September 27, 2010


NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream

NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream is an antioxidant cream that targets dark eye
circles, puffiness and reduces the visible signs of aging in the delicate eye
area. Also contains Green Tea extract and Cucumber extract. Ophthalmologist
tested and Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 3% Gluconolactone, 1% Lactobionic
acid, Vitamin K, Pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

How I used it

Twice a day AM and PM
Duration: 10 weeks plus

This eye cream was sent to me by the Neostarta company for consideration in June. I have been using it religiously since then and it even was one of my favorite products in July. It is still going strong. I have used it for a decent amount of time and I think I am in position to give my opinions and share my experience.

I have dark under circles as you all know by now. I always use eye creams. They are a part of my everyday skin care routine since ages and I am habituated to them now. I have tried many brands. Clinique, Philosophy, Korres, Revlon, Neutrogena, Origins etc. Origins is my all time Favorite, Clinique being close second.

I must say this new cream is AMAZING!! I am not saying this because its free. It sure is amazing and I have good reasons to back my statement.

Firstly this cream has few things as a part of their ingredients which have not used in the past. Vitamin K and Lactobionic Acid are two things which non of the creams or serums had that I used.

This has reduced my dark under eye circles considerably. The under eye area feels soft and smooth. It moisturizes the area so well. It is very light weight and not at all greasy. It sinks in beautifully and leaves on oiliness whatsoever.

Also, unlike many eye creams that I had used in the past, this does not stings, burns or irritate my eyes. This is great because I can use it under my concealer, without actually hurting my eye.

I cannot comment on its capability to reduce wrinkles or Puffiness, because I don’t have any of those issues as of now.

I use my ring finger to pat the cream, by gently massaging the area applying feather light pressure, in circular motion till the cream sinks in and disappears.

It also has Gluconolactone, as a part of its Key Ingredients, that helps in reparing damage and provides protection with its Anit-oxidant properties. Now, even though we don’t know the clinical terms or the way these ingredients work, but we all know Anti-oxidants are great for skin, hair and health in general.

It is fragrance free and comes in a soft, squeeze tube with a nozzle. This is sanitary and the nozzle size is small enough to prevent wastage.

There might be few questions you want to ask.

Ques: Would you have bought this product on your own, if the company didn’t send it to you for free?
Ans: No. I didn’t knew about this brand at all. I am glad that the company sent it to me.

Ques: How does this cream differ from others that you have used in past?
Ans: I think this is a very multi-purpose eye cream. It reduces darkness, moisturizes, does not stings, is not heavy and does not leaves the under eye area oily! My old creams and serums lacked in one or two departments always.

Ques: What is the USP of this eye cream according to you?
Ans: The very fact that I can wear it all day, keeping my eye area protected and moisturized, without disturbing my Makeup routine is something which is good. Also it does not stings!

Ques: Will you buy this product again?
Ans: Yes. Its $50 for a tube, which is expensive. But then most of the eye creams or serums come with a higher price tag. This works and I am glad its not $150!

If you are seriously looking for an eye cream for dark circles, this is something worth trying. Please fell free to ask questions if you have any. I was sent this product for consideration and I have tried my level best to give an honest opinion. I am not affiliated with the brand and this is no paid review. Like always, skincare products may vary in their effectiveness from person to person.

Visit for more information.


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Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the weather. I am so happy to say good bye to Sun and Heat! There is something beautiful about the cloudy weather, Rains and changing colors of the trees. Some find this Gloomy...I find this Romantic..

Anyways, last week in Dazzle 'n' Sparkle you saw some posts on products that were technically boring, but definately Essentials. There are a few more such skin and eye care reveiws coming soon. I also have a little Nail Polish buys to Share and a small Beauty Buy from Sephora aswell.
The new collection from MAC (Disney), is very huge and though many people are enjoying the goodies, I am just finding it Juvenile. I had said the same thing about Hello Kitty, but ended up liking 2 products, so maybe its a pre-mature Statement. The colors in the collection are not Unique, nor are any products. Honestly, I have passed that 'Phase' of having something from every collection. I guess it happens when you have been into collecting make up stuff since long.

I am Rambling...I know!! Wish you all have a Great day and week ahead. I will see ya around.


September 25, 2010

LAURA MERCIER - Secret Brightening Powder

Secret Brightening Powder

Laura Mercier created Secret Brightening Powder to set Secret Brightener, Secret
Concealer, and Secret Camouflage. Formulated for all skin types, the powder
contains micronized pigments that will not settle in fine lines or accentuate
shadows and instantly delivers a soft, weightless finish.
Very few Products that carry the "Brightening" tag work for me. As I have mentioned in some of my past reviews, that most of the Brightening products are actually Whitening Products. They just make the area White!!!! It has been my experience with many products, though its not a Thumb Rule.

This Powder by Laura Mercier is a slight Beige/Creamish colored Loose Powder, which is to be used over Corrector and Concealer for Under eye areas, so as to prevent creasing and melting of Concealers.

The powder is very finely milled. It is very light weight and does a great job in getting rid of the oiliness. It is very light and does not settles in the fine lines, even if I over do it.
The best part is, it DOES NOT dries the undereye area, which unfortunately Makeup Forever HD powder did. Also, it looks very natural and does not makes the under eye area white like Brody Jenner. The powder is invisible, but it manages to give that brightening effect. It works well with Dark Circles. It is not sparkly nor has any distracting shimmery stuff.

I have the shade 2, meant for medium to Dark complexion and I use MAC 224 brush to apply this, but any Fluffy Brush will work. The only annoying part is the container. I just hate the way it is made. It has a sifter, which has million big holes. I don't know why we need so many of them. Its so difficut to travel with!!! There is so much powder wasted, just by accumulating in the lids!

I have used the tape method, where you secure some holes with a clear tape, leaving only few open holes available for use. It is kind of working, but I would still prefer a different kind of packaging.

The product works. I don't know how exactly it works, but it works. Trust me!!! I just love it!
At $22, I find it to be slightly over priced.

I want to Try Benefit's Powderflage. Have heard good things about that one.

Do you use Powders for setting the Concealer? Do you think this is an extra, unnecesary step? Does this Works for you?

September 23, 2010

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Golden

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Golden

I was pretty impressed by Bobbi Brown Corrector (Review) and decided to give their Creamy Concealer a try. The MUA at store matched me to color Golden, which I think is bit dark, but I apply it over the corrector, so it kinda blends in well and evens out everything.

Bobbi Brown Concealer (Golden) and Corrector (Dark Peach)

The concealer is definately creamy and light weight, which obviously means its more oil based. I use to apply this under my eye using a stiff flat, synthetic concealer brush. I have one from Coastal Scents, that fits in the undereye area perfectly well and does the job.

I avoid using my fingers with this product, because I noticed that when I apply it with my fingers, the under eye area gets more oily and the concealer settles into the fine lines. Also less is more with concealers always...

Using a brush avoids this and then I set the whole thing with Laura Mercier Secret Brightenting powder. This makes the Concealer last longer. If I don't use the powder, the concealer just melts and disappears after few hours. SETTING WITH POWDER IS MUST.

Bobbi Brown Concealer in Golden and Corrector in Dark Peach

The coverage is opaque, not very thick though. It looks very natural, not like an artificial pastey or cakey. I mainly use it for under eye area and it does a good job of hiding those circles.

The best thing about the Bobbi Brown Brand is that it has good shade range and has yellow'ness' or warmth in it. They match yellow undertones very well. This is something that not many brands boast of. I find many brands have concealers and foundations with more Pink undertones in it. MAC has a good color range aswell, but the pot concealers are too heavy and thick.

The container is compact and comes with a mirror, which is good. Its difficult to open at times because it ruins my nail polish. Its not tight or something, just the placement of the snap closure is such that it ruins my nail polish.

Good product, but if you have very oily lids or under eye area, you might want to try it at store before spending $22, which is kinda steep for a product that is to be used everyday.

What is your HOLY GRAIL Concealer?

September 21, 2010

Bobbi Brown Corrector - Dark Peach (Review)


This is a product that I was very skeptical about before buying. Do correctors really work? Are they just gimmick? Is it worth buying? Which Color to choose? I had tons of questions as usual.

Well, to begin with I have bluish, Purplish under eye circle, which are pretty noticeable. It is something I am born with. I can’t help it…it’s a little family thing that has been passed through generations…Unfortunately.

I have tried many concealers, from various brands and different textures, but most of them used to leave a ‘grey cast’. I thought my color selection of concealer was wrong and I kept spending money on buying different shades. Nothing was working 100% perfect! I also tried the under eye brightening products, which helped in the evenings, but for day time they still would be a bit shiny/shimmery and again not exactly the product I was looking for my issue.

Other day, I found this tiny sample of Everyday Mineral Peach concealer in my stash, which was in powder form. I thought why not try? I dabbed a little on my dark circles and even though the color was light, it didn’t turn ashy or grey. This made me think, I should try Bobbi Brown Correctors. So I got myself color matched at a counter and the MUA selected Dark Peach for my coloring of NC40 in MAC foundation.

The product itself is very thick, but creamy. Its not the best consistency, as I would have personally preferred. The coverage is very opaque. The key to get the job done is a good color match and application technique. The application technique plays a vital role.

This is how the MUA used it on me.

1. Heavily moisturized the under eye area with a cream.
2. Started from inner corner with a brush, then used her fingers to dab the product.
3. She later set it with a loose yellowish powder, with a fluffy brush.


I had hard time to apply this initially. It would sink in my fine lines if I swiped or used a large amount. The motion used is the 'patting' one and not the 'swiping' one. Just a Dab of Corrector, with MAC 194 Synthetic Brush and then patting it with fingers is what I do. The Synthetic brush helps in less wastage. MAC 194 is a firm and flat brush and the size fits perfectly in my inner corners.

Also, the color of corrector matters. I was color matched to Dark Peach and its always better to get an expert do this for you. The corrector being Peach in color, if applied on any other area where there is no Blue/Purple darkness will stand out exactly the shade it is PEACH!!

How does this corrector works?
Well, it’s a simple color theory. Concealers with Yellow or Neutral color base can not cover blue/purplish dark circles, but Peach or Salmon color base masks the Blue/Purplish tones.

It does a fantastic job and many times I just don’t need Concealer at all! It is a must to set the whole under eye area with a loose Powder and I use Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in Shade 2. This prevents melting or creasing of the under product used, and stays put the whole day.

The corrector retails for $22 a piece and comes with a mirror. It’s in a tiny, compact container. Sephora has started carrying BB products, which is great, because now I can stock it up during FF sale.

It’s a lovely product and definitely lives up to its expectations. I have heard very good things about Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer or something like that. Would love to try that some day.

What are your thoughts on Correctors? Did you ever Try any one of them? Did they work for you?

September 20, 2010


Hi all my Friends,

Hope you all are enjoying the weather change. Me too, but not my son. Now he got sick. Its really bad, because now he has to miss school Again! Doctor advised Rest and some basic Medication. So thats fine. I just have to do formalities and paperwork for school and then attend him the till feel better.

Last week was pretty jampacked with work. Not to mention the initial weeks at school are hectic aswell (as a parent). Those Back to School Nights, PTO Meeting, Welcome famillies etc etc.
Will resume back in full swing, with full fledged blogging soon. This week will see a few pending posts for Bobbi Brown Corrector, Concealer and LM Brightening powder. All very amazing products.

I am sure you will enjoy them. They are essentials!!

Have a great and happy week ahead.


September 15, 2010


'BEAUTY BUYS' is another term coined for the infamous 'HAUL'. Its just
thelistof things I buy and the ones you will hear me 'yak', 'blab',
'review'aboutin next few posts!!! Call this a 'Preview'...

I picked afew things from MAC before going on my Vacation. Actually I just went to pick a Brown Eye Liner, but then ended up buying a few more stuff.

Goodies I picked:

1. MAC Power Point Pencil in Stubborn Brown. (This is not as amazing as I had expected)
2. MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle. (Total impulse buy)
3. MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup (Creemsheen Formula)
4. MAC 188 Brush. (I hardly buy brushes from MAC stores, prefer CCOs, but my CCO was not getting this one since long time. Finally I spent...I hope it works as I have expected!!)

Did pick a few Nail polishes from Sephora, but I will do a collective Nail and Foot care stuff Haul.

September 13, 2010

LORAC - Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

LORAC - Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

Behind The Scenes Eye Primer is a gentle, lightweight eyeshadow primer that
is free of oil, fragrance, and parabens. It is a crease-resistant formula
that holds pigment in place for long-lasting, stay-true color. It easily glides
on the eye lid and the silky-smooth finish minimizes flaws and imperfections on
the lid.

Formulated WITHOUT

Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Dyes

I had no idea that something like this existed. It came with my LORAC Little Black Palette. Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original) is my HG Primer and I never felt the need to try any other eye primer. I had tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance and unfortunatley it didn't work for me.
This on the other hand was a pleasant surprise!! Its light weight, spreads easily and does not leaves the lid oily. The shadows stay put and does not creases after long hours of wear. Its not drying either. Pretty balanced I should say.

This comes in a tube, which is good. No wastage business. There is no fragrance and it does not changes the color of the lids, though evens out the lid skintone.

Its a good alternative to my UDPP and I would not mind buying a full tube next time, I run out of UDPP. Loving LORAC as a Brand...

What do you think of LORAC as a Cosmetic Brand? Any Favorites from this Brand?


Hi Folks...

Hope you all doing well. I am back from my Vacation from Florida, all tired and Tanned!! I seriously need another vacation from this one. The place is freakin hot and humid. It was fun though.

I have loads to ramble and I need free ears. A random rambling post to follow soon. Please lend me your!!
I did miss blogging though. The posts that kept appearing on the journal were scheduled one. I will be answering the comments and reading my blogroll soon.

No Cosmetic purchases at this trip, though I did buy some silly Disney stuff. You know how those are. I have an old Beauty Buys to share and have my August Favs to post. Would you like to see the favorite post now?? I usually don't have the most amazing finds, but I do have some cute jewelry to share. Just let me know if interested and I can post that one.

Ok, need to sign off. I will be bugging you around asusual. Have a great week ahead.


September 11, 2010



I knew this would never work for me, but one of my favorite YOU TUBE GURU raved and raved about this and you all know it can be very impressive at times the way these GURUs talk. I HAD TO HAVE it. I bought and as expected MADLY didn't show up at all on me!!

NARS BLUSH - MADLY (different light setting)

Its a pretty color and the NARS describe it as Sea-Shell Pink. Even though the name has pink in it, the blush looks very much neutral brownish, greyish with a hint of Mauve/Pink.
It is not aflat matte blush, but does has some micro shimmer thing going on. Not OTT glitter, so that can be excused. The end result is just sheen, no sparkles.

Like all NARS blush, no complains with the finish or blending. The texture is soft and smooth. Not chalky at all. It blends in very nicely.

This is one of those colors, that will make your cheeks, 'my cheek, but better', if you are anywhere near NC25. NC 30 might find it OK, depending on the skin undertone. NC35 might get a hint of 'something' on their cheek, but I doubt any color. I am pretty sure it would not show up on NC40 plus girls.

The color would surely be Amazing for light skintones. The blush is Nice, but not for me.

What was I thinking when I picked this? Hot Pinks like DESIRE show up on me, not something like Seashell pink!!!!

What is your Favorite Blush from NARS?

September 9, 2010



A lightweight, emollient face primer that helps makeup stay in place
longer while preventing creasing in fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike other
primers, Clean Slate™ contains natural fruit- and plant-derived extracts to
treat, protect, sooth, and hydrate the skin.

Formulated WITHOUT:

Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Dyes

This primer contains Skinvigorating™ ingredients such as avocado oil, which is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E, and safflower seed oil, a vegetable-derived oil with moisturizing capabilities. Echinacea root extract has anti-bacterial properties that have been known to decrease inflammation, and rosemary leaf extract is known to increase blood circulation. Hibiscus flower extract contains antioxidant properties that help to restore skin's elasticity.

This was a little Deluxe Sample that I had got sometime back from Sephora. It is pretty similar to those Silicone based primers. It has the same slippery, silky feel on skin after application. The product is Light weight and is absorbed nicely by the skin. It does not dries to a powder finish, but does leaves the skin slightly matified.

The foundation applies well and stays put, without looking patchy or greasy by end of the day. I tried it under Foundation just twice in very hot and Humid climate, but used a lot with my tinted Moisturizer. It does not leaves skin greasy at all.

The product is a Translucent, white gel with absolutely no fragrance.

I like this better than my Smashbox Primer, the one with Dermaxyl Complex. That one used to get bit oily by end of the end. I would not compare it to Benefit Bad Gal, because its a Brightening Primer. Cargo Blu-Ray one is cream to powder finish and Urban Decay Pore Perfecting one targets the pores.

The best thing is this primer contains many natural ingredients and has no SPF like NARS one, because the SPF, even though protective, just leaves the skin too sticky and the stickiness doubles up if you are using moisturizers or foundation that has SPF aswell.

Happy with the sample...Definately on list for full size purchase!

Have you tried Tarte Clean Slate Primer? What is your Favorite Primer for face?

September 7, 2010

MAC Purple/Plum (Red Tone) Eyeshadows

These are a few MAC Purple/Violet/Plum eyeshadows that has Red Undertones to them. I had clicked these pics long time ago, just totally forgot to post them.

Colors I have are:

Star Violet: This is a Veluxe Pearl Finish and MAC describes it as Pinky Brown Plum. It is pretty true to its description. The blend of Plum with Brown is lovely and the redness imparts the needed warmth. The color is warm toned and does not looks bruised at all on my skintone. I love to pair it with the obvious Golds. It would look good with Orange and Greens too, but I just never wore it that way. A lovely color, if you want to avoid a very reddish color like MAC Cranberry eyeshadow.

Hepcat: The MAC people describe it as Jazzy deep blue Wine. I don't see much Blue in it though. I find its a complex mix of Magenta, Pink and Purple. It is pretty close to another color Plum Dressing in pan, but on swatching Hepcat has more Pink and Purple, with more metallic finish. Its a frost finish and has an amazing shine. This sheen turns into netallic sheen when applied wet with fixed plus. It has cool tones and works beautifully with Greys like Silver Ring and Knight Divine.

Stars and Rockets: I like this funky name and the color is funky aswell. Its a Veluxe Pearl finish and is Duochrome. Sometimes it look pink, sometimes Purple. I do see some blue in it. The color is pretty complex to categorize. I do see lot of pink, so its here. Its a cool toned shade and I find its not much flattering on me. A lovely Unique color for sure, with amazing pigmentation.

Nocturnelle: This is a frost finish and looks stunning in pan. It lacks in pigmentation department. I like to layer is over Black base and that base makes such a difference. Its one of my favorite way to use this color. The color is a deep purple with Pink tones. Along with all the other shadows here it appears to have blue tones, which is true to some extent, but in comparison with Parfait Amour and Satellite Dreams, this appears to be leaning on Pink side. The color makes nice combination with Golds.

Plum Dressing: This is a Veluxe Pearl finish and is Pinky Purple. The pigmentation is not amazing, but still good. The texture makes it easy to work with. This is close to Hepcat, but is more warmer than Hepcat, which has more of Pink going on. This does not has too much of sheen or metallic finish. Plum Dressing is comparitively closer to Cranberry shade. Looks great with Golds and Oranges.

Sketch: This is a Velvet. Not the best finish in my book. Its hard to blend. The color is Gorgeous. Its a Burgundy with red shimmers. Pretty much on the same lines as Shadowy Lady, which I have in a quad. It is a good color to darken the outer 'V' area in an eye look and makes a rich eyeliner color. It has a slight hint of Plum somewhere.

These are a few Purples in my Palette that stay next to each other. These colors are very complex and the Categorization of color is mostly based on their appearance to my Naked eye.

September 5, 2010

MAC 249 Brush - Review

'Tool Talk' is a fancy name for posts where I would talk about Beauty Tools,Hair
Tools or for that matter any 'Tool' that we 'humans' use to groom ourselvesand
make life easier and prettier!

A flat, firm, Paddle shaped shader brush with Synthetic Bristles. This brush is a bit big for my eyes though.

Its a good brush for using Cream or gel based products. I like to use this for my Benefit Creasless Creme shadows and Paint pots. Its firmly packed and is flat without ant fluffiness, so it picks good amount of product without any wastage.

It can double up as a concealer brush for a thin concealer application, but does not works well under the eyes because of its size.
I like the firmness of this brush and I wish it came in size like the MAC 242.

Retails: USD 28.50

September 4, 2010


A drugstore creme liner, that really made headlines in the Beauty Community. I too went ahead and Picked a jar. This is the best thing about Drugstore products. They are affordable enough to just TRY a hyped product without actually repenting if it turns out 'meh'.

For me, this one didn't do the trick. Sorry!!! I have heard that people disliked this product once, but then liked it again when bought the second time. Bad Batch theory....I won't spend another $3.50 for sure.

OK, so enough rambling....Lets dissect the product.

The Container: A plastic container, with a lid. Its not a good lid. The screw caps, not fitting the grooves well. My experience says, Gel or Creme Liners dry quickly in plastic containers and last longer in Glass Containers. Just my Opinion. I may be wrong...

The Brush: It comes with a Crapy Brush and I could never understand, why the liners come with this kind of brush, that is so harsh like a broom and so thick!!

The Color: Perfect Jet Black. Love Love the color. Real Black. This freakin thing stays forever. It does not budge at all.

The texture:
This is a Creme liner. It was bit thick and I had to rub the brush back and forth to get a good amount of product. I could draw an even line easily for first 5 to 6 uses, but then later it started behaving funny. I believe the product is drying. Now I can't get an even application and the line edges are broken (I hope I am making sense)
I would prefer GEL LINER over Creme Liners any day. By gel liner, I mean the brush should sink in easily, pick good amount of color and draw a line easily.
For the staying power alone, it gets full mark, but I am sure it would dry again if I plan to get a new one, simply because the packaging is not good.

What are your Favorite Drugstore Eye Liner?

September 2, 2010


E.L.F Shimmering Whip

E.L.F does makes make-up affordable. My target does not carries E.L.F Products, but this was just an extra in one of my swaps.

Just like the name suggests, its a Shimmery product, a Highlighter, Illuminator kind of product.

E.L.F Shimmering Whip in Lilac Petal

This comes in Variety of shades, which is something that not many Brands have. Usually I have seen liquid Highlighter either in cool, silvery finish or Warm Gold Finish, but never in Multiple shades.

The Texture: Its pretty thick, not goopy. Its light weight, but slightly sticky, which is good. Good because the thickness and stickiness makes the product stick well to the skin and last for a decently long time.
It dries in fast, Superfast. It hardly gives anytime to spread and blend the product. Infact, the product is difficult to blend due to its Sticky'ness' and quick drying. It just 'sits' on the skin and looks very unnatural. Once dried, its even difficult to move or correct the mistakes. It looks like a frosty mess when unblended. This was the major Drawback.

The Scent: It has a fruity, citrusy scent. Its ok, not too Overwhelming.

The Color: I have the one that goes by the name Lilac Petal.
It is a Champagne, Pinkish color which has Silvery finish and is too frosty. I think it will work better for Lighter or Cooler Skintones. This stuff is not Sparkly at all.

It retails for $1.25, which is very affordable and I think a makeup artist will find good use for this product. It is great for spot Highlighting. It sticks well. I personally didn't find the product working for me at all. I wish it gave me some more time to blend and not dry so quickly. For the price, it is a good one though.

Did you try E.L.F Shimmering Whip? Which Colors are worth Trying?

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