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Edward Bess All Over Seduction - Afterglow (review/swatches)

Create naturally luminous skin for ultimate seduction. 
Exclusive cream finish incredibly smooth to the touch highlights eyes, cheeks and lips. Illuminates the complexion with sheer, natural color.

This product has been with me for quite sometime! I just never reviewed it. It is not a new product and I have a good dip in the pan. Very well loved, top shelf material. As a blogger, I always end up clicking pictures of products when they are new and nice. A little fascination with shiny products! Well, that obsession has been reduced to some extent now. I just don't wait to click pictures of skincare anymore. I start using it and try and take pictures whenever I can. 

Back to the product. I love me some cream products. Especially cream blushes and highlighters. 

The Edward Bess all over seduction is a tiny, expensive for the amount in the pot but a wonderful, excellent product.

Color: Afterglow is a mix of peach beige and bronzy Gold color with warm tones and subtle golden shimmer. 

Texture and Consistency: Light, non greasy or oily, non sticky cream with a decent amount of slip, yet not too soft and mushy.

Scent: This is a scented product. It has a pleasant scent, though I cannot pinpoint exactly what it smells like. I for sure can say it does not smell like roses or sandalwood or citrus. The smell though obvious in pot, does not lingers on forever when applied. 

Application: I apply this using my fingers. The heat of the fingers melts the product and it is easy to pick the amount needed. I just dab the product where ever needed and use patting motion to apply. I try not to drag or rub the product in. It is not too creamy. It just clings to the skin but has enough slip, making it easier to blend. A little goes a long way. I swipe my finger on it and put it on my cheekbones, bridge of the nose and occasionally on cupids bow. I also use it as a base for my powder highlighters. 

I tried using it with a synthetic brush, but it didn't work for me. The texture of the cream is pretty solid for the brush to pick correct amount and blend. It reminds me of the NARS The Multiple. I never enjoyed using NARS multiple with a brush. 

Feel and Effect on Skin: It just melts into the skin making it look all glowy and beautiful. The end result is not patchy or streaky at all. The color Afterglow is warm enough to blend with my skin tone and the golden shimmers are so subtle, that it is barely looks like shimmer. I just love the way it melts and gives the skin this lit from within glow. It catches light beautifully. Also it does not emphasizes pores. The color is subtle yet build able. It is not metallic or frosty on the skin.

Longevity: This stays for a really long time. It is not one of those products that just vanishes off by end of the day. 

Packaging: The round black plastic compact is tiny and sleek with a little mirror inside. There is no applicator and comes in a fake suede pouch to help prevent fingerprints. It is very portable and can be easily carried in a purse for touch up. 

Swatch of Chanel Sunkissed, NARS Hot Sand, Becca Opal, Edward Bess Afterglow, Josie Maran Illuminizer, Benefit Sunbeam

Verdict: The product is a very safe, ffol proof one. It is almost impossible to over do it. It is very subtle and not over the top, in your face highlighter. This doesn't makes me look oily or emphasize pores. The glow is very delicate and exquisite. It doesn't look fake. 
It simply gives a healthy, natural soft glow without being frosty or metallic. This is a good product for those no makeup makeup days. 

There are some other highlighters (liquid, cream) that I have swatches up for comparison. It is not at all similar to any other color that I have. The Chanel Sun kissed is more bronzy Gold, while the Benefit Sunbeam is more bronzy. The Josie Maran Illuminator is the most metallic looking, while the NARS Hot Sand is comparatively cooler. Becca Opal is more warm and golden. Edward Bess Afterglow is the most peachy and subtle of the whole lot.

The very fact that it is subtle is what makes it more attractive and must have in my book. 

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