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tarte Amazonian Clay BB Illuminating Moisturizer - Review

This illuminating tinted moisturizer goes above and beyond what an illuminator can do. It visibly brightens and hydrates skin as it delivers a sheer veil of illumination with subtle coverage, in a universal tint, to diffuse small imperfections.

I had a small size of this tarte Amazonian Clay BB Illuminating Moisturizer that came with a value set/kit. I used up this product during early spring and as I was making my list for upcoming holiday seasonal sales and deals, I found this product not available on either Sephora or Ulta. I don't know why. Maybe it is discontinued. It is still available on Tarte cosmetics website. 

I had liked this product and I thought I would share my thoughts on this one as it is still in the market.

Color: Champagne Beige, with slight shimmery particles suspended. These are not chunky bits.

Texture and Consistency: Slightly thick lotion, non sticky, non slippery. Not too thin fluid. 

Application: I apply it before my makeup as a moisturizer. The product is prone to mild separation. I shake the tube well before applying. I prefer my fingers over any brush or beauty blender. The product is slightly thicker than a lotion, so it does not spread easily or go on smoothly. It has to be worked in. Fingers work the best. Reminds me of using a sunscreen with tint.

Feel and Effect on the skin: It does not feel tacky on the skin and sets pretty well. There was no greasiness at all. As far as coverage is concerned, it is very light. The skin feels hydrated and even though there are mild shimmers left on the finger tips, none of that is detected on the face. It leaves a healthy looking skin and nothing more, nothing less. I didn't notice any glow or radiance.

Longevity: There was some initial, noticeable brightness on application, but that didn't last for very long. Few minutes into it and it was gone. I didn't notice any additional longevity in my makeup too. 

Packaging: This comes in a soft squeeze tube, with a screw top. No dispenser or pump. 

Verdict: This is not a very unique or phenomenal product. It is just another tinted moisturizer. In fact, some drug store illuminating moisturizers have more illumination than this. I liked it for two reasons though. Personally, I have dry skin and early springs are always weird. They make my skin more dry. This product hydrated well, without feeling greasy. Secondly, it had no obvious illumination, but still left the skin looking healthy in some way. It did its job without being too obvious. It also has SPF. The coverage is very subtle. It does not even out skin tone. The color is pretty light and it can leave white cast on darker skin tones. I used it in spring, so it worked for me. It would have left my face looking ashy, had I used it in summer on tan skin.

Someone with really good skin can get away using this alone, but many of us will need mild concealer or some form of coverage. I don't love the product, but it is one of those weird products that I like with no specific reason and has made its way in my beauty wishlist. 
Strange!!!! Even I wonder why?? as I type this.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product. The post has Affiliate links.