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Burt's Bees Hand Salve - Review

This Burt’s Bee Product was also a part of the starter kit. A great way to try so many products in their generous mini sizes to pick the perfect one! Let me begin by saying I LOVE the smell. I love smell of Vicks, Eucalyptus Oil and all those Asian Tiger Balms that have some level of Menthol in it. This product has that same kind of Herbal Scent and I LOVE ittt!!

Salvation for rough, dry hands.

• Moisturizes rough, dry hands with botanical oils and Beeswax
• Herbal scent
• Perfect for both men and women

This description from the website pretty much sums up the whole review. This is exactly what it is.

This is a product that I would advise using strictly in your home as a bedtime/overnight  treatment  or as a part of deep  hand care regime, because the scent is really powerful and the product is super greasy.  The scent would put some people off and the greasiness will make it difficult to continue with chores. 

Color: Cloudy white (Vaseline like)

Texture: Greasy and super greasy!

Consistency: Thick Balm (think Vaseline)

Scent/Fragrance:  Herbal like Tiger Balm (as mentioned above)

Application: I just slather a  dime size amount. It is enough  to cover my hands well. Then I massage it well till the Salve actually floats on my hands leaving a shiny, greasy coat. I cover it with a soft hand gloves, especially made for these kind of treatments and are infused with Aloe Vera and some good stuff.

Feel  on skin: On application it feels oily/greasy, sticky and heavy. The beewax creates this thin waxy film which protects the skin from drying. The essential oils take their own good time to sink into the skin. My hands feel very soft, moisturized and nourished after the whole ritual.

Packaging: The mini one I have came in tin, but the full size too comes in a wide tin jar.

My Thoughts: I personally like the stuff for hands. The strong Eucalyptus smell does not bothers me. In fact, I enjoy it.  The heaviness, greasiness and strong smell can be reasons for many people not liking the product.
This is definitely a treatment for dry and very dry hands. I don’t  use this as an everyday hand cream (for reasons mentioned above). For that I prefer  L’Occitane Hand Creams.

I am curious to know anyone else enjoys this?

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