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Hello Everyone and Happy 2018

Hope the New Year is treating you well so far and most of the resolutions are still intact. I have had a little slow start with mine, but I am excited to see how it all unfolds and what surprises the new year brings for me and for the blog.
Personally, not huge on making resolutions or anything like that, but it does help to set some goals and work towards achieving them. 2017 was a great year and I will always be thankful for the amazing travel experiences I had, the joy and happiness meeting my parents and family bought me. There were few not so happy incidences as well but then again it is all about learning from the past and moving forward. I intend not to make those mistakes again and that is what the whole 'setting goals' is all about.

I have few of mine and I intend to stick to them. So here we go...

Fixing the Blog
I have already started working on this one. I have been blogging for ages and really never had any professional help in terms of templates or photographs. There are so many broken links all thanks to Photobucket and their new rules. Now, I am trying to fix these links and give the blog a new look. This won't be done in one day or one month. It will take time, but I am glad I started working on this issue.

Social Media 
I won't lie, it is hard to keep updating every single social media linked to the blog. There are just too many and every single of these have to be handled differently. Instagram is a work of art in itself. It seems like I am forever on the phone updating. Then I lose interest and eventually give up. This year though, I have decided to streamline and be little consistent with updating.

Document my Travel
We as family love our road trips and are complete National Park Geeks. I hope to travel more and document it somewhere (travel blog??) so that our travel photographs just don't get lost in some external hard drive.

Learn everything about Roses
I love gardening and I am a newbie at that. I hope to read more gardening books and gain more knowledge regarding the same.

Change my sleep pattern
I need to start going to bed ON TIME.

Eat Healthy and Exercise
Don't we all have that on our Goal list? Year after year :)

These are few things I wish to achieve/change in 2018

What are your Goals for 2018?

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