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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster™ (review)

A professional-strength time-released concentrate that can be mixed into your favorite products to enhance their benefits, or used alone to visibly optimize skin’s healthy appearance for a refreshed, youthful, radiant complexion. 

This radiance-boosting microdroplet formula introduces a unique complex of three acids—pyruvic, tartaric, and linoleic—to reveal resurfaced, firmed, and luminous skin. It can be applied directly to the face for a transformed complexion, mixed with makeup for boosted performance, or mixed with skincare product to enhance benefits. 

Formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

This is a part of the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Clinical Concentrate Boosters™ value set.
This set contains:
- 0.5 oz Radiance Booster
- 0.5 oz Hydration Booster (review)
- 0.5 oz Purifying Booster

Excuse the hazy pics. By the time I realized, I had already used up the product and the container was empty to re-click.

Color: Creamy white

Texture and Consistency: Smooth, non-sticky, not too thick, not too watery, lotion like liquid.

Scent: This has a mild scent which is pleasant. I cannot pin point what it is, but it definitely is not over powering or weird.

Application: I applied this directly on my face and neck. Just 2-3 drops were more than enough to cover the whole face. It spread very easily and remained tacky for 30 seconds or so. later it dried down to a smooth finish. I used this only once a day at night, but later used it twice a day for  week.

Feel on Skin: On application it was tacky for few seconds, but later it dried down. The skin felt smooth, not slippery silicone smooth, but smooth (did I make any sense here) 

Effect on Skin: My face appeared smooth and that is it. There was no additional plumpness, firming or radiance. The thin layer of smoothness can be called as firmness, but I don't think that it was noticeable enough. 

Packaging: A glass bottle with a simple dropper. I like that it is a simple and fuss free dropper. The color of the bottle is Gorgeous. I am planing a DIY using these empty bottles. (just a useless info)

Verdict: This is one of those products I neither hate nor love. I am totally indifferent about it. Even though loaded with some wonderful ingredients and some not so awesome ones, this just did not do anything noticeable for my skin. As a "radiance booster" I was expecting some visible radiance, even if it is for an hour or so, but unfortunately it failed to deliver the claims it made to provide a resurfaced, luminous and firm skin. Another concern of mine was the presence of Retinol which usually makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Again it depends on the percentage of Retinol present. So I was not confident to use it under makeup during daytime. I did use it during the day for a week for reviewing, and it did not mess up with my make up at all. It did not dry out my skin even though it has Salicylic acid, but it didn't moisturize it either. It was just like any basic lotion. It did give some smoothness though. I don't have visible open pores, so I cannot say that it reduced the appearance of enlarged pores.

At this price point, I was expecting Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster™ to give me some 'visible' results (read radiant). It was just an unnecessary addition to my skincare regimen. I am not one to judge a product harshly, but I think after using so many skincare products, I just have become very specific and border line picky with what I choose and what the product delivers. Not too impressed with this one.

Available at: Sephora

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