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Drybar The Chaser Shine Cream

Drybar The Chaser Shine Cream

A workable cream that tames frizz and flyaways while imparting shine and providing light separation. It helps prevent dryness so ends look polished and healthy. Great for all hair types, it provides a terrific tousled look with nice texture and sheen.

It is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.
It is cruelty-free and not tested on animals. Does not contain gluten.
Safe for color treated and keratin treated hair

Color: White

Texture and Consistency: Light weight, Non-sticky, thick cream

Scent: It smells fantastic! For fragrance alone I would buy it again.

Application: I have very fine and frizzy hair. Just dime sized amount of product is all I need. I rub it on my palms and apply to the lower 2/3rd of my hair, avoiding roots at all cost. I try to concentrate it more at the ends.

Feel and Effect on Hair: The hair feels very soft and the product helps in taming the flyaways. The hair appears smooth and silky. It also makes the hair ends look separate and piece'y' (I don't know how to describe this) and adds some weight to it, without the greasiness. As far as shine goes, It leaves a light shine, though I would prefer more shine. It does not weighs my hair down or make them look oily and greasy.

Packaging: It comes in a soft squeeze tube, with flip top cap.

Verdict: I like this Drybar product and I love the smell! It is amazing. As far as imparting shine, I am not very impressed. The shine is not long lasting. It does make my hair look sleek and polished, especially if I layer it after blow drying and flat ironing. It does not weighs my hair down. It is a decent finishing product. Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Styling Cream is a really good product, but a little heavier in texture and consistency. It imparts good shine and is budget friendly. 

Drybar The Chaser Shine Cream

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