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Back to Work!

I have had a longgg vacation, a vacation that I wished never ended. I had the privilege of spending some real quality time with my parents who visited us over the summer. From eating yummy home cooked meals prepared by mom to lovely road trips, it was pure luxury! I also enjoyed  basic gardening with dad. My new found hobby of container gardening slowly became addictive and I found myself at Homegoods, Marshalls and TJmaxx every other day searching for lovely planters and pots.

My last post on this blog was reviewing a JORD Watch and I must say that was the only watch I wore this summer. I did try many new products, especially skincare products and few colors as well. I wrote some reviews but couldn't post because I didn't click pictures. Even though reviewing products is just my hobby, I didn't feel like it was right to post sub standard work. Dad always said don't do things half heartedly and I just followed his advice and took a clean break from Beauty Blogging. I was active on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, the micro blogging and photo fun. 

Now that my parents are back in their continent and schools starting for kid, my life is getting back on track. There is a routine (cooking my own food, being a mom to 10 year old and watering plants).
I plan to click some pictures, post the reviews I have already written and give attention to "dazzle -n- sparkle" that has been neglected since weeks. 

A huge thank you to my readers who actually dropped mails asking when I would resume back. I honestly didn't knew people visited often. Also my apologies for not replying mails promptly. The blogging account is totally linked to a different email ID and it was totally my fault for not accessing it regularly. 

With that being said, I will get back to work and post as often as I can.

See you all with a blog post soon.

I leave you with some lovely pictures of Badlands in South Dakota and Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Badlands, South Dakota

                                         Bison at Custer State Park, South Dakota

                                                   Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Lake Sylvan, South Dakota

                                                           Rocky Mountain, Colorado

                                                           Garden of Gods, Colorado

Florissant Fossil beds