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Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor 400, 500, 301

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor 400, 500, 301

A long-wearing, velvety-soft lipstick that leaves lips hydrated and saturated with color.

This innovative hybrid lip color features a moisturizing layer to protect and repair the lips. It's infused with a kaleidoscope of pearls and colored oils deposited over dyed colors—leaving lips feeling soothed and looking vibrant. Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich Lip Color achieves the comfort and softness of a lip balm while leaving lips repaired and color saturated. This everyday lipstick imparts ultra-luminous, lasting color.

I don't own the full size lipstick but I got the Lipstick sample card that has three colors. Four Hundred 400, Eccentrico 500, Gio 310. All these colors are completely out of my comfort zone. I wear red lips very rarely. In fact I could actually remember the number of times I have worn red lips.

The sample card actually had good amount of lipstick. After generous swatches, I could wear each color 3- 4 times and there was still left. I was attempting to take photos of lip swatches and hence the multiple wear. The whole lip swatch experiment was a total fail. I just could not get it right. The sample card came with a tiny brush, which was neat and I wished it came with some kind of cover/lid. (too much to ask from a sample) I had to keep the opened card in a zip lock bag. Even though I don't have full size lipsticks, the card gave me a very good idea about the textures, consistency etc of these. 

Swatches of Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor 400, 500, 301

Texture, Consistency, Feel on Lips and Longevity

The lipstick is very hydrating and comfortable. It is not a stiff lipstick and the texture is very creamy and smooth. It did not go on patchy, nor did it sink in the fine lip lines. The colors are pigmented and they last for a a good amount of time. It makes the lip look full and juicy by imparting a sheen. It did not dry my lips and did not leave any stain after I wiped off the lipstick. Usually, dark and pigmented lip colors leave a stain, but this did not. It has a perfume scent but is not overwhelming. 

Different lighting

These are beautiful lipsticks. I saw the packaging at store and it is stunning too!!! I would love to buy a full size at some point, but right now I have few others on my wishlist. Sephora Spring Sale is around the corner, so I figured these swatches might be a little helpful if you are planing to buy any of these colors. Obviously, these are not new ones and there are tons of swatches on the internet as bloggers are sent whole collection these days. But one more set of swatches and review won't hurt. I appreciate beauty brands giving such deluxe samples of makeup products, as it gives good idea of the products before buying the full size. Eliminates disappointment and returns to some extent. 

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