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boscia Sake Cleansing Water No-Rinse Makeup Remover and Cleanser

boscia Sake Cleansing Water No-Rinse Makeup Remover and Cleanser

A no-rinse cleansing water that removes dirt and impurities while offering skin care benefits.

This luxurious milky formula leaves skin clean, bright, and hydrated. It utilizes the power of sake to cleanse, brighten, and impart moisture, eliminating the need to use a sink for cleansing.

Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and is free of preservatives, artificial fragrance and colors, gluten, and ethanol alcohol. It is dermatologist tested.

Color: Cloudy white

Texture and Consistency: Thin, light weight, non sticky, non greasy milky water. It is more like milk diluted in water. It is not like Micellar water. boscia Sake Cleansing Water No-Rinse Makeup Remover and Cleanser should be named boscia Sake Cleansing Milk.

Scent: None

Application: The bottle should be shaken well before using. I soak my cotton pads and wipe my face gently, till the makeup is removed. Two pumps are usually needed to soak a regular cotton pad (round ones). It takes about 2-3 cotton pads for me, which means about six pumps, every single use. I wear light foundation and medium makeup.

Feel and Effect on the skin: The product is actually effective. The makeup literally melts and comes of easily, without any rubbing. There is no stickiness and the face does not feels dry or tacky afterwards. It did not leave any greasy residue. This is a No-rinse Makeup remover, which means no water necessary. It did not break me out nor there was any burning sensation on the skin. The face feel soft, hydrated and supple.
The real downside is this stings and burns the eyes like burning lava if it gets inside the eyes and it is bound to get in the eye, if I try to remove my eye makeup, especially more so in my case because I line my waterline and then smudge it in lower lash line.

Packaging: The packaging is fantastic and really awesome. The dispenser is like a pump, the kinds that nail polish removers have these days. I find it very hygienic and easy to travel with. The bottle is transparent plastic, so it is easy to tell when the product runs out.

Verdict: This is a wonderful product with one major drawback (for me). It is great for those lazy days where a quick makeup removal is needed. Also, it has good, skin nourishing ingredients like glycolic acid, licorice root extract, sake, rice water etc in it, making it a nice and effective all in product. It is nourishing enough to skip multi - step cleansing process.
There are two cons. One, it stings my eyes like crazy and secondly, the product doesn't last long. For effectively removing everything 4 cotton pads are needed. To saturate these many cotton pads generous amount of product is needed. If used everyday, this would run out very quickly. I am fine with this considering, it has nourishing ingredients and doubles up as a hydrating toner as well. My only issue is it stings my eyes! I don't know if this is a general flaw or it stings my eyes because they are sensitive.

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