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MAC Warm Soul, NARS Luster Blush

MAC Warm Soul Blush

I have had this blush since this summer, but never got a chance to review it. I personally enjoy Plummy colors like Sin, Gentle or Neutrals like Melba, Buff etc in winter months and I reserve peachy and Bronzy colors for Summer.

MAC Warm Soul Blush (with Flash)

Last week I wore a Bronzy Smokey Eye and I really needed some color on cheeks, but something that was not flat matte. In came MAC Warm Soul Mineralized Blush!

Color: Warm Peachy color with some bronzy undertones. Very difficult to describe. It has some gold shimmers in it.

Texture: Soft, not powdery

Packaging: Flip top, transparent dome shaped cover, to actually see the color.

The blush is very finely milled and one of the best ever released by MAC. It was a part of Sonic Chic Collection and the color is permanent.

The color pay off is good and builable. This is something that I like about this color. It is such a color, that it can give the needed warmth to face, without making it bronzy or or peachy. This would work for most skintones.

It is easy to work with because it blends easily and justs looks so natural. The shimmers don't just sit on face giving the disco ball look. They melt in beautifully to give a warm glow. Can also be used as a highlighter over colors like Ginegerly and Melba if used sparingly, without building the color.

NARS Luster Blush (Similar color Family)

NARS Luster is my all time favorite Summer color. I find it very similar to MAC Warm Soul.

NARS Luster and MAC Warm Soul

NARS Luster has a bit more color pay off  and I would not use it as a highlighter, which I can do with Warm Soul.

Swatches of NARS Luster Blush and MAC Warm Soul Blush

Swatch: NARS Luster and MAC Warm Soul

Both are lovely products and permanent. I don't think you need both. Depending on the skintone, anyone should be fine.

Which one is your Favorite? Luster or Warm Soul?

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  1. I love Warm Soul, I don't have it but a friend of mine does, it looks gorgeous on her!