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Cream Blush Sticks - A Swatch Comparison

Cream Blush Sticks are very handy, especially because they are easy to travel with. No need to carry a brush and they are perfect for quick touch ups. These are multi-purpose and can be used on lips as well. A little dab and blend can transform a dull face to a fresh bright and happy one by giving that natural flush within seconds.

Pretty much every single brand has their own versions of these chubby sticks in various colors and finish.

I have a tried few of these blush sticks and I enjoy them. Cream Blushes in pot too are pretty much similar to these cream sticks, just a bit softer and creamier in consistency. I pulled out a few for comparison.

NARS Multiples are a cult favorite and probably the most expensive ones of the lot. Portofino is a coral color with slight sheen to it, while Maui is very matte. The texture of these are nice, though in winters they tend to become slightly dry. Finger heat is enough to get good amount of product.

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick was a GWP and this freebie is probably my favorite of the lot. It does smell a little funky at times, but the texture is smooth and creamy. This cream to powder finish blush looks absolutely stunning and it is easy to blend. Love this one!

Josie Maran Blush Stick: This is all Natural, herbal smelling Blush. I just reviewed it in last post. This is the one which gives the most dewy look of all the ones I have.

Smashbox Cream Blush: This is a cream blush in pot and not in stick form. This too was a part of kit and the color and texture both are absolutely amazing. I just love how it looks on my skintone. This is not cream to powder finish, but is not sticky and gives an amazing flush. I had already swatched it and then realized this post is comparison for Stick Blushes. I thought why wipe?

Smashbox Speed racer, NARS Maui, Josie Maran Rosey, Clinique Rosy, NARS Portofino

I have reviewed all of these in detail before. I missed swatching NYC Creme Blush Stick in Color Plaza Pink. It is the most shimmery one I have. (See here)

Hope you find these swatches helpful.


  1. wonderful review & thanks for the swatches, I remembered once having NARS Maui and I share your complaint about feeling dry during wintertime. I'm still curious for their BLKR multiple, ofcourse

  2. Thank you! @birkinbagbeauty I am glad you enjoyed the swatches.

  3. Beautiful! I love Maui a lot. Must give Clinique a try! Thanks for the swatch comparisons.