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They say Retail Therapy is the best therapy! and it is so so true. January and February are real cold months here in the mid-west and with no festivals, no outdoors and no gardening it can get a little depressing and boring. The only way to enjoy are reading, Netflix and 'browsing the shopping websites' I know!!! Lame right?

Picked a bunch of new skincare and few tried and tested ones in full size. As a blogger, it is like a job to keep trying new things and then reviewing them and honestly, I do love trying new products.

I had been eyeing the FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask since the day it released, but I have made this little rule for myself that I won't be buying a full size skincare product if I am trying it for the first time. In the past, few products have back fired and didn't work for me. Now, those insanely expensive serums and masks just lay there and I cannot do anything about it. Learnt this the hard way! At the least, ask for a sample or two and then pick anything full size. This mask is in Travel Size and till date majority of Fresh Masks have worked for me, so I am hopeful that this won't disappoint me either.

Hyaluronic Acid is everywhere and so are these super foods in skincare. Youth To The People is a brand that combines Superfoods and Science to create products that use 100% Vegan ingredients, cold pressed extracts with gentle preservatives. They believe that what you on your skin should be as whole, nutrient rich and clean as what you put in your body. Their packaging too is earth friendly.
I picked the Age Prevention Superfood Cream and a cleanser (again in travel size) Very excited to try these. I had this brand on my list since the holidays.

Witch Hazel, an age old ingredient that helps with multiple things along with acne. I don't have acne but I have used Witch Hazel in the past for other things, just not this brand. Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free Toner - Rose Petal is an affordable product and I think, I will be able to review this the earliest. (Travel size again!)

Pixi By Petra Glow Mud Cleanser and Glow Tonic are two amazing drugstore gems. These skincare items work so well for me that when I saw they came with Rose Tonic and a Rose Cream Cleaser, I decided to place a little order. Also, cleansers and toners hardly go waste and the rose line has has no acids in them, so they will be perfect and refreshing for the coming months.

I had participated in a skincare challenge on Instagram and the two brand that were highly popular were Indie Lee and THE ORDINARY. I picked the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution (forgot to photograph) from The Ordinary and two Indie lee products. A brightening cleanser and a COQ-10 toner. I could have waited to buy this, but the chic frosted glass packaging was just too hard to resist.

I won this! SULWHASOO 'First Care' Activating Serum* in full size. How awesome is that! I already love their Overnight Vitalizing mask and always wanted to try other products from the brand, but the high price tag was not helping. I am really Thankful for winning this one.

These are a lot of products and I don't plan to open everything all at once. I am a stay at home mom and so I have the luxury of giving extra time and attention to my skincare routines. Apart from AM and PM routines, I have a mid-day routine too. Will probably share my routine in some post or on Instagram. Usually it is easy to review a face mask, cleanser and toner just after 10 days of usage, but the creams, serums or lotions take extra time. I try to use these products for minimum of 3 weeks before commenting and reviewing. 

These are few new skincare I have acquired in recent month. There are a few PR products as well, but I thought I will dedicate a separate post for them. Also, March will be my last month to haul Beauty/Skincare and then I plan to go on a 'no-buy'. April sees the start if my gardening and believe me, those tiny plants and saplings are crazy expensive. No money, No retail therapy!!

Are there any new things on your to try, to buy list? 

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The post has Affiliate Links. All products were purchased by me except the one marked * that was won as a prize.

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