensive for what it does for my skin.

AMORE PACIFIC Radiance oil 
This product redefines the word oil for me. I am amazed at the light weight, texture of this product. It is an oil, that literally feels like water. If you have ever read my blog or follow me on Instagram, you probably know my undying love for oils and grease. You have to believe me when I say I have not tried anything like this before. The texture is crazy! It is light weight, not at all thick or sticky, spreads easily like water, is absorbed almost instantly and feels like nothing on the skin. It can be worn under makeup too. I do agree it does not has the best ingredients and has alcohol, but it does moisturizes well. Also it has a strong, perfume scent. But I kinda like that. The scent does not bothers me. 

Fresh masks are wonderful. They keep bringing out something new all the time, which makes it easier to find something for every skin concern and skin type. The Lotus Rescue mask is probably the most user friendly one of the lot. Well, all the masks are user friendly, but this one is has multiple benefits. Very gentle on the skin and with a very pleasant texture, they call it a five-minute facial in a jar. True to its name, it does help in evening out the rough texture and instantly giving a fresh boost to tired and dull skin. I like using it before going out as an instant pick me up. It is pretty gentle to be used as often as needed.

I knew I have to have this since the time I saw the promos on Instagram. . There is hardly anything from the brand that has disappointed me yet. I use eye creams all the time, but an Eye sleeping mask is new to me. The best thing is about the product is the ceramic like applicator, that is very cooling. It lightly massages the under eye area, reducing the puffiness and relaxing tired eyes in general.

This luxury mask is a blessing especially in hot summers. This creamy gel textured, bouncy mask is so light weight, that it feels like applying water on the skin. It is very hydrating and makes the skin plump and smooth. The best thing about this is the texture. It makes layering products over night in summer very comfortable. Smells wonderful too.

April and early May was pretty cold in Chicago that it felt like the city is going to skip summers. I really enjoyed using this mask especially because of its  warming effect on the face. Fairly new to my collection, this mask hydrates, plumps and makes the skin glow. The thing that I look in a face mask is not just the way it affects the skin but also the experience with application and how it feels on the skin. This is just one luxurious, fantastic experience.

There are hyped products and then there are really hyped products. This one does live up to the hype. I use it for 15 minutes on my scalp, before washing the hair as I normally do and I have noticed considerable reduction in hair fall and breakage. It has not helped with any extra new hair growth. But less hair fall itself is a great sign and relied for anyone with thinning hair. I have used it twice a week for roughly four plus weeks and it has been wonderful. No harm in giving it a try if hair fall is your major concern.

This was Love at first use. Everything from the color, pigmentation, applicator and the way it feels on lips, these liquid balms are amazing. Feels very light on the lips and I love the cooling (not tingling)  effect it leaves. They are hydrating, moisturizing and the packaging is gorgeous! They smell delicious too like tropical Mangoes. The stain it leaves is delicate, yet buildable. There is nothing to not like about this one.

This one is fantastic. Amazingly pigmented, does not smudge or transfer, lasts for six plus hours and does not irritates my eyes. Nothing more to say. A winner!!

These are no new products to beauty industry. It holds a special place in many makeup artists makeup kits. In fact, it was my very first cream cheek product probably ten years back. I have had the individual pots of these for years, then I stopped using it as new products took over. These palettes in Sunrise Splendor and Sunset Serenade have most of their popular shades and I had been wanting to own this palette since the day it was released, which is probably two plus years. I just never shelled out the needed cash. Very recently, I could get my hands on both the palettes for a very good price (throwaway price) at Marshalls and I couldn't be happier! Such a lovely multi-purpose palette for someone who loves good cream products. The colors are beautiful, pigmented, blend easily and lasts for a pretty long time. Love it.

If you love cream makeup products and are OK with not wearing full face of makeup, the Bite Beauty multi sticks are amazing. Not a very new product in the market, these tiny sticks come in multiple shades and are the easiest to use. They blend beautifully, have great pigmentation and stay for quite a while. Great to travel with for easy touch ups, this can be used on lips, eyes and cheeks. I skip the eyes part, but enjoy it as a blush and lip stain. I do top the lips with some balm if I decide to use this because I find it a tad drying on my lips. Very quick, easy, on the go sticks.

This is probably the most neutral nude blush that I own. It almost blends into my skin now, but back in March/April it showed up beautifully on my not so tanned yet colored skin. I love the way it gives some dimension to the face without being too obvious. It is like 'my cheeks but better' kind of blush in the world of blushes.

May and June saw me working a lot in my backyard (I love gardening) and if you think dry hands are a winter thing, try gardening without gloves. I find my hands dry more in summers, than they do in winters. They become rough and the nails turn extra brittle and just bad! I go through hand creams like there is no tomorrow. Totally enjoyed the GYV hand creams. They smell wonderful and moisturize the hands without being too greasy or sticky.

I won a generous giveaway from the brand Natura Brasil and got a bunch of their amazing, luxurious body and hair products to try. I pretty much loved everything, but the one that I have been using non stop is their Castanha Body Butter. It contains Brazil nut, Shea Butter and Olive Oil. It is super moisturizing, thick, yet not at all greasy or sticky and smells fantastic. It is such a wonderful product and the texture is perfectly apt for summers too!

I was living in another planet, to not own this powder brush. This crazy affordable powder brush is the softest, fluffiest brush I have and I do have a lot of brushes. The slightly tapered shape on the tip is very handy. The brush picks right amount of product and dispenses it smoothly and evenly. It is made of synthetic bristles and does not shed at all. The handle is made of Bamboo. Sturdy and affordable, this brush is a drugstore gem!!

For the lifestyle bits, I just have two. Actually, I have more than two, but I just don't have photographs to go with them.

Otherland has quickly become one of my favorite candle brands. I love their packaging so much! They came out with their first Artist Edition Candle in collaboration with Illustrator AMBER VITTORIA and I knew I had to buy one. Apart from the scent which is bright, floral and pleasantly beautiful, the actual jar is pretty too. Love the design and the illustration.

I use this gold wired basket on my vanity to keep deluxe samples handy, so that they are visible to my eyes and I don't forget to use them. You can keep anything in it, literally. Keys, loose change, random odds and ends. They come in larger size as well. It is a kitchen section item, so I assume to use as a fruit or bread basket. I don't know. I mean it is just a basket. A cute one. Use as you please!

This concludes the super long post. I think I should draft smaller posts, but upload more frequently. Need to get organised. Thank you so much for sticking around and sending lovely mails when I go missing in action. Really appreciate that.

Drop me your suggestions and share your favorites in the comments below.

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