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An exfoliating and nurturing stick with grains of sugar that melt away for incredibly soft lips and a naturally glossy look. Lip Glow Sugar exfoliates and moisturizes in one sweep and without rinsing. The concentrated granita texture gently transforms into a balm as it melts on lips.

Can a lip sugar scrub get any prettier?

Only Dior can turn a humble sugar lip scrub into something this luxurious and beautiful. The new offering from Dior is not a unique concept. I have used lip scrub in a stick form from e.l.f (drugstore) and from Tarte, but they all differ in formula. This Dior one is different from the other two because this one moisturizes and leaves a tint like a tinted lip balm while it exfoliates as well. A two-in-one hybrid product.

Color, Texture, Consistency: Pink in color, with micro fine sugar crystals in it, that goes on sheer, but later leaves a very faint, delicate pink tint. Not like a kiddie pink lip balm, but a good pink. The tip of the scrub looks little bumpy and uneven in texture when new and unused, but after one to two uses, the bumpy texture disappears. The product itself is smooth and soft, but not too soft to break. It has a legit balm consistency. It is not gritty nor the sugar crystals in it are too big and abrasive like sand 

Scent: Sweet minty scent. It is very lightly scented and is not over powering.

Application, Feel and Effect on the Lips:
I apply it on clean lips. Just tow-three swipes are enough, though it is very easy to go crazy with swipes because it is very comforting on the lips. Very light weight and not waxy, this does not needs to be washed off or wiped away. The product is not very abrasive to begin with, but it does makes the lips really soft, without peeling. I assume the whole exfoliation is handled by the sugar crystals, that dissolve on application and melt into the lips but the major part of making the lips smooth is due to the emollient ingredients like mango seed butter.

Packaging: Packaging is probably the only reason that made me buy this. The chic, pink frosted plastic with the steel tube that has a door knob like end takes the packaging to a whole different level. It really looks and feels good and luxurious. The mechanism is just like traditional lipstick. Very portable and sturdy. 

Verdict: Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub is an all in one lip care product on the go. It is not messy, portable, makes the lip soft, smooth and evens out the texture. The lips are ready for any type of lipstick application. No water needed to remove the scrub, nor it needs to be wiped off. If you are looking for more abrasive feel, to slough of the crusty skin on the lips, this might not be for you, because even though it performs fantastic, the results are not instant. As an exfoliator, I prefer to use it few hours before applying lipstick or like a regular lip treatment over night. As a lip balm and lip conditioner, this can be used anytime of the day. I love the tint too. 

Good stuff, but not a must have. I still would prefer this over their lip balms though.

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