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L'OCCITANE Shea Butter Foot Cream - Review

The Shea Butter Foot Cream is a prescription for relief and well-being. Our formula contains antiseptic A.O.P. lavender essential oil to purify and anti-inflammatory arnica extract to help reduce redness and irritation. Enriched with 15% nourishing Shea Butter for exceptional comfort, the addition of refreshing mint also cools the feet.

This is a nice foot cream, but not awesome! There is nothing wrong with it. The texture is non greasy, non slippery and light weight. The cream spreads easily and is absorbed well. There is no greasy residue and the foot feels moisturized and silky soft. Smells good too. I like the soothing scent, but I cannot detect the Lavender scent as mentioned.

The problem is that this effect does not lasts long. Also similar kind of effect can be achieved by using any thick body butter. This foot cream is something that I would not use as a part of ‘repair’ regime or overnight treatment. Now, I don’t have cracked heels or super dry feet to begin with, but in Chicago winters they do tend to give that tight, stretchy feel, especially after bath.

My concept of a foot cream is something that is thick, heavy and greasy. I apply foot creams liberally and then cover them with soft socks. The warmth of the socks helps the cream sink in. The cream is absorbed well and moisturizes the foot deeply. Greasiness never bothered me as it is when it comes to foot creams. Greasier the better.

Overnight foot treatments are like this luxury. I don’t mind spending 5 minutes on this mini ritual, because it soothes tired feet and relaxes me. I sleep sound.

It is strange that the Shea Butter content in this Foot Cream is 15% while in Hand creams it is 20%. I mean, foot creams need more Shea Butter for maintaining that emollient property as the skin around feet area is thick. Am I making any sense here??

I would use this foot cream during day time, when I need to get back to work within 5 minutes of application and not worry about staining carpets and sofa. As I mentioned above, this similar result can be achieved by a good body butter, so I find this whole step unnecessary. I do think this would be my choice of foot cream for summers though, simply because that cooling sensation, light texture and moisturizing properties would help when warm feet is a no no.

Packaging is similar like the hand cream. The same silvery, metal finish tube and I must tell you, I have never ever managed to screw the cap back without it dropping once! I just cannot manage to align the cap and container. It is borderline frustrating.

A good product, but at this price I can find something better. Even using 100% L’OCCITANE Shea butter would be a better option.

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