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Holiday Gift Guide - Skincare Sets

If you are already packing your gifts in fancy packaging, I admire you and would love a tip or two on making a pretty bow. But if you are someone like me and are still shopping, this post might interest you. I love taking care of my skin. I find the whole multi-step skincare ritual very relaxing. Brands release amazing skincare sets during the Holidays and I look forward to buy these every year. They come well packed in sturdy, attractive boxes making them great gift items. 

Here are a few good ones that caught my attention this year. As I type this, most of these sets were available, except for one or two that were sold out. 

The Sulwhasoo set was sold out, but they do have other sets that are amazing, though pretty steep in price. Hence, I didn't pick any from them, but the brand is great!

Happy Shopping! Happy Gifting!

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