October 29, 2010


A sheer, oil-free, cream-to-powder complexion perfector. This is lightweight,
translucent, foundation-like product smoothes out imperfections and evens skin
tone with a silky, smooth finish that's super natural and super gorgeous.

First I got it as a mini in those Travel kits released by Benefit, a great way to try those sample size product before committing on a full size one. Initially I had like this product, but my only issue was the color match. I went ahead and bought the Deep color and unfortunately that color too didn’t work.

On to the review:

Benefit calls it “Foundation Faker”, which obviously means something that you can apply to get a look like Foundation, but is not really one…duh!

Some Kind-A Gorgeous in Deep

The Packaging: The Packaging is cute, like most of the Benefit products. It looks like a record and comes with a good size mirror and a sponge, securely nested in lower compartment. It is white in color and as the product is a cream, after a couple of uses the Plastic container tends to get dirty and looks ugly.

The texture: This is a light weight, cream to powder product. It has no smell and is not too greasy or oily to touch. Infact it turns into powder form almost instantly on rubbing. Its pretty easy to blend.

The application: This being a foundation faker, does not really has the coverage of a foundation. It is pretty much light coverage cream and all it will do is give an even look to the skin. It turns to a powdery finish on application, without actually looking cakey. It comes with a sponge, but I personally prefer using my fingers. The sponge soaks up too much product and there is a lot of wastage. Also, its just gross. I could never apply any cream product on my face with that Skunk Brush. Fingers are my best friend.

The color: Benefit has this in 3 colors. Lite, Medium (Original), Deep. Apparently, it is supposed to be self adjusting and these 3 colors would almost work for anyone. I think that’s dumb. The lightest color will probably work on very light skin tone person and may be one or two shade before and after. Same is applicable for other shade in medium. At the most the product will cater to one shade lighter or darker than the actual color of the cream. This one did turn ashy on me and was totally light and unnatural. The darkest shade which is Deep, is just so dirty, muddy and Orange/Yellow. I don’t really see it working for many dark skin tone people, including myself. Its just Dirty!

The feel and Finish: When I tried the sample size in summer, I liked how it felt on my skin. Apart from the mis-matched color, nothing was wrong with it. I am more of a tinted Moisturizer person, so I personally liked the whole concept of giving the face an even look, without all the caking and heaviness.
In colder months, now that my skin is drying, I find this product too drying and it just sits on the skin and makes those flaky patches more noticeable. This would not be a great choice for people with dry skin or with many issues.

If your skin is in a condition, where you need to apply a lot of Concealer, this product will be useless, because you will end up seeing Concealed Patches beneath this!

Size Comparison of a mini with MAC Eyeshadow

I personally feel, that this a product more apt for someone with really good, healthy skin with minimum issues. Someone with Normal and Oily skin will enjoy this product. The color match would still be an issue though. I strongly believe with my experience, that those 3 colors DO NOT work for almost all the skin tones.

Swatches of Foundation Faker in shade Medium (Its so Ashy)

Did you ever try this Product? Share your thoughts...

October 28, 2010

Dazzling Wishlist

I do this every year. Its an old trick, but it works! I make sure that my Wishlist reaches all those people who will be gifting me with something for the Holidays or all the other especial days that come during the last months and Initial 3 months of new year.

Also I make sure that I keep bringing the topic of what things I am 'lemming' or 'missing' or 'wishing' etc etc. It may be dumb, rude, foolish or whatever, but it helps me in getting what I want and it also helps the giver to decide. Also saves the hassle of "returning".

Honestly, there is two list in my mind. A "Practical wish list" and an "Impractical Dream list". The dreamlist is Obviously a list of products that I can only Dream of...I will post that for fun someday, but right now...

On to the Practical Wish list:

I love Ceramic Watches. I have the above two models, but the FENDI in white color and the MARC JACOB in Black. I find myself using them a lot. So I wish to get the above two again in the colors shown. Is it a good decision to buy same models of watches in Different colors??

MOVADO, an all time classic piece, affordable kinds and still work with many outfits. I have one, exactly same as the one pictured above that pink dial watch. I wish to own two more. One in dual tone, an Esparanza Model and a 100% Gold tone, in a model that is undecided.

Swarovski Desert Parallel

I have a similar one in Silver and Clear Crystal. It looks beautiful, but I think the gold one would work still better on my skintone, especially during summer months. Those parties are cool and this would go well with the natural tan that I get. I am kind of weird! If I like a piece in one color, I wish to own them in other colors available too. I do this often with my clothes.

David Smallcombe Jewelry

I like the work of this artist. His website just shows the pieces, but not the price. Its difficult to choose something without its price listed. I do love the way his jewelry looks though.


Pandora/Chamilia Beads for my Charm Bracelets. This will always be a part of my wishlist. There is nothing called as 'too much beads'. The permutation-combinations are endless! The more beads you have, more unique creations are created!

I was searching for Authentic Gemstone beads, for making Bracelets to go with 2 Gemstone bead bracelets that I already owned. My idea was to stack them like the picture shown below. Those are a bunch of woodbead bracelets, by a Youtuber named Dara. I am not sure if this name is correct. I stumbled upon this Blog Eightseventeen jewelry, and the blogger makes these lovely bracelets with real Gemstones and a silver charm. Its so cute, I just can't stop thinking about them!Definately wish to own a black and White one.



This is very much in fashion and insanely expensive. Well, not insanely...but considering the fact that its just leather and nuggets, I don't want to spend so much on it. A gift is always welcome..lol!

As much as I love Accessories, I just can't keep myself away from make-up. There sure is a wishlist, though I am pretty much not in a position to buy more, for reasons many of you know.


The new Fragrance Peace, Love or something like that. I personally liked the smell. Fragrances are subjective, so it may be Yuck! for someone, its a Wishlist Item for me!!


I recently got chance to experience a CHANEL Blush (the round one). Want to try this one aswell. The pattern itself is GORGEOUS!!


It SUCKS that this palette is always Sold Out. I have many similar colors, but the whole idea of these nested in one palette is great! I love the fact that its SLEEK and NOT BULKY like the BOOK OF SHADOWS. Definately, tops my Wishlist.


I don't remember the name of this Estee Lauder Palatte, but me being a sucker for neutrals, I just need this in my life.

So this concludes some of the materialistic things that I wish to get or buy. I hope I manage to own at least 25% of the list.

DO YOU HAVE A LIST IN MIND...PLEASE SHARE..I would love to add more to my list, by Copying yours!!!

Disclaimer: I am not Affiliated with any of the brands or Blogs mentioned above. This is just a wishlist!

October 26, 2010



Seriously? This is a Drug Store Product? I mean comeon...Its FANTASTIC!!
This literally proves "All that Glitters is not Gold"!!

I am a self confessed ardent eyeliners user. I always always waterline and tightline. I have tried numerous Brands from Makeup Forever to MAC to Smashbox and Urban Decay. Also, in-between brands like Ulta, Covergirl, Stila, Prestige...and so on.

I obviously had heard that this product was good, but for some reasons my nearby CVS and Giant stores never had it in stock. Now I know why it was always 'Out of Stock'!

I can confidently say, nothing is as rich, soft and long lasting as this one. Consider my past reviews as Out-dated. Urban Decay though is long lasting, its still not as rich in color nor is this smooth. Milani Liquif'eye liner is like Liquid liner. It has this shine and intensity of a liquid liner and not to mention the richness and darkness of the color.

I have Black color, so I am talking about that one color. Its long lasting and once it dries within 30 seconds, its sets and then nothing can budge it.

I use a make-up remover to get rid of it at night. So very impressed with this one. Its a new Favorite and I know its going to be in my good books for very long time.

Disclaimer: I am raving about this product, it was purchased by me. Not sent in for consideration.

October 25, 2010


Hi my friends..

I am back again, with another weekly update of my life. I can't help for this Monday Morning post appearing in quick succession...The weeks are passing by Super Speedy...

Anyways, last week we went to see the beautiful Fall trees and colors, but my son was really mad at us as he didn't get any chance to see Pumpkins, which is what HE associates with Fall/Autumn. So this weekend, we went to show him Pumpkins. This Garden had a display of over 300 varieteis of Pumpkins all big and small... He got chance to play in the hay and take pictures with Scare-crows and all the silly stuff.

I too did my little shopping. I added a few Pandora Charms to my Bracelet. I have yet not ordered from Sephora FF sale, which is really giving me restless nights..lol!! Due to my self impossed restriction to buy much stuff, I didn't order any Fragrance. Fragrance bottles are heavy and it will be difficult for me to move across the globe with heavier luggages. I will have to pay more...which I really want to avoid now. I am sad that I am missing this sale, as I love adding Fragrances to my collection during sale times.
Will order for some Urban Decay Eye Pencils though (esp the Color Stash). Its one of my favorite Colored eye liners.

Rest all fine. I will be around, posting something that might interest you, but honestly nothing very new, because I am not buying much.

Have a great and Lovely week ahead.


October 23, 2010

NARS Sin and MAC Gentle Blushes = Winter Love!!


I picked MAC Gentle Mineralized blush , just because it looked so pretty in pan and also my MAC was out of Warm Soul blush. When I came home, it instantly reminded me of a similar shade, SIN by NARS. Both these colors fall into the Plum Category and are lovely colors for Fall and Winter.


NARS Sin is pretty much a dirty-mauve color, with some Gold Sparkles. It looks very sexy in pan. The color has much needed warmth in it and it is not as pigmented as other NARS Blushes. It still has amazing pigmentation of its own. The color blends in beautifully and after blushing the Gold shimmeres just give a glow and do not look Obvious OTT sparkles. I like to pair it with a very neutral eye make-up. Colors like Satin Taupe on eye, with some Pinky nude lips and Sin Blush on cheeks really give a lovely sexy look. It would work very nicely on many skin tones and depending on the application, the intensity can be controlled.

MAC Gentle Mineralize blush is a plumy Pink color. It does not has the muddy mauviness of NARS Sin and that’s what makes it more wearable for Day time in winters.
Mineralize blushes from MAC, that were released during the Sonic Chic Collection (part of which is permanent) is probably the best Mineralize blush released to date. MAC gave us tons of Mineralize blushes later, but most of them were very chunky and glittery.
Gentle is very smooth and it blends so nicely. It has no visible shimmer or sparkle, but it gives this amazing glow on cheeks which is natural and makes the face look healthy and happy.

Many girls I know don’t enjoy Plum cheek colors. But none of the above colors are flat Plum or Purple. The blend with mauve or Pink dusted with some Gold shimmers makes these colors complex, but wearable.

If you are in search of a good Fall Winter color, do give these two pretty colors a look. Try them on. Go to the store with bare cheeks. You might fall in Love…

October 21, 2010

Simple Sparkles - James Avery Jewelry

I had been wanting jewelry from this brand since past 2 years or so. Apparently, JA is a brand of Jewelry, that is very well known and famous, especially for their Charm Bracelets and Religious Christian Jewelry.

I had never seen any of their pieces in person, simply because they have all their outlets/retail stores in Texas, Georgia, Colorado, Tennesse area. They have close to 60 stores, but none of them in New York or California or Chicago, which are some of the major cities in the world (little strange, right?)

I liked the mantra of the brand "Keep it Simple"
The company philosophy is "Each piece of jewelry should pass the tests of Simplicity, Integrity, Meaning and Universality". These four “founding values”

Finally I did picked a few stuff online. I avoided the charm bracelet, because I was not sure of the quality, weight, finish, size etc.

They came packed beautifully in these kind of coral mesh bag and coral boxes.


Lover's Knot Pendant: This is a very heavy piece and Beautifully crafted. It is supposed to be worn on a thick cord. I tried it on a thick silver chain. it’s a fantastic piece, but there is an issue. It flips over. The hole at the back is huge. Very huge. A really thick Cord would work, but then I don’t want a thick rope like thing. Yet have to figure out how to work with it though.

Mariposa Pendant: This is another, well made sturdy piece of sterling silver jewelry. It has tons of oxidation and shading. No shiny stuff. I personally feel very shiny silver goes pretty much in contrast with my dark, olive skin tone. Shaded silver looks much better. This is more like a casual piece of jewelry. Simple Jeans and t-shirt.


Mariposa Earrings: I picked this one to go with my Mariposa Pendant. The earring is pretty and Beautiful, but whats with that hook?? Its endlessly long and looks just like a dagger!!! I have never seen a hook this long! Does any body really needs such long hooks for earrings. I will get my jeweler cut it for me.

Lover's Knot Earpost: I love this post. Its big, its decently heavy and stays in place. Usually heavy and big posts work for me, because my earlobes are big and the piercing is exactly in the middle. The back lever is strong and the rubber guard or whatever it is called is nice and will provide support, if you have small ear lobes.

Heart Knot Earpost: This is comparatively lighter than the original Knot post and stays in place. Its more like an everyday wear. Not very high shine.

Over all the pieces are good and well made, WITH SOME ISSUES as mentioned above. They are strong and sturdy and you get some real Sterling Silver. They are not insanely priced like the Tiffanys. I chose all the pieces that had some level of Oxidation or shading. My husband thought that most of them looked like steel. I would say, all the pieces I showed above are more casual everyday wear, not party wear. Its obviously not like Swarovski, no bling or shine.

Am I happy with my purchase?

Well, if I had got the chance to try them at store, I would probably have not picked some of the pieces. Seeing a piece in Catalogue and seeing them in person against skin tone is very different. I have no complains with the quality, but I would not be buying any more pieces online. I would love to try them in person before I buy.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this Brand. Non of the item mentioned above is free. I paid for them. The whole purpose of this post is to share my thoughts on this brand and the pieces I own. When I was hunting for the information for this brand, all I could find on the net was lovely pictures and Emotional stories of people who own them. Very little description of the product by owner was found. I hope this information will help some.

October 18, 2010


Hi friends...

Hope this Post finds you in all good health! Me? Fine...

I had a great weekend. We went to the Poconos Mountains, Bushkill Falls to be precise. My eyes are all relaxed with the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. The weather was beautiful...so was the day!

I finally got a chance to see the MAC Disney Collection after so many days. Its OK. I just didn't find anything ubber unique to spend on. I should say, I am just being picky.
With all the anticipation of moving, I just need to cut down on accumulating any stuff now.
Moving to another city is fine. You can take as much as you want, thanks to the local, ground Transportation. Moving to a different country, is hell of a task. There are luggage limits and not to mention the amount of stuff that gets broken or stolen during the big move.

Anyways, I just need to stop complaining about my family issues. By the way, my friend and a cousin agreed to do a swap with me for some of my make-up against Gift Cards and some other stuff that I have been wanting and that I can carry easily. So thats a very good thing and I am thankful to them.

Nothing much to share. I have a little jewelry haul coming up. I can carry jewelry both fine and fashion pieces easily in much less space. So I am happy hauling for them and that way it curbs my shopping craving.

Signing off now. I will be around.

Have a colorful week...


October 16, 2010

Beauty Obsessions - August-September 2010

Question: Anybody still interested in reading a Beauty Favorite post, at this time of the month??
Ans: No!!!! No!!!

Ok..Ok…I hear ya all…The collective answer…

But I will post anyways…I have the pics ready!

This is a collective Aug/Sept Beauty Obsession. In August I didn’t had any specific Favorite product worth mentioning. Most of them were repeats of the past month. No new Discovery in my own stash.

In September though I had few experiences that I would like to share.

I had been to Florida (Disney World Resort, to be precise). I had packed my lovely blushes, Eyeliners and some neutral shadows. Not that I intended to slap on full make-up, but I did plan on a light make-up with some pretty liner and gloss. Little did I knew that Florida heat and humidity was something different!!

Nothing stayed on my face. It was so hot and humid, that everything just melted off right away. There was no question of make-up staying put or long Lasting, it just melted and vanished in thin air!

Lesson learnt on day 1 of my trip, I did experiment with other basics that I had and its there, I discovered or rather realized the importance of some old products and stuff.

Bored?? The Rambling was too Rambly (????)

Ok, I will start.

Sunscreen: The ultimate savior!! I don’t need to tell you why. I used the Neutrogena one. Its not ubber sticky and has a decent SPF of 45.

Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier was the one I used. It obviously was sticky for that Humid Florida weather, but I needed it to even out the skin tone.

Benefit Posietint: I had tiny samples of these. I used them, because I felt naked without cheek color. Something was missing on my face, when I looked in the mirror. The product is good. Worked for me (not pictured here).

Cargo Blu-ray Mattifier: I usually use this stuff as base. During my vacation I used it above the SPF layers I wore. It helped to reduce the shine for at least initial hours.

Eyelash Curler and Mascara: This was something that saved me and my face in pictures. With everything practically melting off, this did make the eyes look good and happy the whole day.

Brown Eyeliner was the color of choice for liners. MAC Stubborn Brown Liner sucks!! I will review it soon.

Lipstick: Light Pink colors like Bobbi Brown and Benefit La La Land. It gave me some color on the lips. Bobbi Brown is a stiff lipstick, but Benefit one is very creamy and it melted. Now that tube is messy. I have used my back-up for the picture.

Lip Balm with SPF 20 really gave a protective covering. I used the Soft Lips one.

Water: I purchased this travel spray bottle and it worked like Evian Spray for me. I cannot even tell you, what a blissful thing it was to feel that cold spray of water on hot skin.

Aloe Vera Gel: After the whole day of torturous sun, this soothing gel saved my A**, Face and every area that was just sunburnt! it’s a miraculous product. I don’t care what brand it is, Aloevera gel in general is a soothing savior.

Back from Vacation, while the whole Beauty community had started talking and using Fall Make up, Poor me was so badly tanned, that I had to stick to my old summery stuff which included the Warmed MSF, Luster and Miami Beach Blush and Chanel Sunkissed Illuminator/Bronzer.

I must say there is no MSF like Warmed MSF. Its just FANTASTIC!!!! Luster blush is another Gem that I have loved since the day I bought it. It just works beautifully on Tanned skin.

Also, I never fill in my eye-brows as I think they are thick enough, but this NYC Brow kit was lying in my make-up drawers and I just used it for fun. What a difference it made!!! It just framed my face in a very pretty way. It was something that was always missing in my routine and just a tiny bit color made a noticeable difference. The brown color is a perfect match too. Its similar to MAC Brun.

During my holiday trip, what bugged me the most was that inspite of having loads of nice, good quality make-up, my pictures turned out all Crappy and Happy, thanks to the SPF I had piled on. In trips like Disney, you are out in the sun from sunrise to visible moonrise and I was not prepared to face that kind of harshness on face, with make-up on.

Good thing was some nice, random people commented on my Jewelry and Watch. They said it was nice. Even I was noticing other people’s unique jewelry and accessories. Its when I realized, its better to have a good collection of accessories, rather than having 10 shades of Peachy Pink and Pinky Peach Blushes.

I should Sign off now…Thank you for sticking till the end…

Hello…You guys there???? Hello….I knew, everyone would be gone…

October 12, 2010



If I remember correctly, last year many Gurus on You Tube were raving about this Product. Few months back I got a generous sample of this tube along with my Korres Order and I got a chance to try this. I have been using it from past 2 weeks or so.

Guava Body Butter
A divinely rich, smoothing cream infused with aninvigorating Blend of Tropical Fruits.

Korres Guava Body Butter is a true moisturizing must-have. Its skin-pampering
formula is enriched with shea butter to soften, moisturize, and restructure the
skin; a proprietary blend of sunflower, almond, and avocado oils to restore
elasticity and smoothness; and quince extract to heal and nourish.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

What else you need to know:
Korres Body Butters are 93% natural and free of PPGs, MEA, DEA, TEA, formaldehyde donors, ethanolomine, and propylene glycol. A convenient, generously sized tube makes for easy use and fabulous value. Enjoy your indulgently healthy treat!

My two cents on this raved product.

The texture: Its soft, creamy and smooth just like butter, just like the name! Its Light weight, but slightly Greasy.

The Smell: It has some Coconut smell going on. Even though its Guava, I smell Coconut. The scent does not stays on for long time. After 10 minutes or so, I cannot smell anything.

The Feel: It is pretty Greasy. Its light weight, so it gets absorbed quickly in the skin, but leaves this slight sheen. It moisturizes very well and the skin feels soft and supple the whole day. The like the fact that the cream does not just 'sits' on the skin, but is well absorbed. I actually like the slight greasiness which this cream has. Its a body butter, and I just like the richness of this butter on my body (This was such a lame sentence, but you guys got what I want to say).

I see a noticeable change in my skin, which was getting pretty dry and rough due to the weather change. Personally I am not a fan of this coconutty scent, but I can live with it, because the scent disappears after sometime.

It is devoid of any harsh chemicals, which is a good thing, but then again it comes with an expiry date. I am not very picky about the chemical contents that goes into my body creams or lotions, but Korres having many things natural in them is always a bonus.

I have used Body Butters in the past. Bath and Body Work Butters are the thickest and the greasiest. This was a pretty light and creamy. It was a welcome change for my body.

Disclaimer: This was a deluxe sample with my order. It was not sent to me by the company for consideration. Its a sample, so obviously I didn't pay for it.

October 11, 2010


Pic: Mikelens

Hi all you Beautiful People...

Hope everyone is doing good. Me and my Coffee, both are smiling..:)
Our week was pretty much the same as last week. I don't think I did anything different worth mentioning.
I did visit Specktra site for long hours and OMG! The new upcoming collections from MAC looks great! There are some new products and the swatches of Tartan Tale collection, I believe its called look just AMAZING!!! There is one quad, that has my name written all over it.
Also I am lusting over DIOR collection swatches on The Beauty Look Book and Fab Over Forty Beauty Websites. They are just wonderful.
Its difficult to choose from many of these Holiday/Winter Collection. All the brands I love are coming out with exceptionally good color selection. To top it all, I am so on a restricted Make-up buy! This SUCKS!

Budgeting is really a hard task during Fall/Winter Seasons. Oh, well....This Phase too shall pass..
Oh, there is the most awaited SEPHORA FF Sale coming this month end. I don't know what will I do...but I will try to keep strong..lol!!!

Have you decided on anything that you are going to buy 100%, for sure?? Share..Share..:)

Wish you all have a great and Healthy week ahead..


October 5, 2010


I am not a huge Nail Polish collector. I love to paint my nails and I make sure that my nails are never 'Naked' but I am not into following the collections and stuff. Infact, till last year I used to paint even Turquoise color in Fall, but now I kind of try to restrict that to summer and wear more season appropriate colors, thanks to all the Nail Blogs!

I picked a few colors in the past 2 months and they are just random colors. Nothing new or unheard of.

Some comparisons of the above colors, with the colors I already had.

I love Grey on my nails. MAC released a Grey Nail polish called 'On the Prowl' with their Hello Kitty Collection. It was one of the best Greys I had. My mom loved it and I gave it to her. I could never duplicate that grey though.

Its my first time trying 'Barielle' Brand Nail Polish. It is good. The consistency is not too thin and I get the decent bottle color in two coats.

Mink Muffs is my typical Brown Color, a type that I usually like to apply on my nails. They just work with everything, I mean with all the outfits. I had seen people enjoying a beautiful color by CHANEL called Particulier or something like that. As much as I love that color, paying $23 for a nail polish kinda sucks! I can go over budget with a Skincare stuff, but for some reasons, Nail Polish, No!

Purples, Mauves are my all time Favorites. They just look too good on my hands..:)
All the four colors above are Obviously different from each other. Parlez-vous OPI and Call your Mother look close in bottle, but on Application they are different and I enjoy them both.

Recently Essie came out with a lovely Fall Collection. Merino Cool and one more greenish shade were just amazing! My ULTA didn't had these colors. They were Sold Out! I would like to own them though, as they are pretty much my kind of colors and luckily Affordable (thanks to ULTA discounts)

I didn't swatch any of these, simply because non of these are any new colors. Infact, I myself have picked them after lusting over Fabulous Swatches on various Nail Blogs. If you want to see any of these colors on nails, just let me know and I will share them on my nails.

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