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Dazzling Wishlist - Beauty

This is going to be fun! My two friends have 'requested' me to 'post' a 'Beauty Wishlist'. LOL!

I love to buy my own Makeup and Fragrances.

Due to Dazzle 'n' Sparkle, I have loads of Beauty Products as it is, so I become super picky when buying them. This year the wishlist has products that I am curious to try, brands that I have never tried before. The Sephora In the Glow is on my Top Priority. It has so many lovely products!! I have tried a few and some are new. Burberry, YSL and Too Faced Lipsticks have some amazing colors and I wish to try these. I also need a good Powder Brush.

Hope you enjoy this list and Please do share what you have on your list (and you my friends... Send your list)

Have Fun Shopping!!!

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