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tarte Swirl Power Contour & Bronzer Brush - review

A blush and contour brush designed with a flat bamboo handle and soft, synthetic bristles.

This innovative, pro-quality brush features a flat and versatile, kabuki-inspired design to easily sweep on allover cheek color. The easy-grip handle can be tilted down at an angle to sculpt and slim the contours of the face. Use it to sweep on your go-to blush shades, holding it as you would using a standard blush brush, and tilt the handle down at an angle for a thinner, more precise surface. It’s perfect for applying your favorite bronzing or contouring shades so you can define and flaunt your best facial features.

This is the most unusual shaped face brush in my collection. I was very excited to see a brush that would make my contouring game a bit more easy.

I am not much into this  everyday full face contouring thing to begin with. I just find that it looks very unnatural on me in real life. Occasionally, I do use this technique around my jaw line to make my round face look little slimmer, but that whole 'crazy clown contouring' thing is a big no-no. 

I do enjoy bronzing in summers. I love the way it imparts a warm golden glow to my already warm toned skin.

'Blending' is the key to get the most flawless, natural looking face after makeup application. Be it eye shadows, blush, bronzer, foundation etc, none of these will look good if not blended properly. 
This tarte Swirl Power Contour & Bronzer Brush is amazing when it comes to the task of blending.

Brush Head: This brush is rectangular and flat. Well, not exactly rectangular, but it is not rounded like most of the Bronzer brushes. When it comes to the shape, it is very reminiscent of the NARS Ita Brush or the freebie brush that comes with the Benefit Hoola bronzer, but little tapered at the top and way more dense and fluffier. It is a cross breed between Ita brush and a Kabuki brush. I would call it 'Itabuki', just for fun. The brush head is broad and measure approximately 50 mm wide. 

Brush Handle: The handle is wooden and made of Bamboo. It is sturdy and well made. It has a unique shape and is easy to hold. The grip is good, but contouring with this kind of handle would need some practice. I found it very difficult when I started. The brush doesn't stand upright on its own, but then it does not rolls either. 

Bristles: The bristles are synthetic and cruelty free. They are super soft and not scratchy. The density of the brush is decent. It is not too thick and compact. It does not picks too much color which is good and the color deposition is not like a harsh line. It is very diffused to begin with and in turn makes the whole blending ritual easy and breezy. The bristles splay enough to blend nicely. 

Cleaning is easy and the brush dries quickly. It holds its shape and there is no shedding.

My thoughts: This is a good brush, but unfortunately it did not work for me. The head of the brush is too big for my very small face. Also, I could not work comfortably with the handle. I liked the softness and the way it deposited the product, but the size was way to big for my liking.

This did work wonderfully for my friend and she just loves everything about this brush. It blends beautifully! I too think I could have managed to work with it had it been a bit smaller in size. Love the concept and the shape. 
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