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These hand creams too were a part of my gift basket that I made for myself and a Friend. I tell you its soo fun to pick out things and make a lovely gift Baskets! I am secretly so proud of myself (BIG GRIN)

I stuck to one Brand for most skincare stuff and I am glad I chose Neutrogena. The Brand didn’t disappoint me with any of their products.

Neutrogena® Fast Absorbing Hand Cream

Neutrogena® Fast Absorbing Hand Cream instantly delivers the moisture your hands need without any greasy after feel. This lightweight formula was developed with dermatologists and intensely moisturizes and nourishes skin as well as helps
repair skin's moisture barrier to keep hands softer and smoother, longer.

Fast Absorbing Hand Cream instantly absorbs into skin and leaves behind
only the comfort of perfectly soft, supple, smooth hands.

Non-greasy, Lightweight Fast-absorbing Dermatologist developed.

Surprisingly I agree with all the claims by the company. The product does not fails to deliver.

Texture: Light weight, Non- Greasy, Non-sticky

Fragrance: It has a slight scent of ‘something’. I couldn’t figure out what. It is a Pleasant one and not at all annoying.

Color: White

Feel on Skin: It hydrates and moisturizes the hands very well. The cream spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly and completely. The skin feels silky soft. It even performs dual task of hydrating and moisturizing the cuticles.

Application: I apply it 2-3 times a day. It lasts for a long time. You might need a few more applications if your job require washing hands more frequently. This is a light cream, so very less amount is needed, like two pea size. I noticed that if I apply too much, the hands feel sweaty and slippery. That whole sweaty, greasy kind of feeling is not nice.

This is a good cream to keep in car and purse, especially because its Non-greasy, handy and effective.


Neutrogena® Hand Cream delivers effective relief for dry, chapped hands.

This clinically proven, highly concentrated formula rapidly heals dry
hands. It noticeably improves the look and feel of your skin.
Hands feel soft and smooth after just one application.

Long-lasting Glycerin-rich
Concentrated Available in Original and Fragrance-free

I picked this one especially for my husband. He has ultra dry hands and though they are not
cracked, they still are super dry and chapped.

Texture: Slightly thick, Waxy and Creamy

Color: White

Fragrance: None

Application and Feel on Skin: This feels slightly greasy on skin. It is more like a night
time treatment for hands. This cream helps in repairing the dry hands and peeling cuticles. Me and my husband prefer to use it at night, because of the slight greasy nature. It is a little thick and waxy cream, so it takes some time to absorb into the skin.
A very little amount of product is needed as it is very concentrated.

It can also be used during the day, but the quantity of cream used should be just a pea size.

The results are good, because the hands feel super soft in the morning. It has helped to improve the texture of my Hubby’s hands. He noticed some good difference.

If you are looking for a night time hand care treatment, this Neutrogena
cream is a good choice at an affordable price. For the daytime, I would go with
the Fast Absorbing light weight Formula.

Prices vary from place to
place. I picked mine from Nordstroms Rack and it costed me $5 and $4

Do you have a Favorite Hand Cream?

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  1. Loved your review!I have dry hands too!Never tried Neutrogena on hand creams but I'll give it a shot!!