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Drybar Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant

A lightweight heat and UV protectant lotion for use before your blowout, creating a breathable, protective barrier from hot tools and UV exposure that helps seal split ends and prevent dryness and damage. It protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees. Great for all hair types.

It contains artichoke leaf extract that helps prevent dehydration and protect the hair cuticle, a polymer complex that protects against heat from hot tools and helps to repair split ends and

This product is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and is cruelty-free.

Color: White

Texture and Consistency: Not too thick, light weight, non sticky, non greasy lotion.

Scent: It smells divine! The fragrance is complex. As per the website description, it is a 'Marrakesh Woods fragrance featuring notes of sandalwood, jasmine, and vanilla'. I don't get much of that, but I am tempted to smell my own hair multiple times. I actually would want to buy a perfume bottle of this scent.

Application: I have mid length hair, that are very fine in texture, so I need about nickle size dollop of product. I rub it on my palms and distribute it on 2/3 rd of my damp hair, avoiding the root area. I blow dry and use my flat iron as usual.

Feel and Effect on the Hair: It is very light weight, does not feel greasy or slippery. It does not weighs down my hair. They don't become brittle, dry and crunchy, straw like at end of the day. The softness is maintained. This however did not make my the hair feel bouncy, like it feels when I apply ALTERNA Haircare CAVIAR CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction. Also, I am pretty regular with trimming my split ends regularly, so I didn't notice much difference in split end repairing department. 

Packaging: Soft squeeze tube with a flip top cap.

Verdict: Other than difference in texture of the hair after using any hot tool and amazing smell that the product leaves, there really isn't any way to find out if the product is working as a protectant or not. I like the product and I like the scent of this the most, but ALTERNA Haircare CAVIAR CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction is still my holy grail, just because of the extra bounce it gives (due to some kind of coating) when I use it before using hot tools. This one though smells the best!!

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