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January Favorites - Beauty, Skincare & Lifestyle

January 2018 is done! Finish... Gone...!! Other than my dad's birthday, there is nothing amazing about this month on any given year. In the mid-west, it is worst. The weather is bitterly cold, the skin gets crazy dry, the lips peel, my house plants struggle to survive.
Now that I am done whining, if I think again, not everything was 'blah' !! In January, I participated in a fun challenge on Instagram. It was a New Year Stash Challenge, which was basically like checking your inventory of skincare and beauty products and sharing it on the grid. Thanks to that, I shopped my own stash and re-discovered few amazing products that were once favorites, but had taken a back seat.

Hydrating Masks are amazing products! The indoor heating can be brutal. It just sucks the natural moisture and oils from the skin. Hydrating masks are quick and easy way to bring dehydrated and dry skin back to life.
I found myself using ORIGINS Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask and CAUDALIE Moisturizing Mask a lot in January. While the Origins one is an Overnight, leave-in mask, the Caudalie one is a wash off mask. Good stuff that gives results.

This is an all time favorite. This is a wash off mask that exfoliates, making the congested and dull looking skin appear smooth, bright and radiant. It contains Pumpkin enzyme, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and aluminum oxide. I already have reviewed all these products somewhere on the blog, so won't get into much details.

Essence is something that is very new to me in my skincare regime. I pick these K-beauty staples, but some how always forget to use them. Last month I took conscious effort to use this product. It is a toner, essence and an emulsion rolled in one. There is fine difference between these three categories and I plan to do a little post on this, though there are tons available on the internet. The main ingredient in it is Maple tree sap along with fructan powder, Asian herbal and fruit extracts. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, making it appear more soft, supple and dewy. I love the way it feels on the skin, though I still am getting used to this additional step in my skincare routine.

I am no new to oils. Nothing moisturizes my skin like a good quality oil. I love to slather them on. This Marula oil by Drunk Elephant is light weight, not too thick and has no scent. It moisturizes wonderfully and I like to layer it over serums that contain Acids and Actives. Pure delight to use.

I regret not using this tiny, power packed sample of eye cream before. This product is working like a charm. I noticed visible results in just 3 days! The under eyes appeared bright, smooth and hydrated and my fine lines were hardly visible. The primary ingredients are Pure Vitamin C/ L-Ascorbic Acid (10.5%), Haloxyl (patented ingredient) and Bitter Orange. Will get into a detailed review soon. For now, I need a full size ASAP!

All my Chanel Blushes were neglected because I was busy enjoying Marc Jacobs and Hourglass blushes. I purposely pulled out this lovely Pink Blush (LE) from Chanel and fell in Love again. It gives a very beautiful flush of color and looks very natural.

A very light weight, hydrating face primer. Perfect for cold winter weather. It acts more like a moisturizer than a primer.

This fragrance lasts whole day, whole night, next day and even after a week! Fragrances are personal and I love this one!

Few non-beauty things that I adore. This Pencil Cup, the Lip Trinket Box (Nordstrom) and the Ceramic Heart jar (Target Dollar Section) are beautiful and functional at the same time. I have been using these as props in many photos. They permanently live on my vanity and work desk. These are so beautiful that they deserve a separate post. 

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