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SALLY HANSEN Nail Growth Miracle Nail Serum

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Serum

A breakthrough nail treatment designed to support fast natural nail growth, as it perfects cuticle.

Get 59% longer nails and instantly smooth cuticles with Nail Growth Miracle Serum. This concentrated Peptide Serum formula enriched with Biotin supplements supports natural nail growth without brittleness. Nails become resistant to damage as they grow and cuticles are miraculously softer and smoother

I have had my fair share of dry, brittle nails that used to peel, bend and crack at the slightest trauma.  I used to bite my nails when tensed, nervous or upset. (this habit though has reduced a lot in recent years) My cuticles were dry too, but with regular use of good products, I managed to take care of my cuticles, but the nails were still giving me trouble, until I found this SALLY HANSEN  Nail Growth Miracle Nail Serum. I am currently on my third bottle.

Color, Texture and Consistency: 
The serum is cloudy-translucent white in color. It is a non sticky, non slippery, neither too thick nor too thin, non greasy gel.

Scent: None

Application: I use it as directed, on clean and dry nails before applying any hand cream. I massage a tiny drop of serum on every nail and cuticle and leave it till it gets absorbed completely. It usually takes 15-20 seconds for the gel to sink in and disappear.

Effect on Nails and Cuticles: The cuticles are softened instantly. They are moisturized and feel nourished. As far as nails are concerned, there is no immediate result to be seen, as the product is a 'growth serum'

Packaging: It comes in an opaque, gold glass bottle, with a dropper that doubles as the screw lid. Mine is black in color (picked at Walgreens) but newer packaging has grey dropper. I find the dropper little strange, as it is difficult to suck the product out with it. The consistency of the gel might be the reason, but I still prefer the dropper over brush applicator.

Verdict: I have been consistently using this product and so far it is working. The quality of my nails have improved significantly. They are not brittle and they don't peel or bend. There is no dryness and the cracks or vertical lines on nails have almost disappeared, though not completely gone. As far as growth rate is concerned, I didn't notice much difference. They grow the way they always grow. 

The cuticles appear soft and smooth when this is applied, but the effect is not long lasting. I prefer other cuticle creams over this one. Deborah Lippmann Hydrating Cuticle Oil and Ultra Nourishing Cuticle Repair Cream are few nourishing products that I love to use.

This serum is a good product, if you have nails that are brittle and prone to breaking easily. It helps in keeping the nails stronger and improving their over all health. 

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