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Dazzling Gifts - Holiday Gift Guide/Gift Ideas (Part 1)

Giving gifts as well as receiving them!! Pure Joy! I find everything around the Holiday season worth gifting. Simple chocolates to cozy socks come packaged beautifully.
There are tons of gift guides on the internet and depending on the age group alone it would take probably months of searching to make a gift guide collage. I personally have selected things that I already have and get compliments on every time or I would love to get them for myself. Also as the blog focuses more on Beauty, Accessory etc, I try to stick to the items that cater to the gals and not kids or men in your life.

My first choice for gifting is Books and Prints for framing. Even if someone is not an avid reader, coffee table books, cook books make good gift. 

Some other favorites not pictured here.

Prints are one of those easy wall decor that can dress up any wall. These prints can be gifted all by themselves or can be framed, depending on the budget.

I love prints from Made by Girl. You can find them here. Some beautiful prints can be found here as well. 

Candles are good gifts, but difficult and very personal, just like fragrance. You never know what the other person prefers. One rule that I follow while gifting candles is I choose fancy containers that hold these candles. So if the scent is not awesome, at least the container can double up as a decor piece.

Pineapple shaped candle is from Anthropologie, and you can find similar here too. Kate Spade striped and Polka dotted Candles are beautiful. Jonathan Adler Muse Candle and Gold Mid Century metallic scented Candle make wonderful decor pieces. Diptyque and Jo Malone candles are top notch when it comes to fragrance but they are pricey. Nest Candles are more affordable than the previous two.

Decorative Objects, Vase, Book ends all make great gifts. From Pier one imports to Home Goods, they are easy to find. Barnes and Noble carries good bookends too. I personally selected a few that caught my eye while browsing the net. 

Trays and mugs are always a hit. No matter how many mugs and trays one has, there is always room for additional new one. The Jonathan Adler zebra tray is always appreciated by anyone visiting and it makes a great conversation starter piece. 
Starbucks has come up with so many awesome mugs this year. The store is easily accessible and anyone can arrange a last minute gift. This lip print cup is everywhere on Instagram and I have seen most of the time these used as props to beautify the photos than to actually drink tea or coffee.

I hope this might be a little helpful. Read Dazzling Gifts - Holiday Gift Guide/Gift Ideas (Part 2)

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