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Monthly Review - Beauty/Skincare Hits and Misses (April)

The Monthly Review series will feature a mix of products ranging from Skincare, Beauty, Bath and Body, Hair, Nails etc. that I find interesting, magical, unique or just fun to use in that particular month. These products may be recent release or an old discovery. Also, in the series I will mention few products that failed to impress me or just did not work at all.

These months go by so quickly! Very very quickly!! I am so behind schedule when it comes to posting on blog. Spring is the season I work extensively on improving the condition of my garden. Gardening is a new luxury for me. I am enjoying the whole learning and working process. Back to this post.

April is a weird month weather wise in Chicago. Some days are pleasantly warm while some are really, drastically windy and cold. Then we have rains with occasional hail storms. This crazy weather means crazy skin conditions too. Most of my favorites this month were products related to skincare. Well, they always are! I am a skincare junkie or rather I just enjoy taking good care of my skin. 

Clarins Body Oil: I love this oil. It is probably the most thickest oil of the lot that I use for the body. The lightest one being the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil. Clarins Oil though thick in texture somehow works beautifully for me during spring season. It is strange because considering how thick it is it would be more apt for winters. I love how it moisturizes. Once I apply it after my bath, I really don't need to apply any moisturizer till next bath. It is a boon for dry skin.
Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil: I love this stuff and I really enjoy using this as foot cream. We are getting our few days of better weather, giving us chance to wear sandals and flip-flops. This creamy oil performs excellent in getting rid of dryness and cracks from the heels and making the feet soft, smooth and beautiful. The product is prone to separating, but a good massage of tube, with lid closed solves the issue. The creamy oil will leave the feet greasy, so it is more like bedtime foot care regimen with socks on and not something I use before going out.

Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme water cream has been a part of my night time routine for quite some weeks now and I can safely say it performs good. The cream is very gentle in comparison to other two products that I have tried from the brand. The cream definitely brightens the skin over a period of time. It gets rid of dullness in turn revealing a more glowing and bright skin.

Cura Complexion Catalyst Crème: This creme was sent to me by the company for trying and reviewing. It is a wonderful creme for my dry skin. I posted my review on this one recently here. The gentle creme was a good match to the Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme Cream. They both made my skin really look healthy. Review here.

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist: This mist is very light weight and non greasy. It hydrates as well as holds makeup in place. Thoroughly enjoying this product and it can be used during the the day as well because it is not dewy or shiny like the Tatcha Mist and does not imparts extra glow or shine.

Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish' Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder is very unique. It is one of those products that is not noticeable when used all the time, but when stopped using, the difference is clearly noticeable. I have this color in medium. It is very neutral and I was little skeptical that it would be too light for my skin tone. It does not leave any white cast. I use it as finishing powder to set everything at the end. It makes the skin look flawless and very smooth giving this illusion of perfect skin. I just need to post a review soon. 

NYX Butter Lipstick: It is hard to believe that this product is below $5. The texture and formula is comparable to any high end lipsticks. In fact, I find it much better and hydrating than many of the high end stuff that I own. This is not a new product, but I bought is very recently. It is long lasting, smooth and hydrating. Excellent drugstore stuff. 

A few misses:

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15: I have got around 4 tubes of this in different colors lying around. I usually buy these Holiday Sets to try some skincare and the brand always includes one product which is this. As much as I want to love the product, it just peels my lips. I decided to use up whatever I have and unfortunately, it didn't work again this time. Big miss in April!

Alterna Caviar Rapid Repair Spray: I hate to see that this one didn't work for me. I just could not stand the smell of this and also it did nothing for my hair. This is my first fail from Alterna Caviar range. Alterna is my favorite hair care brand. Read my review here. A big miss for April!.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own based on my personal experience with the products. The post contains Affiliate Links. 

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