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L'Occitane Silky Body Gel - Moisturizer (Review)

This is a review of a fantastic Body Gel by L'Occitane. I picked this in a limited edition scent of Roses during the Holidays, but L'Occitane usually has this same product in various scents throughout the year. The product is so amazing both in scent and texture that it quickly became a Holy grail body lotion for Spring-
Summer months.

Our gel formula, made with moisturing shea butter which immediately penetrates the skin, leaves it supple and velvety-soft.

The uniqueness of this product lies in its wonderful, light texture and consistency. It literally melts into the skin. It spreads super easily and is absorbed almost instantly by the skin. There is absolutely not heaviness and stickiness. The gel is more like water and there is no greasiness whatsoever. It moisturizes the skin beautifully and is a perfect lotion/moisturizer for Spring or early Fall, when the weather is all weird. It is not very drying, but the skin still needs some extra moisturizing to avoid that stretchy feel one gets after bath. The skin feels velvety soft and by velvet I mean literally velvet.

This particular one that I have is rose scented and is absolutely divine. The product itself is on pricey side, but it is something worth investing for the season. The product is light enough to use after a clean bath at night in those summer months when the weather is hot and humid outside and inside is dry and cold due to 24/7 use of air conditioners.
Maybe I am not able to explain it well, but I know you got the idea.

A product worth giving a try. If you know an alternative to this similar kind of Body gel at a lower price point, I would love to know. Please mention them in the comments below.

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